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Many individuals and businesses are turning to Eurosender when looking at their options on how to transport a rowing shell or ship oars to another location. Are you considering the alternatives to move a rowing machine and ship it overseas? We have got the best solution! Our platform helps you organise the cheapest and safest transport of rowing oars, boats, or anything else!

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Join thousands of companies that have chosen us as their permanent platform to organise the rowing boat transport for them! By entrusting us with your goods, not only you will benefit from the safest transportation for rowing oars and shells overseas, but Eurosender additionally provides you with advanced tech logistics solutions. Register now and get your own digital dashboard to oversee and control all your past and current shipments!


How to transport a rowing shell, oars and other equipment?

Eurosender offers multiple methods for rowing scull and other rowing equipment transport across the country or overseas.

Express service

Transport for rowing equipment overseas in 24-72h
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Standard shipping

A cost-effective solution for shipping rowing oars
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Van service

Send several rowing boats with no stop-overs
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Individual offer

Customised offer for rowing boats transport
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How to pack and ship a rowing machine overseas

The following guidelines apply both for shipping a cello in a hard case or a soft bag.

  1. Loose the screws and disassemble the front legs of the machine.
  2. Add foam support on each side of the package.
  3. Add the Front end and Monorail assemblies together.
  4. Add additional foam support for the following step.
  5. Place the front foot and front legs.
  6. Fill the voids with packing materials to avoid any movement of the parts inside.
  7. Seal the box with adhesive tape.

How to pack and ship a rowing oar

  1. Add packing peanuts inside the box.
  2. Individually wrap each oar with bubble wrap.
  3. Merge them together and secure them with adhesive tape, to avoid any movement.
  4. Place them inside the box.
  5. Fill the voids with more packing peanuts.
  6. Seal the box with adhesive tape.

How to prepare a rowing shell for transport by van service?

When transporting rowing shells with our Van Delivery Service, no packaging is needed. However, we would still recommend you protecting the boats to avoid scratches by adding moving blankets or bubble wrap around it. When transporting more boats at the same time, you should separate them and wrap each of them individually, to keep them from damaging each other.


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Frequently asked questions when moving rowing boats, machines and oars

Can I transport a rowing oar overseas?
Eurosender can organise the delivery of any rowing equipment to every location! Thus, once you have chosen the right transportation method, you can transport the rowing oars overseas or across the country. You can always reach to us if you are in doubt regarding the available options.
How safe is the rowing boat transport?
With Eurosender, you do not need to worry about safety, as we have that part very well covered! For freight shipments booked through Eurosender, you will be covered according to the CMR conventions, and you can add additional insurance by communicating this with our agents.
Will I get assistance when moving a rowing machine?
If you require assistance during the pickup process or your rowing machine, you would have to request that upon your order. If you have already placed the order, but forgot to mention it, we strongly recommend you to contact our team to look upon the matter.
Does Eurosender offer any other deliveries for various water sports or is it limited to rowing scull transport?
Eurosender is not limited to shipping of rowing equipment, but you can book the transportation for any sports equipment! If you are also looking to transport a kayak, paddleboard, surfboard or anything else, you have come to the right place. We offer services from the smallest parcels to large and heavy ones. Explore our website!
Can I book a one-time shipment for delivering a used rowing boat and oars I sold online?
You can book a one-time, or have multiple deliveries arranged through us. At Eurosender, we see to fit our customers’ wishes and requirements; thus, you can choose the preferred transport. Our team of logistics experts is here to advise you in any step of the way if you have any doubts. We would prior suggest you read more on our dedicated pages for online sellers to give you a brief overview of what can you expect.