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Correos is the national Post of Spain, with delivery services include the shipping of suitcases, packages, boxes, and letters. Find out more about the Correos shipping options within Spain, Correos international services, and much more.

At Eurosender, we work with an international network of vetted logistics providers. At the moment, Eurosender does not partner with Correos, but our smart algorithm will make sure you get the best shipping match for your request amongst all our partners. Get a quote below.

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Domestic and international shipping services with Correos Spain

Correos offers domestic parcel and letter delivery services within mainland Spain, as well as the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra. You can also use the Correos international shipping services to send parcels and letters abroad, both inside and outside the EU.

Domestic parcel shipping solutions include:

  • Paquete Estándar: 48-72h deliveries in Spain, Portugal mainland and Andorra, 30 kg max.
  • Tarifa Plana: Fixed price for shipping with Correos packaging: two sizes of envelopes and two sizes of packages available, no weight limitation. Shipping within Spain and Portugal.
  • Paquete Azul: Door-to-door deliveries in Spain and Andorra, 20 kg max.
  • Servicio Especial de Paqueteria: Door-to-door deliveries in Spain mainland and the Balearic Islands, 20 kg max.
  • Paquete Premium: 24-48h deliveries in Spain, Andorra and Portugal mainland, 30 kg max.
  • Paq Maleta: 24-48h delivery of suitcases, available globally, 25 kg max.
  • Paq Bicicleta: 3-4 day delivery in Spain and Europe, 20 kg max.

Correos international shipping services available in Europe and the rest of the world

  • Paq Internacional Premium: Door-to-door urgent package deliveries all over the world, 30 kg max.
  • Paq Internacional Standard: Door-to-door standard deliveries in Europe and the world, 30 kg max.
  • Paq Internacional Económico: Door-to-door economic parcel delivery available worldwide, 30 kg max.
  • Tarifa Plana: Fixed price for shipping with Correos packaging: one envelope size and three sizes of packages available, no weight limitation.
  • Paq Internacional Light: Worldwide deliveries in 3-5 days of small packages, 2 kg max.
  • Carta Certificada Internacional: Registered envelope delivery in 1-4 days worldwide, 2 kg max.
  • Carta Ordinaria: Standard Document Shipping Service available globally, deliveries in 2-4 days, 2 kg max.
The price of the shipping, as well as the Correos delivery times, depends on the type of service and the selected route.
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Correos pick-up and drop-off services

One of the latest implements in the Correos network is the Citypaq Correos pick-up service points. These parcel lockers are scattered throughout the Spanish territories. The Citypaq network allows customers to ship parcels to a parcel locker with a maximum weight of 30 kg. These Correos pick-up service points can be found in well-lit areas and are automated. Parcels sent to Citypaq lockers will be delivered in 48-72h.

On the other hand, Correos Drop-off services allow customers to book delivery from a private address to a Correos Drop-off point, which is usually a Correos office. This way, customers do not have to depend on the Correos delivery times and can pick up their parcels from the Correos drop-off point at their best convenience.


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Correos shipping services: FAQ

Is insurance included in parcel delivery prices with Correos?
Correos does not include transport insurance on most of their delivery prices. However, if you would like additional protection, you can purchase extra insurance when booking a parcel delivery with Correos. Their shipping insurance policies vary based on the service, item shipped, and the route selected.
How do I track my shipment with Correos?
To track a shipment, you must go to the Correos main page and click the “Track your shipment” option on top of the page. Introduce the shipping or consignment code that was generated and assigned to your shipment.
When booking with Eurosender, you can follow your parcel at any time. All you need to do is insert the provided tracking number in our tracking system, and you will be able to see the latest updates on your shipment.
What can I do if there is a Correos failed or attempted delivery?
Depending on the type of Correos shipping service you have booked, the courier driver will try to make another delivery. However, this option is only available for certain urgent package Correos services and not for every route. Normally your parcel will be held at the closest Correos pick-up service point for up to 15 days, from where you can take your parcel after showing proof of ID. If you need more information or cannot find your parcel, we recommend you contact the company directly.
Can I send a package from Spain to UK or to the USA with Correos?
Yes, it is possible to send a standard or urgent package with Correos to the UK or the US. The Spanish postal service offers international deliveries all over the world and collaborates with other major courier companies in Europe and worldwide.
Who delivers correos parcels in UK or the USA?
If you send a package from Spain to the UK with Correos, Royal Mail will be in charge of delivering it to your door. In the US, USPS will deliver the shipment sent by Correos.
What is the shipping cost for sending a parcel abroad with Correos?
To find the price of the logistic services from Correos Spain, you must go to their website and check the quotes for the different services directly there. If you are in Spain, you can check the price of the different Correos shipping services by going to one of their offices and asking directly at the counter.
Get immediate quotes for any type of shipment directly on the Eurosender platform and have your letters or parcels delivered anywhere in the world with the best couriers and lowest rates.
Does Correos offer e-commerce integration or and API?
Yes, Correos offers a series of integrations and an API tool to help customers create their own e-commerce platforms. These services are divided into different modules that offer several different options for parcel deliveries and returns. If you want to know more about these Correos integration services, we recommend you check their website directly.
Do I have to print the label when shipping abroad with Correos?
Shipping labels are essential for shipping abroad, not only with Correos but any other courier company. They contain all the necessary information and will be used to track and find your package along the way. If you decide to use the international shipping services of Correos Spain through a local post office, they will put the label for you. Make sure to double-check the information on it before posting it.
If you are using the services offered through Correos Express or the Renfe travelling scheme:
  1. Remove the old labels.
  2. Print the new labels (preferably on self-adhesive paper).
  3. Firmly place the label.
  4. Put a second label inside of the shipment in case something happens to the packaging.
  5. Don’t seal or tape the label after attaching it to the package.
Can Correos store my packages or cargo?
They only have storage options for regular correspondence for private individuals within the Iberian Peninsula for a limited time. Alternatively, you can book storage solutions all over Europe with Eurosender.
Does Correos offer any door-to-door services?
Yes, but it depends on the service. When shipping abroad with Correos Spain, you should check the service's conditions beforehand to know if the delivery will be performed directly to your address or if you will need to pick up your shipment from a local store or parcel locker.
At Eurosender, all of our deliveries are door-to-door because we make convenience a priority.
Does Correos still ship to the UK, even after Brexit?
Despite the significant impact Brexit has had on logistics worldwide, shipping with Correos to the UK after Brexit is still possible. Packages sent to the UK after Brexit now have to go through customs and may be subject to VAT and other customs charges. If you want more information about shipping with Correos or any other courier after Brexit, we recommend reading our extensive Brexit shipping and import guide.
How can I contact Correos?
You will find the contact information on their main page. You can also look for your closest post office and ask your questions at the counter.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in August 2022. For more information about the Correos tracking number, Correos delivery times and prices, Correos transport insurance or warehouse locations, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.