How to Pack and Ship a Paraglider or Hang Glider

How to transport a hang glider or paramotor by courier

Are you preparing a new or used paraglider for sale and looking for the best way to ship it? Or are you searching for a courier service to transport a hang glider? Eurosender is ready to offer you the most affordable prices and expert advice to organise the safe transportation of your paraglider, paramotor or hang glider. Explore how to pack a hang glider and travel with paragliding equipment safely within Europe or abroad.


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How to fold and pack a paraglider for transport?

Whether you are planning to ship a new or second-hand glider, you need to make sure that it is properly packed and protected. Follow the instructions below to fold and pack a paraglider safely before shipping:

  1. Lay the paraglider on the ground and straighten.
  2. Group the reinforcements carefully and fix them with straps. Release the air from the cells.
  3. Fold the wings. Do the leading-edge concertina folds by gathering the nose cones. Remember not to fold the glider in the centre as it can lead to the damages of the leading-edges.
  4. Place the paraglider in the original case or backpack.
  5. Put your items inside the box and seal it.

How to fold and pack a hang glider?

Packing a hang glider is crucial for safe transportation. Follow these guidelines to pack a hang glider and avoid any damages during the way. Keep in mind that packing technique varies depending on the glider type, so please consult with the manufacturer’s guide.

  1. Remove the sail from the outer leading edge and then disassemble them. Protect the edges with bubble wrap.
  2. Remove the inner sprogs and bubble wrap them.
  3. Fold the sail and stow the leading edges them between the ends of the sail.
  4. Cover everything with bubble wrap. Use duct tape to secure the bubble wrap to the leading edges.
  5. Use foam pads or moving blankets to protect the hang glider and fix them with straps or tape.
  6. Use cardboard sheets for extra protection of your already packed hang glider. If you have a big enough cardboard box, place the glider inside and add cushioning materials.
  7. Fix the packaging with tape and reinforce the edges.

How to pack a paramotor before transport?

The preparation of a paramotor for shipping is a bit more complicated than that of a typical paraglider. If you want to transport a powered glider, you should fold and pack it properly as well.

  1. Detach the elements as a propeller, blades, electronics, motors, and fuel system.
  2. Bubble wrap all the detachable elements. Place small items into plastic bags and label them.
  3. Use foam to protect the paramotor and bubble wrap it.
  4. Drain the tank completely. Bubble wrap it and pack it in a box separately.
  5. Cover the bottom of the shipping box with foam or packing peanuts.
  6. Nest the paramotor in the box. Add cushioning materials and seal the box.


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FAQs about how to pack and transport a paraglider or paramotor safely

Is it safe to fold a paraglider with the concertina method?
Yes, folding your wing using the concertina method is the most efficient way to pack a paraglider. Still, many manufacturers do not recommend folding at exactly the same place each time. It may cause stress on the leading edges, which will lead to damages.
Which Eurosender service should I use to transport a paraglider?
Depending on the dimensions and weight of your paraglider, you can ship it within Europe with the Standard service. When sending a paraglider overseas, select the Express service and get it delivered in 48-72 hours to your destination.
Can I transport a paragliding wing on a commercial airline?
Yes, you can pack your gliding equipment in a bag or suitcase and pay an extra charge for checked luggage. Many people decide to travel with paragliding equipment by plane. We recommend checking the luggage limitations provides by the airline to avoid unpleasant consequences. Alternatively, you can pack and transport the paraglider by courier.
Can I ship a hang glider in a backpack?
Yes, you can ship the hang glider in a special backpack. However, have in mind that when choosing to transport a hang glider by courier, you need to place the backpack in a box.
Can I ship a paramotor fuel tank by courier?
Tanks with fuel are considered as dangerous goods and therefore can’t be shipped by courier services. The only way to transport a paramotor fuel tank is by draining the tank entirely and taking the valve off. In general, empty fuel tanks or are allowed and can be shipped by couriers. Consider that you might need to label the fuel tanks according to courier requirements.
How can I pack and send a hang-gliding helmet?
If you need to send a helmet, you should double box it. Ideally, you should take an original box or another cardboard box of the corresponding size first, put some cushioning materials there, and place your helmet inside. Afterwards, place a smaller box into a bigger one and seal it.
What is the best way to transport several hang gliders at once?
When looking for the best way to transport multiple hang gliders, choose Eurosender Van service. It is the most convenient method to transport paragliders, hang gliders and other flying equipment without space sharing or stops. Book a van for European routes reserved only for your loads. In such way, you can also avoid complicated packaging and rest assured your gliders will arrive safely at the destination.
Take into consideration these guidelines when transporting paragliders and paramotors. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your shipment without restriction. In case you decide to ship a paraglider or hang glider, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.