Transportation service for plant machinery

Working, or owning a warehouse means that you would have to deal with purchasing larger and/or smaller industrial equipment. Many times, the transport for these can be complicated and you might wonder how to transport an air compressor or even forklifts to another warehouse. Transporting industrial equipment for plant construction can be rather complicated, and solving such issues is our speciality. Eurosender has helped many businesses to arrange transport for any kind of industrial machinery with the lowest haulage charges.

How to book the transport for plant machinery?

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Transporting industrial equipment to plant construction site

The required plant machinery for construction is usually heavy, large and oversized thus, we recommend you consider some of the following transport suggestions. By booking with Eurosender you will ensure the best option to transport forklifts, an air compressor, steam turbines, or else to another location. Registered business on our platform enjoys great benefits starting from exclusive and customized offers, different payment options, various transportation choices and many more.

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If your business is registered within a country from the EU, then you can also enjoy the benefit of getting a quote excluded from VAT payment. Therefore, it will no longer cost you a fortune if you wonder how to find the best transport service of a broken or used forklift for the best price.

Choosing the right haulage for industrial equipment

We have selected several transporting options that you can choose from for any industrial equipment based on the destination (whether that be a plant construction site or other), dimension and volume of the shipment.

Van Delivery Service – We recommend choosing this option if your shipment is not very large, and you need the transport rather fast. By booking the Van Delivery Service you will ensure the arrival of the goods with no stops on the way. The van will be dedicated only for the items you wish to transport, whether that be smaller forklifts, air compressors, or even industrial agitators.


LTL (Less Than Truckload) – The transportation mode for this option will be a truck, as the name suggests, and by booking this option, you will only have a partial space available for your goods. If the items you need transport are not time-sensitive, we recommend choosing this option. The delivery of the goods will not be straight from the point of collection directly to the point of delivery, but rather, it will have a couple other collection stops. This may vary, depending on the different requests. The LTL is a cheaper option compared to the Van Delivery Service, because of the previously mentioned reasons.


FTL (Full Truckload) – This is the best option if the shipment you need transport for is rather large in volume. For instance, if you need to transport steam turbines, larger air compressor or even large forklifts then this is the right option for you. By choosing this option, you will have the truck filled with the goods you need to deliver to the destination.


Express service – Do you need the transport of industrial equipment rather fast? You can now place an individual order, and our team will prepare an offer based on your requirements and needs.


Freight shipments are automatically insured in accordance with the CMR convention, but you can add additional insurance on top of this.

Are you transporting an air compressor?

If you are transporting an air compressor by the carrier, we recommend you to first drain the oil from the compressor. Vertically transported air compressors, if not drained, could cause leakage into the cylinder if the rings are not tight.

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Haulage service for industrial equipment

Because of its construction complexity and dimensions, industrial equipment is produced and distributed in certain locations only and therefore, choosing the right transport is as relevant as the plant construction itself. Eurosender has already processed plenty of requests for transportation service of plant machinery and other heavy equipment. Here are some common reasons our customers have chosen Eurosender to organize the transport for air compressors, forklifts, steam turbines, industrial agitators and other large shipments.

  • Industrial site relocation. Redeployment of plant or factory implies that practically all the machinery must be transported from one place to another.
  • Plant construction. The size of the industrial equipment is making its transport rather complex, therefore choosing the right haulage service is an important matter that needs to be properly handled.
  • Renting industrial equipment. If you have a base with industrial equipment for rent and need to transport it safely to a rentier, Eurosender is here to help you.
  • Selling used industrial equipment. If you no longer need an excavator, farming equipment, or mining hardware, you can now easily transport it to a new owner with the right logistics provider.

If you need more information on haulage services for industrial equipment, do not hesitate to contact us.

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