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Do you often need to hire transport services to move heavy machinery? Whether you require frequent on just one-time shipping services to move plant and industrial machinery, Eurosender matches you with the best movers and the lowest prices. Get expert tips on how to prepare all types of large machinery for shipping and organise the transportation of any type of plant and industrial equipment.

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Logistics solutions for shipping large machinery

Join thousands of businesses that have chosen Eurosender as their trustworthy logistics partner. Benefit from our expertise and get safe industrial equipment and plant machinery transport to your chosen destination. Create a business account and keep all your orders, invoices and shipping information in one place.


Industrial equipment and heavy machinery transport services

We provide various solutions for shipping industrial equipment and other heavy machinery within Europe and abroad.

LTL shipping

Save on shipping and pay only for the space you occupy in a truck
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FTL shipping

Book a full truck for shipping heavy loads
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Van service

The most convenient option for removals within Europe
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Individual offer

Get a tailored offer organised by our experts at your request
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What to know when booking industrial equipment moving services

Follow these recommendations when organising plant machinery transport or industrial equipment shipping:

  • Provide the exact dimensions and weight of the equipment when placing your order.
  • Prepare and secure your equipment according to our packing guidelines.
  • Prepare the equipment or machinery to be collected on the ground floor, if possible. Please inform us if you need extra assistance during collection, such as forklifts and tail-lifts.

How to prepare plant machinery and industrial equipment for shipping

When in need to transport heavy or large machinery, follow this guideline and prepare your equipment properly for shipping. The best way to transport plant machinery and industrial equipment is by palletising or crating the shipment.

  1. Wrap the equipment with bubble wrap or foil, to protect it from moisture or dust.
  2. Place the machinery or equipment on a pallet or crate. Block and brace it with wooden, plastic, or metal obstacles to keep cargo from sliding.
  3. If you are shipping machinery with wheels, use straps, blocks or bars to prevent wheels from spinning.
  4. Use foam cushioning for the inner corners and ages of the crate to protect the shipment.
  5. Close the crate and fix it on a pallet if needed.

Insurance options when shipping large machinery internationally

Freight shipments are automatically insured following the CMR convention, but you can add additional insurance on top of this. Get extra coverage for more expensive large machinery during the booking procedure or request our specialised agents for a tailor-made offer.

Transport plant machinery and other large equipment by Van

The best alternative when organising a cross country or international transportation of heavy machinery is booking the Van service. Get the whole van reserved solely for your shipment across Europe to easily move the industrial machinery to and from a warehouse, factory or manufacture. The dedicated van delivery is the most convenient and fast industrial equipment moving service, as the van will go directly from one address to the other with no stopovers. Book early and get your load moving the same day, or arrange next-day collection if booked before 4 pm. Upon request, the courier driver will help to place the items on the van and make sure they are safe for transport. Let us know in advance if you need extra assistance or forklifts for collection.


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FAQs about industrial equipment and other large machinery shipping

How is the cost of transport calculated when shipping large industrial machinery?
Depending on the size and the type of equipment, you can book a freight or van service on the booking tool and get immediate prices for transportation. Alternatively, you can request an individual offer and our logistics experts will provide you with the best shipping options for plant machinery transport.
Will the van driver contact me before collection?
When booking industrial equipment moving services by a van, the driver usually contacts the customer to confirm the details of the shipment, before the collection. Please make sure you provide a local phone number, and that your shipment is ready for collection.
Can I transport an air compressor lying down?
If you are transporting a new air compressor from a manufacturer, it typically can be laid down with no problem. If you are shipping a used air compressor, you have to drain the oil from the compressor first and then it can be moved in the horizontal position as well. When it’s not drained, the air compressor with oil could cause leakage into the cylinder if the rings are not tight.
Do you provide warehousing and storage services for industrial equipment and machinery?
We cooperate with the most trusted logistics providers and organise customised warehousing and storage services for your needs. Request warehousing service when booking industrial equipment transportation or via individual offer. Our experts will provide you with the already negotiated quotes based on the weight, dimensions and length of storage for your freight shipment.
Should I pack industrial equipment and machinery for shipping with the Van service?
There are no specific packaging instructions for transporting heavy machinery in a van. However, if your goods are fragile or require any special care, we do recommend that you pack them accordingly to avoid damage.