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Domestic Shipping & Courier Services

Ship your parcels domestically with the best rates on the market. Gain access to a network of trusted local and international couriers. Our system instantly identifies the best domestic shipping service for both businesses and individual needs, be it for parcels to cargo.


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Why choose the domestic courier service?

Parcels are collected and delivered directly to your doorstep

Get immediate shipping quotes with the best local couriers

Insurance is included in the price, extra coverage available

Short transit times for deliveries within the same country


Domestic courier services available

Eurosender offers a wide range of shipping solutions for businesses and individuals.
Depending on the time-sensitivity and size, you can choose the service that matches your needs.
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Local courier services for companies & stores

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Domestic shipping: Pick-up and delivery times


  • Collection can be scheduled Monday-Friday, from 9-18h
  • Same-day collection is available for certain services


  • Deliveries are performed from Monday-Friday, between 9-18h
  • Standard domestic shipments are delivered in 24-48h or sooner with Express

Track and trace

  • Tracking number will be sent via e-mail once the service is confirmed
  • Follow your parcel online with our dedicated tool

How to find the right domestic shipping service for your needs?

Unsure which domestic delivery service to use? Measure your item after packing it and insert
the dimensions on the tool below to discover what is the right service for you.


What to have in mind when booking a domestic delivery service?

The collection of your shipment will be performed on the ground floor

The courier may deliver the parcel to a neighbour if the recipient is absent

Please request any extra service upon booking, such as fork-lifts, tail-lifts, etc

Follow our packing guidelines for safely shipping your products domestically


How much does it cost to ship domestically?

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FAQ about Domestic courier services

What is the cheapest way to ship domestically?
The cheapest alternative is to use the Standard Domestic Shipping Service if your parcel is a regular-sized box or luggage. You can get immediate quotes for the standard domestic service on our booking tool.
However, the cheapest way to ship large and heavy packages domestically is by using the Freight Service. It is the ideal service for transporting more products at once since you can stack several boxes on one single pallet.
How long does domestic standard shipping take?
The delivery time of the standard domestic service is between 24-72h, depending on the country. If you need an urgent domestic delivery service, we recommend booking our Express Service, that offers domestic deliveries in up to 24h.
What insurance is included when I book a domestic delivery service?
The insurance coverage value depends on the service booked. When booking your domestic delivery through our platform, basic insurance is already included in the price. You will be able to purchase additional coverage at low rates during the booking process.
Does Eurosender provide packaging materials when booking domestic courier services?
It is the customer’s responsibility to pack the items appropriately when booking a domestic or international courier service. However, we do offer recommendations on how to pack a wide variety of items in our packing guide.
Can I ship personal items with the domestic courier service?
Yes, our domestic courier services are ideal for shipping personal belongings. You can choose to ship clothes, books or even furniture domestically. All you have to do is pack your items accordingly and wait for the courier to make the collection.
Will my parcel be collected at my address when booking a domestic courier service?
Yes, we work with door-to-door deliveries. This means that the pick-up and collection of your parcels will be done at the designated addresses. To ensure a successful domestic delivery service, please have the parcel appropriately packed and ready for collection on the ground floor.
Does Eurosender offer domestic freight forwarding services?
At Eurosender, we partner with some of the best domestic and international freight forwarders in the world. If you need a domestic cargo shipping service, you can simply book a pallet shipment through our digital tool or request an individual offer. In this case, one of our logistics experts will prepare a customised transport for your domestic cargo based on your shipping requirements.
When relocating across the country, can I book an interstate courier service to move my belongings?
Yes, we offer shipping services specialised in relocations. When relocating within Europe, you can book our Van Service, which is the most efficient way of transporting all your belongings at once, as you will have an entire vehicle dedicated to you. We also offer affordable local courier services for relocations outside of Europe. Please check our dedicated page to learn more about our relocation & removal services.