How to Send an Air Conditioner by Courier

Learn how to pack and send an air conditioner by courier

Eurosender offers numerous reliable options to send an AC by courier, from one city to another or internationally. Learn how to properly pack an air conditioner unit to ensure safe transport. Find out the costs of shipping an air conditioner abroad by courier service within minutes from our booking tool – and enjoy the help of our logistics experts on every step!

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Options for shipping air conditioners by courier

Find the right shipping solution and send your AC through courier internationally:
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Learn how to pack an air conditioner

Here are some easy instructions on how to pack and send a portable, window or other type of air conditioner by courier:

  1. Turn the air conditioning off. Coils should dry and cool off before you pack it for shipping.
  2. Remove and pack all the removable parts like filters, cables, remote controller separately and protect them with bubble wrap.
  3. Prepare the box for shipping. The optimal option would be to use the original box. If you don’t have the original box, use another large, sturdy box.
  4. Place the air conditioner and parts in the box. Be careful not to turn the air conditioner sideways, because it will lead to the damage of its compression.
  5. Add extra cushioning material like crumpled paper to ensure the AC cannot move during transport and close the box. Do not use packing peanuts because they could cause problems.


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Transporting air conditioner within Europe with a dedicated van

Best option for transporting your air conditioner from one city to another across Europe with a dedicated van. This is a fast and reliable solution for shipping all types of air conditioners by courier: window, portable or split air conditioners.

The Van Delivery Service is perfect if you are looking for a fast and cost-effective way of shipping air conditioner with your other belongings. Get an instant price for van delivery from one city to another in Europe on our booking tool.

Important: While packing is not always required for van shipments, we recommend packing your AC well for additional protection during transit.

Find out the cost of shipping an air conditioner

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FAQ – send AC through courier locally & internationally

How much does it cost to ship an air conditioner?
The cost of shipping an air conditioner depends on the route distance as well as the service you selected. You can get an instant quote by entering your shipping information (pick-up and delivery address, parcel dimensions and weight, etc.) in our booking tool below.
What is the cheapest option for shipping a heavy air conditioner?
The cheapest option for shipping a heavy air conditioner is pallet delivery, where you can send a full-sized air conditioner on a pallet. Just make sure it is well packed and protected for transport. The pallet delivery option is available both for private and business customers, and you can get instant prices for your AC delivery in Europe directly with our booking tool. For worldwide routes, please contact our logistics experts via chat.
How to ship a portable air conditioner?
Depending on the size of your portable air conditioner, you can ship it in a box or on a pallet. You can use our Standard service for shipping portable air conditioners by courier, weighing no more than 30 kg within Europe. If your AC is heavier, weighing up to 70 kg, you can use our Express service and ship it worldwide. Pack the AC well, according to our instructions, and ensure it won’t be tilted, inclined or laid on its side during transport.
What’s the safest way of transporting air conditioner systems?
To protect the air conditioner during transportation, it is recommended to pack it properly. When moving the air conditioner system within Europe, you can book our Van service and get a van dedicated only to your load. It is the most convenient and safest way of transporting air conditioners, house appliances and furniture when moving.
Can a portable air conditioner be laid down for transport?
It is highly recommended not to send the AC unit through courier on its side or in an upside-down position. This placement could cause damage to the mounting of the compressor. In case you stored or transported an air conditioner on its side, let it rest in the upright position for an hour before turning it on.
How long does it take for an AC unit to be delivered?
The time to send your AC unit through courier will depend on the distance between the addresses of pick-up and delivery and the type of shipping service you choose. The estimated delivery time will be displayed during the order process so you will know instantly how long it will take for your air conditioner to be transported before you book the service.
Is shipping of air conditioner through courier insured?
Yes, all our delivery services include basic insurance when sending your AC unit through courier internationally. The coverage value will depend on the service selected and the item being shipped. During the booking process, you will also be able to purchase additional insurance coverage for extra protection.