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The Hellenic Post S.A. is the state-owned postal service provider in Greece which was founded in 1828. Often called “ELTA” (Ellinika Tachydromeia), the Hellenic postal service provider is a member of the Universal Postal Union and its services are dedicated to letter and parcel forwarding. Since 2006, the Hellenic Post began offering Banking services as well. A subsidiary company of the Hellenic Post is ELTA Courier.

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*At the moment, Eurosender, the popular booking platform for logistics services, does not collaborate with the Hellenic Post or ELTA Courier. As we are constantly expanding our network, this might change in the future. At the moment, we collaborate with a variety of courier and logistics companies, such as ACS and DHL, and we are always able to provide you with the cheapest shipping quote for the route of your choice. You can book a service to or from Greece and anywhere else in the world.

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Benefits for booking with Eurosender:

  • A state-of-the-art platform for instant online booking.
  • Guidance and helpful packing advice for various items.
  • No additional or hidden costs after booking.
  • Individual offers for customized services.
  • Tracking numbers for every shipment.
  • Free basic insurance and the possibility to purchase additional insurance.

ELTA Courier. What is the difference between the Hellenic Post and ELTA Courier?

ELTA Courier is the daughter company of the Hellenic Post (ELTA). It was founded in 2000 and it focuses in providing courier services in Greece and abroad. It already has more than 800 service points in Greece and 500.000 around the globe. Some of their biggest customers include major Greek banks, the Greek national electrical company and the underground service provider of Attica.

ELTA courier tracking | ELTA Track and Trace (ELTA tracking)

Both the Hellenic Post and ELTA courier offer a tracking system for locating letters, parcels and packages. The customers can therefore be informed on the whereabouts of their items. However, not all Hellenic Post letter forwarding services include a tracking number. In order to gain access in the Hellenic Post tracking system, the mail should be registered, which comes at a small extra price. ELTA Courier on the other hand offers the ELTA Courier tracking system to its customers.

ELTA express and other services | ELTA Courier services

The Hellenic Post and ELTA Courier offer a wide range of shipping services.

ELTA/ The Hellenic Post offers:

  1. Lettermail for individuals and businesses.
  2. Parcel forwarding for individuals and businesses.
  3. Financial products such as bill payments.
  4. P.O. boxes.

* For ELTA express services, you will need to forward your letters and parcels with priority A’ instead of B’.

ELTA dimensions:

A parcel sent with ELTA should not exceed 150cm in length.

ELTA Courier offers:

  1. Door-to-door inland services (ΠΟΡΤΑ-ΠΟΡΤΑ). For domestic shipping.
  2. The Express Mail Service (EMS). For shipping internationally.
  3. The Special Priority Mail (SPM). For express courier services.
  4. The Fast Parcel Cyprus Service (FPC). The air-transport service for door-to-door shipping from/to Greece and/or from/to Cyprus.
Can I book Greek postal services through Eurosender?

At the moment, the Hellenic Post and ELTA Courier are not part of Eurosender’s extended logistics network. As we are constantly expanding, this might change in the future. In case you are not familiar with our company, Eurosender is a booking platform for courier and logistics services. You can instantly book a service for shipping a parcel, a package or a suitcase through our booking engine or you can even send pallets by asking for an individual offer. We also offer relocation and removal and vehicle transport services. A tracking number will accompany your order with no extra cost. Eurosender also offers free insurance and the ability to purchase extra insurance at a very low price.

Our services include:

Standard shipping: A basketball, candles or an egg incubator, are just some things that qualify for standard shipping.

Freight Shipping: Select your type of pallet and then go for FTL, LTL or PTL shipping when you want to know the price to ship a pallet.

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Dedicated Van Delivery: Suitable for relocations or other shipments that need direct transport without any stops or layovers.

Individual offer: It happens that some shipments need some extra attention. Contact our logistics experts for a tailor-made offer for your goods.

The shipping service selected is not the only thing that determines the price of your shipment. Below you can find several things that could add to the price of your shipment.

ELTA alternatives | Our services include:
  • Standard shipping. For small packages and suitcases.
  • Freight shipping. For pallet shipping and/or items of bigger dimensions.
  • Dedicated van delivery. Great service for relocation and removals.
  • Individual offer. If you are not sure about which service you should book, you can always ask for an individual offer.

Do you have any questions? Our friendly customer support team will be more than happy to help you!

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as complete lists of ELTA forbidden items, ELTA restricted items, ELTA packing instruction and information about the cost to ship with ELTA, always check the official website of the Hellenic Post.