The Importance of Shipping Labels. How to Label a Parcel?

Labelling a parcel for international shipping

Labelling a parcel or a pallet when shipping is crucial for successful delivery as it contains the name and address of both the sender and the recipient, the type of shipping service chosen, the content description, tracking number and a barcode that ensures the correct handling of the shipment by the logistics company. Explore the importance of shipping labels for businesses and find out how to attach a shipping label by yourself.

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Shipping labels for businesses’ package and pallet deliveries

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How to attach a shipping label to your shipment?

Knowing how to attach a shipping label to a package, envelope, pallet, or cargo is of utmost importance. Therefore, we have prepared tips on how to label a parcel properly to avoid possible cases of lost or misdelivered shipments.

Remove any old labels from your shipment.

Old mailing labels or address labels might create confusion when scanned and mislead drivers or people handling the parcel.

Clean the surface before attaching the shipping label.
Label your shipment correctly.

Make sure the shipping label is clear and visible when you attaching it. Put it on the side of the box, so your parcel can be easily scanned in the terminal. For smaller packages, attach the label in the way that the barcode is on one side and the address information is on the adjacent side.

Protect the label.

After attaching the shipping label, cover it with adhesive tape to protect it from damage.

Labelling multiple packages.
Even if you are going to send several parcels to the same address, it is necessary to affix a shipping label to each of them.

Labelling pallets and cargo shipments.
Stick a label on each side and on top of the pallet.

Shipping label template – What information does a shipping label contain?

Each courier company has its own shipping label template, which helps to optimise the delivery process. Shipping labels for business (B2B) and individuals usually include barcodes, address lines, and often codes that are not clear to senders. Nevertheless, they are extremely helpful for logistics company workers to sort shipments and forward them to the right destination address. Check the shipping label template we prepared:

1. Names and addresses of the sender and the recipient.
2. Shipment details (size, total weight, number of packages, etc.).
3. Type of the chosen service.
4. Description of the content.
5. Tracking number
6. Barcodes that enable correct handling of the shipment by the logistics company.

Shipping and labelling multiple packages

Multi-parcel standard shipments booked in one order can sometimes be transported in different vans. That’s why it is important to attach shipping labels to each parcel you send. When organising multiple deliveries to the same or different addresses through Eurosender, each of your packages or pallets will have a separate label.


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FAQs on how to print and attach shipping labels correctly

Are shipping labels free?

Yes, shipping labels are free with most couriers, but you won’t be able to ship the package until postage has been paid for. When booking a delivery with Eurosender, the cost of the shipping label is already included in the shipping price. However, some post offices may charge additional costs for printing a shipping label.

Is it cheaper to write your own shipping label at home?

In some cases, it is cheaper to write a shipping label on your own, however, it is better to go with printed shipping labels as they need to include a barcode. To make sure no important information is missing and the label is readable, we always recommend printing shipping labels.

Do I need to attach a shipping label when booking freight or van services through Eurosender?
If you book a freight transport service or Van service with Eurosender, our experts will inform you whether you need to print and attach a shipping label by yourself. They will also ask you to collect all the required documents required by the CMR convention applicable to international freight shipping.
Do I need to print and attach a shipping label to a box if I book an international parcel delivery through Eurosender?

Courier companies are usually responsible for providing shipping labels to customers when shipping with the standard service within Europe. However, in some cases, you will have to take care of printing and attaching the shipping label yourself. This information will be provided to you by email. For global deliveries, it will be always requested that the sender prints and affixes the label to the package themselves.

I don’t have a printer to print the shipping label. What should I do?
If you do not have a printer, there are still some option you can use to print a shipping label. Visit your local library or post office, which are likely to have a printer for public use. Otherwise, you can ask a friend or neighbour who can print the shipping label for you.
Can you print a shipping label on regular paper?
The shipping labels can be printed on regular paper or self-adhesive paper if you prefer. No special equipment or supplies are needed. Make sure the information is visible and follow our guideline on how to attach a shipping label correctly.
Do shipping labels expire?
When you receive a shipping label to print out and attach on a parcel that you are about to send, the label will have a pick-up date marked on it. Given this, it is worth noting that this pick-up date on the shipping label is, in fact, its expiration date. So, in case the shipment of your parcel is delayed or postponed, the existing label expires within 24 hours from the indicated pick-up date. If it happens, you will need to print a new shipping label that the courier company will send you.