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Move your cargo with the best freight forwarding company in Switzerland and abroad – Eurosender! Arrange any type of freight forwarding service in an instant with the tool below or get specialised assistance for unique requests. Get a free quote with us and our experts will arrange the delivery with trusted freight forwarders in Switzerland.

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Freight forwarding services in Switzerland

We combine the capabilities of multiple logistics providers to offer the best solutions for freight forwarding, warehousing, and cargo distribution in Switzerland.

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Uni- or multimodal freight forwarding to Switzerland

Eurosender is the market leader in providing fully customised freight forwarding solutions. Through collaboration with multiple road, rail, and air cargo forwarders operating in Switzerland, we are fully equipped to organise complex freight transport services on request, as well as local deliveries directly to your customer’s premises. All you need to do is send us your requirements, and our experts will find the best shipping and freight forwarding companies in Switzerland for the job.


How to book the best Swiss freight forwarding companies

  • Send us your request with details about your load
  • We will find the best possible solution for your requirements
  • Once you accept our offer, we will arrange all the details with the provider
  • Your goods will be collected on the established date and address


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Warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment services in Switzerland

Store your goods with comfort and safety. Besides offering reliable cargo transport options to Switzerland, we also organise complementary logistics services to make your operations smoother. Tell us your requirements, and we will prepare a tailored offer for warehousing, cargo distribution, or fulfilment services in Switzerland:

Warehousing services
  • No limit of time or size of the stored goods
  • Storage in Switzerland is provided by the same logistics provider responsible for transport
  • Bonded warehouse on the carrier’s facility when importing goods
Distribution and fulfilment
  • Cargo distribution services in Switzerland connecting all points of your supply chain
  • Last-mile delivery from the store/warehouse to your client’s door
  • Fulfilment solutions provided by vetted companies

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Air cargo forwarding services in Switzerland

Need to transport urgent cargo? We’ve got you covered! As a leading freight forwarder operating in Switzerland and globally, we offer air freight deliveries in 220 countries and territories. If you are in a hurry, use our booking engine to schedule the delivery of envelopes and parcels of up to 70 kg via air freight through our Priority Express Service, or contact our team on the chat to arrange tailored solutions for pallet and cargo transport to Switzerland.

Ship with top freight forwarders in Switzerland and internationally

At Eurosender, we collaborate with 100+ international shipping companies and freight forwarders located in Switzerland and all over Europe:


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Are you a shipping company or a Swiss freight forwarder looking to fill your trucks, vans, and containers? At Eurosender, we continue to grow our network of trusted logistics providers and look forward to welcoming new partners to our team.

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Other logistics services to Switzerland that may interest you

We have already helped hundreds of companies arrange services with international and Swiss freight forwarding companies. Check other available options:

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FAQ on cargo shipping with Swiss freight forwarders

What can I do if I do not get an instant price for shipping to Switzerland?

If you enter your shipping details in the booking engine and see "on request", you will need to request a custom quote for shipping to Switzerland.
As Switzerland is not an EU country and is not part of the EU Customs Union, some shipping services require that you provide certain documents in advance so that the shipment can be cleared and taxed. These documents include: Delivery note, export accompanying documents, commercial invoice and declaration of origin. You also need your company's EORI number and the customs tariff number of the goods.
Don't hesitate to contact our team for more information about freight forwarding to Switzerland.

How much do freight forwarders in Switzerland charge?

When using freight forwarding solutions to transport your cargo, whether in Switzerland or abroad, you will get a final quote covering all the costs needed for moving your load. Included in the price will be the cost of transport, storage, fulfilment, additional fees specific to your route or product, insurance, and handling fees. When going directly to a shipping and freight forwarding company in Switzerland, you will also have to pay for their administration fees on top of all that.
At Eurosender, our goal is to make logistics simple. Book freight forwarding to Switzerland with us, and our experts will do all the negotiation for you, arranging a logistics solution that is tailored to your needs at the best freight rates.

Do I need a customs broker for importing/exporting with Swiss freight forwarders?

If you are importing or exporting goods to Switzerland via Eurosender, you do not need to hire an external customs broker to deal with your shipment. You will be required to prepare the shipping documents for freight forwarding in Switzerland, but the assigned carrier will be responsible for transporting it across the border and making sure it goes through the right freight customs procedures when entering the country. The customer should bear any additional costs. If you need any further assistance when booking an import or export service to Switzerland, do not hesitate to contact us.

What types of goods can be sent with Swiss freight forwarding companies?

It is possible to organise the import or export from Switzerland for almost any type of goods as long as you provide the necessary documents or certificates for such cargo transport. Some items, such as locally sourced products or alcoholic beverages, may be subject to specific country regulations, with which you must always comply when importing or exporting from Switzerland. Specific licenses are also required when shipping dangerous goods, or restricted or prohibited items with Swiss freight forwarders.
If you are unsure about the best service to transport your cargo from Switzerland, do not hesitate to contact us through the chat. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with professional recommendations and personalised freight rates for freight forwarding to Switzerland.

Can air cargo forwarders in Switzerland combine different modes of transport?

Yes, absolutely. We work with road, rail, or air cargo forwarders operating in Switzerland so that we are able to combine their expertise and capabilities to offer you the best possible service. Depending on your requirements, we can arrange uni- or multimodal freight forwarding in Switzerland and internationally.
Read more about intermodal shipping.

How long does a freight forwarder take from the USA to Switzerland?

It depends on the point of origin and the type of transport used. For instance, air freight forwarding from the USA to Switzerland may take only 24-72h, while shipping by sea from the USA can take up to 25 days. It is important to note that the time required for the load to go through the customs clearance procedures in Switzerland is not accounted for in most delivery time estimations. This is because customs brokerage service in Switzerland is often provided as a separate service, and it is hard to determine an average duration for it since it also depends on how quickly the incurred fees are paid.