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Yodel: International Parcel Shipping and Delivery Services

Yodel UK and international courier services

Yodel is one of the major parcel delivery companies in the UK, offering solutions for shipping parcels domestically and internationally. In this guide, we have put together all you need to know about Yodel courier services, including delivery times, parcel tracking and international services.

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Are DHL and Yodel the same company?

Even though many people may think so, DHL and Yodel are not the same company. Originally known as Home Delivery Network Limited (HDNL), Yodel acquired the UK domestic business of DHL Group and rebranded as Yodel in 2010. Yodel offer both UK courier services and international parcel delivery worldwide. They handle over 190 million parcels on a yearly basis, operating a fleet of 5,000 trucks and 50 service centres.

Does Yodel deliver large parcels?

Yodel imposes a maximum weight of 10 kg and dimension limits of 60cm x 50cm x 50cm for parcels sent domestically in the UK via their Yodel Direct service. The weight limit for international parcels is 30 kg. If you are not satisfied with Yodel shipping costs or if you need to ship large parcels, you can get an immediate shipping price with us. You can send parcels weighing up to 70 kg worldwide in 24-72h with our Express Service.

Yodel collection and drop-off points

Shippers can find Yodel points located in newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and shopping centres throughout the UK. With over 10,000 drop-off points throughout the country, this service allows customers to ship or return parcels with Yodel at a convenient time for them.

Yodel courier service drop-off points have long opening hours and the majority are also open seven days a week. Yodel courier service drop-off points are especially advantageous for online shoppers and e-commerce shippers, since shops owners can quickly organise deliveries to their clients.


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FAQ on Yodel international parcel delivery services

Does Yodel deliver on Sundays or weekends in general?
Yodel normally does not deliver on Sundays, however they do extend their delivery services to Sunday during peak periods such as Christmas. Their standard UK mainland delivery times are Monday to Saturday between 7 am and 9 pm.
How long does a Yodel delivery take?
Standard Yodel parcel delivery services take up to 2 working days, which do not include Sundays or bank holidays. The transit time is calculated one day after home collection or drop off at a Yodel point.
Does Yodel have live tracking?
Yes, the Yodel Parcel Tracker app allows shippers to monitor the progress of their shipment in real time. After downloading the app, you can track your parcel by entering your parcel reference number. Other handy features of the app are that you receive frequent parcel status notifications and you can provide an alternative delivery address in case there would be no one available at the address originally provided.
What do Yodel tracking statuses mean?
  • With Sender or Awaiting Collection: The parcel has not yet been collected.
  • Left Sender or Collected: The parcel has been successfully collected.
  • At Yodel Depot: The parcel is at a Yodel depot and should be delivered on time. You may also see this status if the Yodel parcel delivery was unsuccessful and the parcel was brought back to the depot.
  • Left Yodel Depot: The parcel has left the local depot and is being forwarded to the delivery address.
  • With Courier/Driver: The parcel is with the delivery driver. For 48-72h deliveries, you can check your estimated delivery date in the parcel tracking app by inserting your tracking reference.
  • Was with Courier/Driver: This may mean two things: Either the parcel was delivered or the courier driver did not manage to deliver so the parcel was brought back to the depot. After a first delivery attempt, Yodel will attempt two or more deliveries in the following working days.
  • Delivered: The parcel has been successfully delivered.
Why can’t I track my Yodel parcel?
If you cannot access your Yodel parcel tracking page or the status is not updated for more than a couple of days, you should contact Yodel courier service for further information. Tracking update delays may happen due to long transit distances or high volumes of parcels at sorting depots.
Read more about how parcel tracking works.
Does Yodel collect from home?
Yes, Yodel provide a home parcel collection service for the convenience of their customers. Alternatively, shippers can drop off their parcels at one of the thousands of Yodel points located throughout the UK.
Will Yodel call or text before delivery?
Some Yodel courier services offer a two-hour delivery window in which you receive a notification via text and/or email on the day of delivery. If you have already purchased a Yodel courier service that does not offer this feature, you cannot update your service.
Can Yodel courier service deliver to a PO box in the UK?
No, since Yodel does not have access to PO boxes, they can only deliver to civic addresses. You will have to choose a postal service if you wish to ship to a PO box.
Does Amazon use Yodel courier services in the UK?
Yes, like many other giant retailers in the UK, Amazon contracts Yodel courier services to perform last-mile deliveries in the UK.
Does Yodel ship and deliver parcels internationally?
Yodel works with freight forwarder DG International to provide courier delivery services specifically for UK e-commerce businesses and retailers. The international courier service provided by Yodel offers a home delivery service to the customers of UK retailers in over 200 countries and territories around the world.
Alternatively, at Eurosender you can book worldwide shipping services with the click of a button and benefit from having a wide network of couriers available for your delivery.
How do I contact Yodel courier service about delivery?
You can contact Yodel through their Webchat service, which is available on the official website of the Yodel international shipping service. Alternatively, you can contact their customer service team on 0344 755 0117.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in June 2022. For more information about Yodel courier and international parcel delivery services, please check the official website of Yodel.