DHL vs Canada Post: A Shipping Comparison (2024)

Differences between DHL and Canada Post shipping services

Discover the shipping rates of DHL and Canada Post and decide which courier company is better and cheaper for your needs. Check our guide to learn the differences between DHL and Canada Post or get an instant quote with Eurosender to compare rates with even more courier services.

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DHL vs Canada Post shipping rates: Is DHL cheaper than Canada Post?

To thoroughly compare the shipping rates offered by DHL and Canada Post, we have gathered information about their international delivery services. To determine whether DHL is cheaper than Canada Post or the other way around, we need to analyse the same route & parcel size, as well as their rates for express services.

In 2011, TransForce purchased the assets of DHL Express Canada’s domestic business and provides domestic shipping services in Canada under the name Loomis Express. We will therefore compare the international shipping rates of DHL and Canada Post. On average, Canada Post is cheaper than DHL for non-urgent delivery services.

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DHL vs Canada Post envelope shipping from Canada to the USA

Compare the DHL and Canada Post rates for shipping an envelope internationally:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery time
DHL Express 10:30CAD $ 89.482 working days by 10:30
DHL Express 12:00CAD $ 83.402 working days by 12:00
DHL ExpressCAD $ 79.712 working days
Canada Post USA LetterCAD $ 11.144-6 working days
Canada Post Priority Worldwide EnvelopeCAD $ 55.312-4 working days
Canada Post Priority Worldwide PakCAD $ 83.101-2 working days

DHL vs Canada Post international shipping from Canada to the USA

Compare the DHL and Canada Post rates for shipping a 10kg (22lbs) package internationally:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery time
DHL Express 10:30CAD $ 437.311 working day by 10:30
DHL Express 12:00CAD $ 431.221 working day by 12:00
DHL ExpressCAD $ 427.541 working day
Canada Post PriorityCAD $ 437.791 working day
Canada Post XpresspostCAD $ 203.572-3 working days
Canada Post Expedited ParcelCAD $ 136.415-6 working days

DHL vs Canada Post international shipping from Canada to the UK

Compare the rates for shipping a 10kg (22lbs) package internationally with DHL or Canada Post:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery time
DHL Express 9:00CAD $ 745.533 working days by 9:00
DHL Express 12:00CAD $ 724.723 working days by 12:00
DHL ExpressCAD $ 721.033 working days
Canada Post PriorityCAD $ 670.691-2 working days
Canada Post XpresspostCAD $ 436.664-7 working days
Canada Post International ParcelCAD $ 243.028 working days
Eurosender Express deliveryCAD $ 669.051-2 working days
Note: The DHL and Canada Post international shipping services presented above may not be available for all locations. The prices above are the results of online research conducted in May 2022. Conversion rate used: 1 EUR – 1.37 CAD

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Do DHL and Canada Post work together?

Although Canada Post and DHL are two separate logistics providers with their own transport networks and shipping services, they may collaborate in certain cases. Currently, DHL partners with Canada Post and its Purolator courier service to perform last mile delivery services in areas of Canada where it does not have operation centres.


DHL vs Canada Post: which is faster?

It depends on the desired route and on the shipping service you select. While DHL does not provide domestic shipping services in Canada, customers sending parcels within the country can benefit from next-day delivery with Canada Post Priority.

For shipments from Canada to the USA, DHL may have an advantage over Canada Post in that they offer more express options and definite delivery timeframes for some services.

The fastest international shipping option from Canada to the UK is Canada Post Priority, which also provides an estimated delivery time of 1 to 2 business days.

To determine which one is faster for the service you need, check the speed of delivery offered by DHL and Canada Post in the tables above.

Does DHL deliver to Canada Post PO boxes?

DHL does not have access to Canada Post PO boxes so they can only deliver to civic addresses. You can ship to a PO box with Canada Post or another postal service, so you should choose Canada Post over a private courier such as DHL if you need the shipment delivered to a PO box.

DHL vs Canada Post for large packages

DHL offers a wide range of services for shipping large packages at a global level, and it is the best choice for large parcel deliveries in general. The standard weight limit for DHL is 70 kg with a maximum length of 120 cm. You can also ship even larger parcels with DHL freight services but you will have to contact them for a quote.

On the other hand, Canada Post imposes a maximum weight of 30 kg and a length limit of 200 cm for each parcel. For this reason, DHL is a better option than Canada Post for large package shipments.

When comparing DHL and Canada Post, please note that DHL uses volumetric weight when calculating rates, which have a direct influence on the final price.
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Differences between DHL and Canada Post. Which is better?

Compare the differences between Canada Post and DHL to help you decide which one is the best fit for your shipping needs:

FeatureDHLCanada PostEurosender
Express solutions
Free door-to-door delivery
Discounts for registered usersX
Free address changesXX
Instant online quotes Depends on the routeDepends on the route
Freight solutionsX
Free signature upon deliveryFor some services
Real-time tracking
Delivery to sanctioned countriesX

DHL vs Canada Post for e-commerce shipping

To determine which courier is better for your e-commerce, DHL or Canada Post, you should also evaluate their customer satisfaction ratings and solutions for online stores.

  • The solutions that DHL offers to e-commerce businesses include integration tools for scheduling deliveries directly from their online shops, as well as warehousing and fulfilment services. For increased comfort, customers can collect and deliver parcels at DHL Service Points, available in several locations worldwide.
  • With Canada Post, the more parcels you send, the more you save on shipping costs. They also offer the possibility of integrating a plugin to your e-commerce platform to optimise your logistics. The wide availability of post offices in Canada make them an attractive option for domestic shipping in Canada.


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Canada Post vs DHL comparison summary

To determine which courier is a better fit for your e-commerce business, DHL or Canada Post, you should take into consideration what types of services you mostly require.

DHL is mostly preferred by international companies that take advantage of their worldwide presence and brand recognition in the logistics industry. Unlike Canada Post, DHL also specialises in large parcel deliveries. On the other hand, businesses based in Canada that regularly send non-urgent packages as well as envelopes and small items, should opt for Canada Post since DHL does not perform domestic deliveries.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in May 2022. For more information about DHL and Canada Post types of domestic and international shipping services or updated data for comparing Canada Post and DHL shipping rates, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.