Shipping Label: How to Label a Parcel

What is a shipping label and why is it important?

A shipping label has crucial information about a package, including shipper and receiver contact details, contents, weight, and tracking number. The label serves as a key tool in the shipping process, allowing couriers to identify and track parcels as they move through the delivery network. Inaccurate labels cause delays, misdeliveries, or lost packages, frustrating all parties involved. Follow our guide and learn how to label a package correctly for shipping.

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What to put on the shipping label?

Although there may be minor variations among couriers, shipping labels always consist of the same information, including:

  1. Name and address of the sender
  2. Name and address of the recipient
  3. MaxiCode – a code that can be scanned in any direction
  4. Routing code – instructs on how to route and sort the parcel
  5. Barcode to enable correct handling of the shipment by the courier
  6. Tracking number – a unique code assigned to the parcel to track its location
  7. Level of service chosen for the shipment (courier reference code)

How to label a package for shipping: step-by-step

Properly attaching a shipping label to a parcel, envelope, or pallet is crucial to avoid loss or other inconveniences. With this in mind, we have prepared a downloadable guide on how to label a package correctly for shipping.
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Can I handwrite a shipping label?

Handwriting parts of the shipping label is possible, but the courier barcode must be generated by the courier. Handwriting labels for large orders is not recommended as it can be time-consuming. For more information, check our page about handwritten shipping labels.

How do I label multiple packages for shipping?

Multi-parcel shipments booked in one order may be transported in different vehicles. Each parcel must have the correct shipping label attached to it to ensure that it reaches its intended destination. When arranging multiple deliveries to the same or different addresses through Eurosender, each parcel or pallet should have a separate label.

Are shipping labels free?

Although most couriers offer free shipping labels, postage must be paid before the package can be shipped. Eurosender includes the cost of the shipping label in the shipping price.

I don’t have a printer to print the shipping label. What should I do?

If you don’t have a printer, you can visit your local library or post office, which may have a printer for public use. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or neighbour to print the shipping label for you. Check other ways you can send a parcel without a printer.

Can I print a shipping label on regular paper?

Yes, you can print the shipping labels on regular or self-adhesive paper without any special equipment or supplies. Ensure that the information is visible and that the shipping label is properly attached to the package. Read more about printing labels using a standard printer and paper.

Do shipping labels expire?

Yes, shipping labels can expire, with the expiration date varying depending on the carrier and label type. When you receive a shipping label to attach to a parcel, it will have a pick-up date marked on it, which is usually the label’s expiration date. If your shipment is delayed or postponed, the shipping label will usually expire within 24 hours of the indicated pick-up date. If this happens, you will need to print a new label that the courier company will send you after you have booked a new collection.

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FAQ about shipping with labels through Eurosender

How do I get a shipping label? Can I make my own label for a package?
While some courier companies allow you to create your own shipping label, this step is not necessary when shipping with Eurosender. Instead, you will receive the label via email to print, or the courier will provide it on the day of collection – depending on the service you choose.
How will I know if I need to print and attach a shipping label to my parcel?
During the ordering process via our booking tool, you will be informed of the available shipping services on your route. Each service will indicate whether or not you need to print a shipping label.
Do I need to attach a shipping label when booking freight services?
When booking Freight Transport with Eurosender, our logistics experts will inform you if you need to print and attach a shipping label to the shipment. Our Van Delivery Service typically does not require labels since the transport is direct to the delivery location.
What if I want to cancel my shipment but I already received the label?
Once your label is generated and sent to you, it indicates confirmation of your order by the courier. Cancellations and refunds are only available in certain circumstances. For more information specific to your case, please get in touch with us via phone or email.
What should I do if there is an error on the shipping label?
If you notice an error on your shipping label, please contact our team for assistance in resolving the issue as soon as possible. Shipping label errors can result in costly delays or failed deliveries.