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How to send a 19kg parcel domestically or internationally

Door-to-door deliveries
Online tracking
Shipping insurance included
Book an international or domestic shipment to send a 19kg parcel in just a few clicks! With our price calculator, you can find the cheapest option to send parcels of 19kg or any other weight with the best international couriers.

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How to send a 19kg parcel with Eurosender


Insert the pick-up and delivery locations


Insert the shipment details


Complete the payment and prepare the parcel


Wait for the pick-up at your address

How to calculate the costs to send a 19kg parcel

To calculate the cost of sending a 19kg parcel, you need to consider different shipment details: box dimensions, route and service selected.

Eurosender has negotiated the best prices with top global couriers to provide the most convenient and tailored solution for your specific needs when sending 19kg parcel. To get the cost for your specific route, insert all the details in our booking tool.

Send your 19kg parcel starting from €12.81!

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How to send a 19kg parcel with Eurosender

Depending on the urgency, you can pick between different services to send your 19kg parcel.
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The best solution to send your 19kg parcel

The best solution to send a 19kg parcel with top quality couriers and affordable prices is our Standard Service.
The features of our 19kg parcel delivery service are the following:

Maximum length:
175 cm

Length + 2x height + 2x width:
less than 300 cm

Available everywhere
in Europe

Domestic delivery times:
1-2 business days

Delivery times in Europe:
from 2 to 7 business days

Prices from

What you get with Eurosender 19kg parcel delivery services

Instant quotes for most of the routes

Real-time dedicated assistance

Available in every country

Send a 19kg parcel with the best couriers

When choosing Eurosender for your 19kg parcel delivery, you can be sure that your items will be in the hands of the best logistics companies on the market. We collaborate with a vast number of renowned and reliable courier companies, and we compare their services to find the best solution for you to send a 19kg parcel.

Some of our logistics partners are:

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International 19kg parcel delivery services – FAQ

How can I track my 19kg parcel sent via courier?
To follow the status of your 19kg parcel sent via courier, you can use our free online tracking tool. After the order confirmation, you will receive via email the tracking number to follow your shipment from the moment of collection until the delivery.
Is it safe to send a 19kg parcel via courier?
Yes, when booking a courier service with Eurosender to send a 19kg parcel you can be sure the most reliable couriers on the market will transport your items. Furthermore, we offer free shipping insurance, to cover damages or losses. For higher-value shipments, you can purchase additional insurance at affordable rates.
What is the best option to send a 19kg parcel urgently?
If you are looking for a shipping service for an urgent 19kg parcel delivery, our Express Service is the ideal solution. You can send parcels to more than 220 countries and territories with short transit times: 24 hours in the EU and 48/72 hours for global destinations.
Will the courier collect the 19kg parcel at my address?
Yes, every shipping service booked through Eurosender is door-to-door, meaning the courier will collect and deliver the parcel directly to the provided address. Enjoy the comfort of our courier services and send a 19kg parcel directly from home.
What are the delivery times for an international 19kg parcel delivery?
The shipping times of our parcel delivery services depend on the specific service and the route. If you send a 19kg parcel within the country, the transit times are 1-2 business days. A shipment within Europe with the Regular Service will take from 2 to 7 business days and 24 hours with Express. Try our calculator to get an estimated delivery time.