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You have booked your shipping order, carefully packed your items and realized that your parcel weighs more than stated on the shipping label. Do you wonder what would the courier driver do in such case and if there will be any additional charges for an overweight parcel? Continue reading to see the situations you might encounter, as well as, what to do in such cases.

I have wrong weight on my shipping label of the parcel. Will the courier collect the parcel?

Before we go on to the most common scenarios of what can happen if the parcel weighs more than stated on the shipping label, let us tell you why it is important to provide the courier company with an accurate description of your parcel.

The weight and dimension of the package allow the couriers to pre-plan their routes. Any changes (either by adding additional kilos or changing for a bigger box) might disrupt the service, thus, delivery delays. Not only that, but the courier companies can apply additional surcharges for any overweight packages and for any other modifications of the parcel.

Will the courier weigh the parcel upon collection?

Most courier drivers are not equipped with scales when they are collecting the packages, thus, they do not weigh the parcels on the collection, but they will do it in their facility. If you have wrong weight on the shipping label, you may wonder how strict the courier companies are on overweight packages. Let us tell you two situations:

  • Obvious cases – when the parcel is visibly heavier and bigger than what you had initially paid for, the courier driver might refuse to collect the scheduled pick-up.
  • Not so obvious cases – the courier will take the parcel to the warehouse and weigh it there. If the parcel weighs more than stated on the shipping label the courier company will have the shipment sent back to you.

I have booked a Cash on Delivery service and I have wrong weight on my shipping label. What to do?

When you have booked a Cash on Delivery or Collect on Delivery (COD) service, then things can be a bit different. As the name explains, the cash will be collected when the package is delivered so the recipient will bear the surcharges for the overweight package after the parcel being measured in the courier’s warehouse and delivered to the consignee.

What should I do to avoid surcharges for an overweight package?

  • In case you realize before the collection that your parcel is overweight, we suggest you contact the courier or the company arranging your collection. You may wonder if the couriers are strict on overweight packages, and let us tell you that they can be very strict when it comes to weight, even by grams!
  • Depending on the courier company, but you can also be asked to pay the surcharges for the overweight package.
  • Make another order. If you realize that you have an overweight package before the pick-up, and you do not report the underpaid shipping you might encounter a situation when the courier will refuse to collect the package. This will have the tracking status marked as “Shipment not ready for collection” and, therefore, an additional pick-up attempt will have to re-scheduled.

I have booked shipping with Eurosender and my parcel weighs more than stated on the shipping label. What to do?

If you are integrated with a platform for shipping services, like Eurosender, you can simply check the possibility of re-making the order, this time, with the right details about the weight. Contact our Customer Support and see if you can be charged for the overweight parcels by paying the difference for the additional kilos.

This also depends on the courier company taking care of your shipment, the actual weight (also the additional weight), and sometimes the destination of the country. By contacting us, we will be able to treat your case based on these factors and give you an answer right away.

Last modified: January 24, 2020

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