How to Return a Package to Sender

Return a package to the sender

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Do you need to send back a parcel to the sender, and you don’t know how to organise the return shipment or what are the costs? Check our advice on how to prepare the parcel for the return and book a shipping return service with the most reliable companies at the lowest price.

How to return a parcel to the sender

Follow our guidelines to organise a shipment to return a package to the sender or an online purchase.

  1. Agree with the sender about all the details, such as a delivery address and who is in charge of the payment.
  2. Pack the items if you open the parcel, following our packing instructions.
  3. If you didn’t open the parcel and you want to organise the return to the sender, make sure to remove all the old labels.
  4. Check the size and weight of the parcel you want to return and book your return shipping service in just a few clicks.
  5. Wait for the courier and track the return shipment using our online tracking tool.


Shipping options to return a package to the sender

At Eurosender, we offer various shipping door-to-door solutions to return a parcel to the sender.
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What to have in mind when returning a package

  • The seller returns policy
    Reasons for the return, how long you have to return your package to be eligible for a refund, and whether return shipping costs are the responsibility of the seller or buyer.
  • Packaging of the item
    Always be sure of packing the items following our packing guides and remove old labels when you return the parcel using the same box.
  • Prohibited or restricted items
    The courier can refuse to collect or deliver a parcel containing restricted items if the shipment is booked by an individual and not an authorised company.


How to properly pack your items for a return shipment

When returning a package to the sender, an important thing to consider is to properly pack and protect the items. Follow our general guidelines on how to prepare the return package:

  1. protect every single part of the item with bubble wrap or other packing material;
  2. use the original packaging and box of the item, if possible;
  3. put the packed items in a cardboard box and fill all the empty spaces with packing materials;
  4. close and seal the box and remove any old label from the surface.

Read our detailed packing guides

How to return an online purchase

When buying on e-commerce or any other online store, you may need to return the parcel because the item was damaged during the transport, it was different from the product description, or you simply changed your mind. Returning a package with Eurosender is super easy: you can book a return shipment in just a few clicks.

Check our dedicated pages to see the return policy for each selling platform and to know how to return an online purchase.

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Frequently asked questions about how to return a package to the sender

What is the cheapest way to ship a package back to the sender?
The most cost-effective way to return a package back to its sender is to send it through a standard shipping service.
Select your route and the dimensions of the parcel on our calculator to receive an instant quote to ship a package back to the sender.
What is the fastest shipping service to send back a package?
The fastest shipping option to send back a package to the sender is the Express service. If you need an urgent delivery to return a package or a purchase, book our express service to ship the package back to the sender in 24-72 hours.
How do I know my package was successfully returned to the sender?
Every shipment booked on our platform has its own tracking number that allows you to trace the parcel. Use our online tracking tool to follow your return shipment and know when it will be delivered to the sender address.
How can I return a large package to the sender?
Returning a large package to the sender is possible and not complicated if you choose the right service and courier. After agreeing with the sender on all the details of the shipments, check which service is better for the parcel dimensions and book your return shipping on our platform.
In just a few clicks, you can book a service to send large or heavy packages.
What are the most common reasons to return a package to the sender?
There are many reasons to return a package to the sender, the most common situations that cause a return shipment are:
  • Returning a faulty item to Amazon, eBay or other online shops.
  • Returning a package damaged during the transport.
  • Returning an online purchase because the item didn’t match the description.
  • Send back a package sent to the wrong address.