How to Pack and Ship Souvenirs Home from Abroad

Shipping souvenirs home when travelling

Are you looking for the best way to ship souvenirs back home from your trip? At Eurosender, we have prepared a complete guide on how to pack and mail souvenirs from abroad, customs duties, delivery times and other important things you need to know. Whether you want to ship souvenirs home from Italy, France or Japan, choose Eurosender door-to-door services and benefit from fast and affordable deliveries. Enjoy your vacation, while we take care of shipping your souvenirs back home!

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Solutions for businesses shipping souvenirs globally

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How to ship souvenirs back home from Europe or overseas

Eurosender provides multiple logistics options for shipping souvenirs back home from your trip:
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How to pack souvenirs before mailing them?

To make sure your souvenirs arrive safe and undamaged, you can follow these simple packaging recommendations prepared by our experts:

  1. Place the souvenir into a Ziploc bag to protect from moisture and dust during the way.
  2. Bubble wrap the souvenir and fix with tape.
  3. If you are shipping several souvenirs in the same box, bubble wrap them separately.
  4. Nest the items in the shipping box.
  5. Add cushioning materials such as packaging peanuts, paper etc.
  6. Close and seal the box.

Things to consider when mailing souvenirs and gifts home from abroad

Here are some important things to consider when shipping souvenirs back home from Europe, Japan, or anywhere else.

Customs duties and procedures – Depending on the destination country, content and value of the package, customs duties may apply. Make sure to fill in the customs declaration correctly to avoid unnecessary fees or a failed delivery.
X-ray and scans – International shipments are examined. If you decide to ship prohibited items, your package may be returned or destroyed.
Delivery times – standard postal services may take up to a few months to deliver your goods. You can choose the Express courier service, and your package will be delivered in 48-72 hours.

When booking a shipment with Eurosender, you get professional assistance from logistics experts that will guide you through the whole process and ensure you get your package delivered on time.

Troubles when shipping souvenirs from your trip and how to solve them

Check some of the most common struggles people face when mailing souvenirs home from overseas and how to avoid them:

High shipping prices
Sometimes, the cost of mailing exceeds the value of the souvenirs and gifts. You can choose to ship by post, if time is not an issue, or you can check the immediate price for your route with our booking tool.

Unreliable service
Many people complain about failed pickups or irresponsible carriers. Eurosender cooperates only with vetted couriers and leading shipping companies so you can rest assured your packages are in safe hands.

Lost or damaged parcels
It is unpleasant, but sometimes packages get lost or damaged during transit. Still, when shipping through Eurosender, your goods are automatically insured with a basic coverage. When shipping more expensive items, you can purchase extra insurance during the booking process.

Delays in deliveries
When booking with Eurosender, you get the estimated delivery time which is usually 2-3 working days. Moreover, every shipment gets a unique tracking number so you can check online the status of your parcel.


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FAQs about shipping souvenirs from Europe, Japan or anywhere else

What is the cheapest way to ship small souvenirs to my home country?
If you want to save costs on shipping souvenirs from your trip, then Eurosender standard service is the best choice. Ship packages or boxes within Europe at a low cost and benefit from door-to-door courier deliveries. You can always check the price with our booking tool and order shipping in just a few clicks. If you want to send souvenirs back home from overseas or need a fast delivery, book the Priority Express service. Your shipment will arrive at the destination in the shortest time possible.
Can I book shipping of souvenirs back home from Disney World?
Many tourists prefer shipping souvenirs home from Disney World with Eurosender courier services. It is the most convenient way to ship multiple items right to your address. No matter if you want to send small souvenirs or a large and bulky item. Check now the cost of shipping souvenirs home from Disney World.
Can I ship souvenirs home from Japan?
Yes, Eurosender cooperates with international courier companies to give you an opportunity to ship anything you want globally. With our booking tool, you simply choose the pickup and delivery countries and select the type of service. Shipping souvenirs home from Japan, China, Australia, or any other faraway country is easy and cost-effective with Eurosender.
What is the best way to mail fragile souvenirs back home?
To mail fragile souvenirs such as glass, ceramics pieces, or any other items by courier, we recommend packing them carefully using a lot of bubble wrap and other cushioning materials. Wrap each item individually and place them in a box with cushioning materials. You can place the box with your souvenirs in a bigger box with polystyrene sheets and seal it.
Check our dedicated page on shipping fragile items safely and follow the instructions we provide.
Why is it better to ship my gifts and souvenirs home instead of transporting them with me?
Many people decide to ship souvenirs home from Europe, Asia or anywhere else to avoid carrying them and paying for excess luggage fees. Even if you find enough space in the luggage for all your gifts and souvenirs, you may be charged for overweight at the airport. The best way to mail souvenirs back home is by packing them carefully in a box and booking a courier service. Check the immediate price with our booking tool – get fast and safe door-to-door delivery with Eurosender.
What are the delivery times when shipping souvenirs from Europe to the US?
Usually, 2-3 business days. Every shipment you book with Eurosender gets a unique tracking number which will be sent to you via email. You can always check the status of your shipment with our convenient tracking tool or on the courier company’s website.