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Correos is the national Post of Spain, and one of the oldest and most important public companies of the country. The Spanish national post company is funded with 100% public capital. It was founded in the late 19th century, but we can trace back the first versions of organised postal service as far back as the 16th! As the Spanish post service provider, Correos shipping services include the shipping of suitcases, packages, boxes, and letters. Shipping abroad with Correos is possible and many Erasmus students or expats may choose the company to make their shipments. However, the fact that the international shipping services with Correos Spain do not include door-to-door shipping is a heavy downside. Do you want to know more about Correos shipping services and what alternatives does Eurosender offer? Then keep on reading!

Eurosender works with a wide range of logistics providers, including many world-leading courier companies as well as local smaller companies.

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Great response and service.

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A bit pricey but excellent customer service, pickup and delivery on the next day. Moved my whole furniture and items from the netherlands to germany! Super happy and relieved that it went so well!

Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

Eurosender provides many different options you can compare to the international shipping services from Correos Spain, which can be very expensive. Are you looking for a suitable alternative to shipping abroad with Correos? Check Eurosender offers below:

Eurosenderprovides worldwide shipping, both for packages and freight. Find an instant match with timely logistic solutions.

Standard shipping insurance with most shipments.

We have tailored special services for individuals, companies, students, and interns. We also work closely with expatriates and NGO’s. It’s possible to set up a free account for both business and individual users, which gives access to many benefits, such as different payment options.

Contact via our live chat a logistics expert that speaks your language.

Our logistics experts have created useful packing advice guides on a wide range of items.


International shipping services with Correos Spain: shipping abroad with Correos and the alternatives

Do you want to ship a suitcase through Correos? To find the price of the logistic services from Correos Spain you must go to their website and check the process for the different services directly there. If you are in Spain, you can check the price of the different Correos shipping services going to an office and asking directly on the counter.

Although the Spanish national post offers a wide range of services, if you cannot find any Correos shipping service that suits your needs, here in Eurosender we offer a wide range of shipping and logistics services:

Standard shipping: Suitable for standard shipments which could be things such as luggage and suitcases, vinyl records, toys, and games, food clothes and many more. Do you want to ship more than one package or box? Please be aware that it is also possible to send multiple packages in one order.

Freight Shipping: No matter how big your load is, Eurosendercan handle it We will find the right logistics provider for your needs. Are you interested in shipping cargo? It is essential that you opt for theright type of pallet for your shipment and determine whether your shipment concerns FTL, LTL or PTL

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Dedicated Van Delivery: The same as FTL shipping, only on a smaller scale, ideal for relocations and removals. One van that goes directly from pick-up to delivery address and that is solely dedicated to your shipment.

Individual offer: Does your item have special requirements? Let us know, and we will make you an individual offer catered to your shipping needs.

How much does shipping abroad with Correos cost?

To asses the final price of the international shipping services of Correos Spain you will have to consider many different factors:

  • Dimensions: Length, width, and height of the shipment, together with the weight. The packaging material should be included when calculating the dimension.
  • Distance: Besides the miles or kilometres the package has to travel, it is also important whether it is a domestic or an international shipment.
  • Kind of items: Fragile or dangerous items are more expensive than standard items and should also be packed more thoroughly.
  • Additional requirements: Storage, insurance, time-sensitive shipments are just a few examples of things that are considered additional services. Eurosenderalso provides storage facilities at reasonable prices.
  • Delivery time: being flexible with the delivery date can result in huge savings.

Correos shipping services: FAQ

  • How do I track my shipment with Correos?
    • To track a shipment, you must go to the Correos main page and click the “Track your shipment” option on top of the page. Introduce the shipping or consignment code that was generated and assigned to your shipment.
  • Shipping abroad with Correos: shipping labels
    • Shipping labels are essential for shipping abroad with Correos. They have all the important information and will be used to track and find your package along the way. If you decide to use the international shipping services of CorreosSpain through a local post office, they will put the label for you. Always check the information on it before posting it.
    • If you are using the door to door services offered through Correos Express or the Renfe travelling scheme:
      • Remove the old labels.
      • Print the new labels on (self-adhesive paper if possible).
      • Put a second label inside of the shipment in case something happens to the packaging.
      • Firmly place the label.
      • Don’t seal or tape the label after attaching it to the package.
  • How can I contact Correos?
    • You will find the contact information on their main page. You can also look for your closest post office and ask your questions to the teller.
  • Can Correos store my packages or cargo?
    • They only offer temporal storage of normal correspondence for particulars within the peninsula, and for a limited time.

As you can see, shipping abroad with Correos has advantages and disadvantages. Namely, the Spanish National post does not offer door to door shipping or storage and their offer for freight transport is limited. Are you looking for an alternative to the international services of Correos Spain? Do you still have questions about Eurosender shipping services? Get in touch with our experienced customer service and they will provide you with the answers you have been looking for.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate and updated information, such as complete lists of Correos services and offers, Correos restricted items and packing instructions and information about shipping prices, always check the official website of Correos.