How to Ship a Paddleboard Domestically or Abroad

Transport inflatable or stand up paddleboard safely

Ship a stand up paddleboard abroad or across a country with the Eurosender platform and enjoy the door-to-door service. We have prepared a detailed guideline on how to transport inflatable or stand up paddleboard at the lowest cost and how to pack it for shipping. Take advantage of our experience and send SUP paddles, stand up paddleboards and accessories to a vacation spot, your customers or resellers.

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Shipping options for paddleboard stores

Whether you are a store owner or manufacturer shipping paddleboards to your customers or warehouse, join Eurosender and get the best logistics solution. Register a free business account on our platform and get access to the special prices. Choose multiple options for transport of inflatable or stand up paddleboards and paddles and manage all your orders from one single place.


How to ship a paddleboard domestically or internationally with Eurosender?

At Eurosender, we offer multiple logistics solutions to match any needs when shipping a paddleboard across country or abroad:

Standard shipping

The best option to ship paddleboard accessories, paddle bags and clothes
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Van delivery

The most secure service for shipping paddleboards within Europe
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Individual offer

Request a tailored offer from our experts to ship paddleboard and paddles internationally
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Insurance when shipping a paddleboard abroad or domestically

We care about your goods, and that is why every shipment organised with us is insured. The value of insurance coverage might vary based on the service booked. The additional insurance options are available at low rates.

Things to consider before shipping a paddleboard by courier

Consider these tips on how to transport a paddleboard abroad or domestically with a courier:

  • Measure the final packaging of your stand up paddleboard to determine the right shipping service for you.
  • Calculate the estimated time of delivery. For urgent deliveries, you can book the Van service for deliveries within the EU or Express service for international shipping of paddleboards.
  • Check whether you are required to print and attach the label to your shipment.

How to pack a paddleboard for shipping?

To send SUP paddles and stand up paddleboard abroad safely, make sure that it is properly protected and packed. We have prepared a set of guidelines that will help you to pack a stand up paddleboard or SUP paddles for shipping.

  1. Place a paddleboard in a special bag if you have one or cover with a blanket.
  2. Wrap the stand up paddleboard, SUP paddles and other accessories with bubble wrap.
  3. Put plenty of packing peanuts or cushioning materials on the bottom of the large cardboard box.
  4. Nest your paddleboard and paddles inside the box. Fill the space with packing peanuts or other cushioning materials.
  5. Double-check and seal the box.


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FAQs on shipping a paddleboard internationally

What is the best service for paddleboard transportation? What happens if I choose the wrong service when shipping a paddleboard?

The best way to determine what type of logistics services to choose is to measure the shipment and insert the dimensions and weight to the Size Checker. You can also contact us via chat, and our experts will recommend you the most suitable option for shipping a paddleboard abroad or domestically. In case you choose the wrong service for paddleboard transportation, the courier might refuse to collect it. You can request to change the type of service, but additional costs may apply.

Can I ship a paddleboard to any destination?

Yes, with the Eurosender platform you can organise the transport of stand up or inflatable paddleboards to any destination. However, there are some remote areas where deliveries don’t happen so often so consider this when estimating the shipping time. Make sure you provide valid pickup and delivery information. You can also check our dedicated pages about shipping to islands or to hotels if you are going on a vacation.

Can I ship a paddleboard without packing it?
To ensure the protection of your shipment during transportation, we advise you to place the paddleboard into a cardboard box for transport. We also recommend following the guidelines we prepared on how to pack a paddleboard for shipping safely. You can book the Van delivery to avoid packing a paddleboard for shipping.
What is the most secure service to make sure it arrives safely at the destination?
The safest way to send SUP paddles and transport standup or inflatable paddleboards is to book our Van service. When you choose Van delivery with Eurosender, you get an entire van dedicated solely for your shipping needs. It is the fastest and the most convenient option for transporting paddleboards across Europe without stops and packing.