Is shipping tattoo gun internationally possible?

The culture of tattooing became popular in the Western world at the end of the previous century, but its history is very rich. While tattooing was traditional and obligatory for Maori people in New Zealand, it was a taboo amongst peoples in North Africa due to the influence of Islam. Nowadays, tattooing is the form of art where human skin is the canvas. If you are a tattoo artist who needs to send tattoo supplies abroad for any reason, either relocating to another country or travelling to the tattoo festival, you need to properly pack tattoo kit for transportation following the guidelines provided on this page. Furthermore, it is sometimes impossible to take your instruments with you, so shipping tattoo gun internationally with courier services could be a decent alternative. Undoubtedly, Eurosender will provide an affordable cost of sending tattoo equipment abroad and share vital information about customs regulations for tattoo equipment import.

What is the cost of sending tattoo equipment abroad or inland?

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When you want to send tattoo supplies abroad, you need to choose a reliable service for shipping such kind of goods. Eurosender is a reputable and trustworthy parcel broker that has collaborations with renowned European and global logistics companies. Owing to that, the cost of sending tattoo equipment abroad is dramatically minimized because our partners offer the best prices for courier services worldwide, while our smart engine chooses an optimal solution for your chosen route based on the price-to-service ratio.

Before you send tattoo supplies abroad or domestically, take care of the following:

  • You need to properly pack tattoo kit for transportation in order to prevent any damages or unwanted scratches during transit. Follow the instructions in the next section of the article to pack your tattoo kit accordingly.
  • As a rule, the size of the tattoo kit fits standard dimensions, but you need to verify it additionally by inserting the parameters of your package into the Shipment Size Checker. This online tool will indicate which type of shipping service would be the most appropriate for your parcel. In case an individual offer is needed, fill the form and our logistics experts will contact you shortly.
  • Be informed that printing a shipping label is sometimes necessary. After your order is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with instructions stating whether you need to attach a label before you send tattoo supplies abroad.
  • Place an order in advance. If you plan your journey soon and think of shipping tattoo gun internationally, then you should book shipping services at least 2 business days ahead of your intended departure date.

If you have any questions about shipping tattoo supplies via courier, do not hesitate to contact our logistics experts who are always there to address your queries instantly.

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Packaging tips for shipping tattoo equipment

Whether you are shipping tattoo gun internationally or need to send your tattoo supplies to a friend in another city, proper packaging must be always there. For maximum protection, make sure you have the following packaging materials:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes – you can buy a cardboard box at a hardware or stationery store, but you can also take a used one. Just make sure that it is in good condition, which means no holes, tears or dents should be visible.
  • Tattoo case – for arranging all tattoo supplies in it.
  • Bubble wrap – to protect every single item in the package.
  • Plastic bags – for storing smaller parts so they do not get lost. You can also use Ziploc bags as well.
  • Packing materials – for internal cushioning of the package. You can use packing peanuts (polystyrene chips), Styrofoam sheets, foam padding or even old newspapers.
  • Adhesive tape and scissors – to seal the box when you are finished with packing.

How to properly pack tattoo kit for transportation?

Once you have the packaging materials, you can easily start preparing your tattoo kit for transportation.

  1. Disassemble tattoo machine. You need to disassemble the tattoo machine before transportation for safety reasons.
  2. Pack every single item of tattoo kit. As a rule, tattoo gun, machine, power supply, inks, needles, and lights are the main components of tattoo kits. However, there could be additional components of tattoo equipment depending on the mastery of the tattoo expert, for instance. Put each item in a plastic bag and cover it with bubble wrap. This is particularly crucial for needles and inks because those can damage other items during transportation.
  3. Prepare a box or case. Make sure that there are no odd parts in the box for tattoo supplies and place each item in its slot.
  4. Prepare a cardboard box. Seal the case for tattoo supplies, put some packing peanuts on the bottom of the cardboard box, and nest the case inside the box.
  5. Seal and protect the box. Before you seal the box, fill the remaining voids with some packing peanuts or other cushioning materials. Afterwards, make sure that the case is immovable inside and seal the box by using adhesive tape. Make sure that all the seams are covered properly.

Eurosender – the safest and the most reliable way to send tattoo supplies abroad and domestically

Whether you have any doubts about sending tattoo supplies via courier services, just be informed that dozens of our customers have already done that with us and got exclusively a positive experience. Here are some examples of how Eurosender could be beneficial when you want to send tattoo supplies abroad or domestically.

  1. Selling tattoo supplies online. If you have a website on the e-commerce platform for selling tattoo machines, inks, or needles online, then Eurosender will help you to send tattoo supplies abroad and domestically.
  2. Shipping tattoo kits back to the seller. If you ordered equipment for tattooing from another city, but it appeared not what you expected for, then sending tattoo kits back via courier would be an option.
  3. Sending tattoo supplies to exhibitions. Many tattoo masters visit festivals and exhibitions where they share their experience with other artists in this sphere. Eurosender will help you to save time and money by offering reliable and fast shipping services for tattoo equipment.
  4. Renting tattoo kits. In case you need to rent some of your tattoo supplies to your friends or colleagues in another city, Eurosender is there to help you with this task.

Customs regulations for tattoo equipment import

There are different kinds of tattoo machines, but a pneumatic tattoo gun requires special attention. Before shipping tattoo gun internationally, you need to consider a set of certain rules and regulations imposed by courier companies and customs control services.

  1. As a pneumatic tattoo machine uses pressurized air to drive the needles up and down, it belongs to the group of items identified as “Compressed Gas”. Most courier service providers keep such objects on the list of forbidden items.
  2. Given that the form of tattoo gun resembles the form of real guns, customs control might want to carry out an additional inspection of the parcel with such items. To avoid any uncertainties and confiscated parcels, shipping tattoo gun internationally is prohibited. It means that no insurance will apply to tattoo guns and shipping such objects will be on your own responsibility.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping tattoo supplies in Europe. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship tattoo gun internationally, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.