How Long Does Shipping by Courier Take?

How long does international and domestic shipping take?

Courier delivery time and hour vary according to the shipping service and the route you choose for sending your package, envelope or freight shipment. If you are wondering how long does express shipping usually take, what are the transit times for freight haulage or if next-day delivery really takes only one day, keep reading and find out how long will your package take to arrive.


How long does standard courier delivery take?

Standard shipping services are commonly chosen when the delivery time is not an issue. The selected route will dictate how long will it take to deliver your standard parcel. While for domestic routes, standard shipping times can be as low as 1-2 business days, for international routes, deliveries can take up to 3-7 days. Delivery times will, of course, also depend on the courier company transporting your parcel. At Eurosender, we always choose the best courier for each route and service, making sure your parcels take as little time as possible to arrive at their destination.
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How long does express shipping and delivery take?

Parcels shipped by express courier services are usually delivered in 24h-72 hours, depending on the destination. Some couriers specialise in express shipping services and even offer different delivery times within the next day, overnight and express deliveries in general.

Depending on the route and the service you choose, parcels shipped by express can be delivered as soon as the next day within the following hours 9am, 12am or 6pm (different express couriers offer different delivery time options). International routes that require customs clearance will usually extend your parcel’s arrival time. On the other hand, parcels shipped domestically or internationally but within a free trade zone have much shorter delivery times and can arrive at their destination as soon as the next morning.
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How long does mail delivery take?

Post offices and mail couriers usually offer both domestic and international services with multiple delivery time options.
Domestic mail deliveries can take as short as 1 business day and as long as 5 days when booked with the basic service. As for international mail, the delivery time can highly vary depending on the route and the service chosen. While with regular international mail services you may get longer delivery times between 4-11 working days, most courier and postal companies also offer express solutions for time-sensitive cases. With the express option, the mail is usually delivered between 1-3 business days on domestic and international routes.
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How long does domestic shipping take?

Domestic shipping can take as little as a few hours for delivery and as long as 2-3 business days, depending on the country size. National delivery is one of the shipping categories that offer more services, prices and, of course, different courier delivery times.
Usually, all the courier companies offer options with very short transit times for domestic routes such as overnight, next-day or same-day parcel shipping services, even if the price can be quite high. Regular or standard courier services, on the other hand, can be much cheaper and still be quite fast, with deliveries as soon as the next business day.
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How long does international shipping take?

International shipping can be subjected to more procedures, bureaucracy, and external factors, which, altogether, will determine how long will the courier take to deliver your international package or freight shipment. Depending on the options the courier company will offer, an international parcel delivery can take as little as 1 business day and as long as 10 business days. Here are some of the services we offer and their delivery times:

  • Standard shipping – 3-7 business days for deliveries within the EU.
  • Express Shipping – courier deliveries in 1-3 business days anywhere in the world
  • Freight shipping – Depends on the type of transport, size of the cargo and, of course, the route.

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How long does freight shipping take?

The distance between the collection and delivery points, the method of transportation as well as the size of the cargo will determine how long your freight shipment will take to arrive.

  • Road Freight – FTL (Full Truck Load) and the Van Service are the quickest ways to deliver goods by ground freight between relatively short distances. Since the whole space of the vehicle is dedicated to you, you can book a same-day collection and the courier company will deliver your cargo in the shortest time possible. Use our order engine to instantly estimate the price and delivery time for your freight shipment.
    Some examples of delivery times for road freight:
    London – Edinburgh1-2 business days
    Paris – Munich1-2 business days
    Barcelona – Warsaw3-4 business days
    China – Europe10-14 business days
  • Rail Freight – Rail transportation is very popular when shipping less than container load (LCL) on very long distances: not only is it less expensive, but it grants the shortest delivery times. When taking, for example, a rail freight route from China to Europe, delivery times can vary between 2-3 weeks, a little longer than truck transport, but definitely shorter than sea freight.
  • Sea Freight – Many different factors determine how long freight takes to be delivered by ship. Normally, the estimated delivery times for sea transport are calculated with a high margin and can be estimated as broadly as 30-60 days. However, if the duration of your shipment’s transport is not an issue and you are shipping full containers, this may be the best option for you since it’s a cheaper and very safe delivery method.

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How long do couriers take to deliver?

Most courier companies take 1-3 business days to deliver domestic shipments and 3-7 days to deliver internationally. Each courier company offers multiple services with different delivery times including standard and urgent options.
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