Overview of the Claim Procedure

Claim Procedure & Reimbursement

Information and step-by-step guide

When can I start a claim procedure?

If your shipment or an item of your shipment has arrived damaged or the selected transport company has declared it officially lost, you are entitled to start a claim procedure. In the event of a damaged shipment, it is important that you inspect its integrity when the transport company delivers it and file a report together with the driver.

How does the claim procedure work?

In the event of shipment loss or damage, Eurosender offers free assistance in submitting a complaint to the transport company. We will carry out the entire procedure on your behalf, from gathering all required documentation to maintaining communication with the transport company involved. We will send you updates on the situation as we receive them.

The claim procedure, step by step

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when starting a claim procedure.


File a damage report together with the driver

Upon delivery, do not immediately sign the proof of delivery without checking the state of the shipment in the presence of the driver.

If the shipment has clear signs of damage, ask the driver to file a damage report. The damage report should have signatures both from you and from the driver. It is advisable for the recipient to add a comment on the delivery note they sign explaining the damage as proof that the damage was noted at the time of delivery.

Without a damage report, the claim is likely to be rejected by the transport company. Please note that allegations that the driver left too fast or that the damage was discovered only after unwrapping/opening the shipment will not be taken into consideration by the transport company.


Report the event to Eurosender

Once you have the document and other supporting information to report your damage claim, notify the Eurosender Claims team through our website contact form. If possible, please inform us on the day of delivery or no later than 48 hours after your shipment has been delivered.

If your shipment has not been delivered and there have been no updates to your tracking link after more than a week, let us know via the contact form so that we can open an investigation with the transport company.


Provide the necessary documentation

Upon receiving your message, Eurosender will send you a form to fill out. You will need to provide the following information:

  • A copy of the shipper’s ID/passport to verify their identity as our client;
  • A list of the damaged/missing item(s) and their value;
  • The content and the estimated value of the item(s);
  • The packaging method and photos of the shipment;
  • The proof of collection and invoice(s) of the lost/damaged item(s).


After the documentation has been submitted to the transport company

Please provide all the required documentation within the deadline of 2 business days to minimise the risk of your claim being rejected by the transport company. Eurosender will then submit the documentation to the transport company in charge of the delivery. We will keep you updated about the progress of the claim procedure via email. During the process, we might ask you to provide us with additional information, so we recommend checking your email regularly.


The duration of the claim procedure and its conclusion

Upon receiving the documentation of the claim, the transport company has up to two (2) months’ time to render a decision.

If the claim is rejected, we will inform you about the reason for the rejection and potential clarification.

If the claim is accepted by the transport company and the insurance company (if you had purchased additional insurance), we will communicate the exact amount of money that will be granted by the transport company and by the insurance company.

The amount of compensation is calculated based on the declared value of the items, the maximum possible insurance coverage (if purchased), liability limitations and other factors such as amortisation and VAT deduction. In this case, we will need your bank account details in order to transfer the compensation to you. The money transfer is carried out within 30 days.

The decision on the admissibility of the claim and on the amount of reimbursement is made independently by the transport company and by the insurance company if additional insurance was purchased. Please note that once the transport company issues a decision, the claim procedure is considered concluded. No appeal can be made against their decision.

How much compensation will I get?

If your claim is accepted, you will be compensated according to the cost of repair or replacement of your damaged or lost items, or the value at the time of the incident, whichever is lower. This is limited to:

  • The insured amount as stated in the ordering process, depending on the assigned transport company;
  • Additional insurance coverage purchased;
  • Liability of the transport company as per the relevant international convention (Montreal, Warsaw, Haag, IATA) – this depends on the type of service (transport mode).

Please note that items decrease in value over time due to amortisation and this may also affect the compensation to which you are entitled.

How does the claim procedure work if I purchase additional insurance?

The process is similar to that described above. The transport company will have to render a decision about the admissibility of the claim. If the transport company accepts the claim, the insurance company will be able to cover the rest of the value within the limit of the insurance coverage. If the claim is rejected by the transport company, the amount covered by the additional insurance will not be granted.

Please note that additional insurance with Eurosender is subject to Eurosender Terms and Conditions. Even if the claim is accepted by the transport company, additional insurance will not be granted if you do not provide all the necessary documentation or if there has been any breach of the Terms and Conditions.

How soon should I start a claim if my shipment was damaged?

If your shipment was damaged, please file a damage report and contact us on the date of delivery. We will send you instructions via email, and you will need to send us all the necessary information within a maximum of 48 hours. The transport companies we work with have different time limits for submitting the claim documentation. Any claim submitted later than the delivery date and without a damage report may be rejected by the transport company. Time is of the essence, therefore make sure you inform us as soon as possible.

If my parcel contained prohibited items, am I still entitled to receive compensation?

If you had packed items that are listed as restricted or forbidden for shipping, you would not be entitled to compensation. This is because the insurance applies only if the shipment contains items that are allowed and if the shipment is packed in the recommended way for shipping by transport companies.

What are the reasons for a transport company to refuse a claim?

The transport company may decide to refuse a claim for different reasons such as, but not limited to, forbidden content, missing damage report, filing the claim after the specified time limit, inappropriate packaging, etc.

What happens if I do not have the damage report filed with the driver?

The damage report is necessary for starting a claim. Eurosender can still send incomplete documentation to the transport company, but it may not be accepted by the transport company.

If my claim is accepted and reimbursement is granted, how soon will I receive the money?

As per our Terms and Conditions, you will receive the reimbursement within thirty (30) days from when we informed you about the admissibility of the claim.

What information do I need to provide in order for the money to be transferred?

Claim reimbursements will be granted via bank transfer only. You will need to provide us with the following details:

  • IBAN number;
  • SWIFT code;
  • name and address of the payer.

Things to take into consideration before starting a claim procedure

  • The insurance is only valid if the items have been properly packed in accordance with our guidelines. Proper packaging for shipments means a sturdy, undamaged cardboard box. Certain transport companies, in limited cases, may accept a hard-shell suitcase covered with plastic stretch film. For freight shipments, the use of a pallet and other special packaging materials are recommended in order to secure the shipment and allow for easier handling by the transport company. On our website, you can find more information on how to properly prepare packages and freight shipments for transport.
  • The insurance will not apply if your package or freight shipment contains prohibited items. Please consult our Terms and Conditions for a general list of prohibited items. Check also the terms of the transport company for a complete list of prohibited items that may apply to your specific order.
  • If you are sending items of high value or items sensitive in nature and which are more prone to damage during transport, you are strongly advised to contact us in advance to check if the content of the shipment can be insured since such shipments are usually not covered by insurance or the liability of the transport company.

What happens if my shipment is found after my loss claim has been granted?

This depends on the following scenarios:

If the shipment is located before the claim is paid, we will notify you and arrange the delivery. We will also cancel the claim payment.

If the shipment is located after the claim is paid, the claim will be considered void, and we will contact you to return the compensation paid. We will then arrange the delivery.

If the shipment has already been delivered, you should notify us and return the compensation. Not doing so can be considered insurance fraud.

For clients from Portugal, we have an electronic complaints book (Livro de Reclamações) available via www.livroreclamacoes.pt