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How to transport an air conditioner domestically or abroad with Eurosender

If you are relocating and want to know how to move a split system air conditioner to a new spot or you are a store owner shipping air conditioners to your customers, Eurosender offers the best logistics solutions. Through the Eurosender platform, you can organise fast and safe air conditioner deliveries by courier within the EU or internationally. We have prepared all the information you need to deliver portable, mini-split or window air conditioners by courier. Follow our guideline on how to pack an air conditioner for shipping safely.

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Air conditioner delivery options for businesses

For store owners and distributors of air conditioner systems, Eurosender provides cost-effective shipping options. Join our platform as a business and get access to your personal logistics dashboard, keep all your orders and invoices in one place, organise deliveries of ACs to any destination and expand your business globally.


How to send air conditioner systems by courier | Shipping solutions

Through the Eurosender platform, you can choose between multiple shipping options for delivering an AC by courier.

Express shipping

The fastest option for urgent shipping – delivery your goods in 24-72h
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Standard shipping

The best way to deliver small packages internationally by courier
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Pallet delivery

The most cost-effective option for businesses shipping in bulk to resellers
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Van delivery

The best way to move goods and personal belongings when relocating
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How to pack an air conditioner for shipping?

To prepare a mini-split, portable, window or any other type of air conditioner for transportation, you need to follow these packing steps:

  • Disassemble all the removable parts. If your air conditioner has a water collecting dish, make sure it is dry.
  • Pack the removable parts like cables, remote control, etc. in plastic bags and wrap them with bubble wrap.
  • Prepare the box for shipping. It is recommended to use the original box, or you can take a cardboard box with similar dimensions instead. Put the old newspapers or packing paper on the bottom of the cardboard box.
  • Place the air conditioner and parts in the box. Please, do not turn your air conditioner sideways, because it will lead to the damages of its compression.
  • Add extra cushioning material between the items and seal the box with adhesive tape.

Insurance options when shipping air conditioners by courier with Eurosender

We care about our customers, that’s why when you book an air conditioner delivery through Eurosender, you automatically get basic insurance included in the price. You can purchase additional insurance options provided during the order process.


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FAQs on how to transport ACs internationally by courier

Can I transport an air conditioner on its side?

It is highly recommended not to ship the air conditioner unit on its side or in an upside-down position. This placement could cause damage to the mounting of the compressor. In case you stored or transported an air conditioner on its side, let it rest in the upright position for an hour before turning it on.

What’s the safest way to transport an air conditioner system?

To protect the air conditioner during transportation, it is recommended packing it properly. When moving the air conditioner system within Europe, you can book our Van service and get a van dedicated only to your load. It is the most convenient and safest way to transport air conditioners, house appliances and furniture when moving.

Can I send a used AC I sold online by courier?
Yes, just measure the package and check what is the most appropriate service, using the size checker provided by Eurosender. After that, you can get an immediate quote on our booking tool or you can request an individual offer, if the dimensions and weight exceed the limits for standard or express service.
Does the air conditioner lose its gas when moved from one place to another?
Usually, transportation or re-installation does not affect the air conditioner’s gas loss. However, the gas loss during transit may happen due to leakage. It’s also necessary to repair the leak before recharging the gas as otherwise, the gas will leak out again.
How to uninstall an air conditioner before transportation without losing gas?
If you need to transport your air conditioner and you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to uninstall an air conditioner by yourself or don’t have special instruments, call a specialist and ask him to do it instead of you. Even a slight incorrect movement may cause damage to a unit.