How to ship bulky industrial equipment

Whether you want to move industrial equipment to another site or simply want to ship used hardware to a new owner, then it is essential to choose the right logistics company for bulky industrial machinery transportation. Luckily, Eurosender offers transnational industrial equipment removals for individuals and businesses. We cooperate with trustworthy global freight forwarders that provide low haulage charges for industrial equipment transportation. If you need to ship bulky industrial equipment, this article is exactly what you need. Place an order on our easy-to-book platform, discover competitive shipping rates, and learn where to find crates for industrial machinery packaging.

How to choose a logistics company for bulky industrial machinery

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Industrial equipment is usually heavy, bulky, and oversized. Thus, it cannot be categorized as standard shipping because the dimensions and parameters of machinery usually exceed 175 cm in length and 30 kg in weight. In some cases, pallet delivery might be an option, but if you want to ship bulky industrial equipment, it is better to request an individual offer by filling out the form on our website and providing details of your non-standard items. Afterwards, our experts will arrange everything for you and grant the best offer with low haulage charges for industrial equipment transportation. Consider that a reliable logistics company for bulky industrial machinery shipping will be chosen for processing your non-standard items or freight.

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If you have any questions on how to ship bulky industrial equipment or want to know more about transnational industrial equipment removals, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone.

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How transnational industrial equipment removals work

Shipping heavy and large items such as industrial equipment requires corresponding transportation services. Transnational industrial equipment removals powered by Eurosender provide various options ranging from partial truckload shipping to sea freight shipping. The appropriate shipping method or a combination of shipping options will be chosen depending on the volume of your shipment and a chosen route.

  • LTL shipping stands for less than truckload shipping. It is the mode of transporting small freight shipments provided by different consignors each of whom pays particularly for the allocated space in the truck.
  • PTL shipping stands for partial truckload shipping. In this case, a shipment occupies a larger part of the truck. Therefore, it takes faster to deliver your shipment to the place of destination as there are fewer stop-overs on the way to the destination address.
  • FLT shipping stands for full truckload shipping. The name of service stands for itself signifying that a shipment occupies the truck entirely. FTL is much faster than PTL and LTL as there is only one sender whose shipment is transported directly to the only indicated address.
  • Sea freight shipping services are often used by transnational industrial equipment removals. Similar to road freight transportation, there are also options for a partial or full container load. However, roll on and roll off shipping (RoRo) is particularly suitable for transporting heavy machinery and industrial equipment.
  • Air freight transportation might be an option to send industrial machinery to another country in case urgent transportation is needed or other types of shipping are not available.
  • Rail transportation is ideal for carrying heavy and bulky items as there are no limitations on the load weight. However, railway freight services usually make sense in case of domestic transportations.

Consider that all freight shipments are insured according to the provisions of the CMR convention. At the same time, we offer the possibility of purchasing additional insurance at a low extra price.

Guidelines for preparing industrial equipment for transportation

When you decide to ship bulky industrial equipment internationally or domestically, you will need corrugated shipping containers and crates for industrial machinery. Furthermore, wire cabling, steel strapping, ropes, or other tie-downs are needed to secure your industrial equipment and keep it safe during transit. Before shipping heavy and bulky items, you need to follow several simple steps to prepare industrial equipment for transportation.

  1. Inspect equipment. If there are any defects in industrial machinery, you need to document them right away and take photos if necessary. That way, you will know that certain malfunctions are there before transportation.
  2. Dismantle equipment. Whether you need to ship one machine or relocate the entire manufacturing site to another production facility, it is necessary to disassemble industrial hardware and equipment.
  3. Load equipment. Forklifts and pallet jacks are needed to handle heavy equipment and load it in corrugated containers or crates for industrial machinery.
  4. Secure all moving parts. After loading industrial equipment, you need to secure all moving parts properly. For instance, wheels must be secured with tie-downs, wheel chocks or wedges to keep them from rolling during transportation.

Shipping industrial equipment is easy with Eurosender

Industrial machinery is not something you can buy in a local grocery shop nearby. Because of its construction complexity and dimensions, industrial equipment is produced and distributed in certain locations only. That is why transportation services become inevitable when you need to ship bulky industrial equipment for long distances. Eurosender has already processed plenty of requests for shipping heavy equipment. Here are some common reasons our customers choose transnational industrial equipment removals powered by Eurosender.

  • Industrial site relocation. Redeployment of plant or factory implies that practically all the machinery must be transported from one place to another. Luckily, you do not need to choose the best logistics company for bulky industrial machinery transportation as Eurosender experts will do that instead of you.
  • Renting industrial equipment. If you have a base with industrial equipment for rent and need to transport it safely to a rentier, Eurosender is there to help you. Do not forget to prepare equipment for transportation and take crates for industrial machinery.
  • Selling used industrial equipment. If you no longer need an excavator, farming equipment, or mining hardware, feel free to send it to a new owner with logistics services.

If you have any questions on how to ship bulky industrial equipment or want to know more about transnational industrial equipment removals, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone.

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