How to Transport Solar Panels | Ship Solar Panels Abroad

Shipping solar panels | Solar panel transport

Transporting solar panels can be really easy, if you have booked your shipping through Eurosender. Many were wondering how to pack and transport solar panels, so we made sure to offer the right solution for organising the best shipping service to the desired destination. It is crucial to have the right packaging materials and prepare the solar panels properly, in order to protect them from damage during transit.

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How to transport solar panels?

Depending on the size and time sensitivity, you can choose the best service to send solar panels overseas.

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Van delivery

Transport of solar panels in a dedicated van
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Solar panel transport | How to protect solar panels from damage during transit?

Many people are worried about the state the parcel will arrive in when shipping solar panels abroad; thus, are taking extra precautions when packing them. By following these instructions, you can be assured that the solar panels will be protected from damage during transit.

  • Inspect the solar panel before shipping for any obvious damage.
  • Place the sunny side (front side) facing the pallet.
  • Put foam pads around the frame of the solar panel.
  • Have the last solar panel sunny side up.
  • Add edge protectors.
  • Tightly add straps near the corners, and not centred!
  • Cover the whole shipment with foil (at least 35 turns for larger shipments).


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Frequently asked questions when shipping solar panels abroad

Does insurance apply when I am sending a pallet of solar panels internationally?

When transporting solar panels with us, your goods are automatically protected. You can also purchase additional insurance for extra protection when sending a pallet of solar panels internationally. Please contact us if you want to discuss your options for additional insurance.

What if the courier company fails to protect the solar panels from damage during transit?

In case that the courier company fails to protect the parcel you have shipped, you can claim for the damaged goods. To make the claims process easier, we recommend taking a picture of your packed goods before shipping and keeping the original invoice to serve as a proof of value.

Is pallet shipping the only option for transporting solar panels?

Transporting a solar panel in a pallet is the cheapest and most efficient solution, as this service makes it possible to ship several solar panels at once. However, it is also possible to ship a single solar panel through our Express Service if you need an urgent delivery or through the Van Delivery Service if you require an entire vehicle. If you are unsure what is the best solution for transporting your solar panels, send us a message to get shipping advice from our logistics experts.

Where can I get a pallet for transporting solar panels?

You can buy a pallet for transporting solar panels in your local hardware store. You can choose to ship your solar panel on a new or used pallet, as long as it is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your shipment. For more information about what pallets can be used, please check our dedicated page.