Ship Hiking Backpacks and Other Gear by Courier

Ship outdoor recreation equipment: international hiking and climbing gear delivery

Shipping of hiking and climbing equipment doesn’t have to be a headache. By following Eurosender’s handy guide on how to pack and ship a hiking backpack or climbing gear by courier, you can be sure your outdoor equipment will arrive safely to its destination. Regardless of the size of your hiking gear shipment, we have a low-cost shipping solution, carried out by our trusted network of world-renowned international couriers. Find out how to cheaply ship hiking and climbing equipment by courier and book the service in just a few clicks.

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International hiking equipment delivery

Eurosender have helped thousands of businesses increase efficiency and save on shipping costs with our convenient digital platform. Register your business to keep track of all of your hiking gear and outdoor equipment shipments, including past, present and future expenses. Discover how your business can benefit from Eurosender business services for shipping hiking and climbing equipment, including backpacks and gain an advantage against your competition.


The best way to ship hiking equipment internationally

Eurosender offers a range of affordable solutions to suit any type of climbing or hiking gear shipment, including excess baggage shipping:

Express shipping

For urgent delivery of hiking backpacks. Delivery within 24-72h
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Standard shipping

Send a hiking backpack ahead of your destination
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Pallet shipping

Perfect option for sending large and bulky shipments
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Van delivery

Transport hiking gear and other goods, directly with no stop-overs
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How to pack hiking gear. How to ship a hiking backpack?

To ensure safe transport of your equipment, follow our step-by-step instructions on how to ship a hiking backpack and other equipment:

  1. Choose the right backpack: Use a backpack to carry your hiking equipment, which is big enough to accommodate your chosen equipment.
  2. Wrap the packed backpack: Using bubble wrap or plastic wrapping, cover the entire backpack tightly, several times. Ensure objects inside the backpack are unable to move around during transport.
  3. Find an appropriately sized box: Fill the bottom of the cardboard box with cushioning material, and place the backpack on top.
  4. Cover with cushioning material: To avoid movement inside the box during transport, fill the box with packing paper, foam peanuts or any cushioning to fill any empty space.
  5. Close the box and seal with tape: Ensure that sides are reinforced with tape if necessary.


Why send hiking equipment ahead with Eurosender?

  • Avoid excess baggage fees: We will find you the cheapest price on the best international luggage delivery service for your hiking equipment, saving you the hassle of paying expensive fees at the airport.
  • Send hiking equipment in bulk: Whether you’re an outdoor trekking business, or a manufacturer or retailer sending hiking equipment to customers, our digital platform will streamline all of your logistics processes, saving you time and money. We also offer convenient payment options for shipment of hiking equipment and more.


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Frequently asked questions about shipping hiking equipment

How can I check which delivery option is right for my hiking gear shipment?
Simply enter the pick-up and delivery locations and dimensions (including weight) into our booking engine. You will receive an offer for the best logistics provider to carry out your hiking gear delivery, and an instant quote for the best price available. If your shipment exceeds the limit for standard delivery, our team of experts will prepare you an individual offer in the shortest time possible.
How much does it cost to ship a backpack with rock climbing equipment overseas?
Through Eurosender, you can get instant quotes for shipping a rock or ice climbing backpack internationally with our fast and reliable Express service. Make sure your shipment is not heavier than 70 kg and pick the collection and destination countries with our booking tool to compare prices. For shipments weighing more than 70 kg, send us a request with Individual offer and our experts will provide you with a quote in the shortest time possible.
What is the best way to send climbing or hiking equipment in bulk?
f you are sending rock climbing or hiking equipment for a group of people, we recommend to send it on pallets instead. Simply pack each hiking bag separately according to the instructions on shipping a backpack, then stack each box on the pallet and secure it with stretch wrapping to avoid movement. To book the pallet delivery service, simply enter the pick-up and delivery locations and the number of pallets into our booking engine. You will receive an instant price for shipping hiking or rock-climbing equipment in Europe, or if you are shipping internationally, our team of experts will prepare you an individual offer in the shortest time possible.
Can I ship hunting knives or multi-tools with my hiking equipment?
We do not recommend to ship these items when sending your hiking equipment abroad or domestically, as these are prohibited items. When shipping prohibited items, the shipper chooses to at their own risk and expense for any loss or damages. Courier companies can also refuse to deliver forbidden items.
Is insurance included in the cost of sending rock-ice climbing or hiking equipment?
The insurance options are available depending on the type of delivery service. Basic insurance is included in the price of almost every shipment. Additional insurance options are also available to purchase during booking.
All freight shipments are automatically insured according to CMR conventions. Additional insurance is also available to purchase when booking the service via Eurosender.
Where can I buy packaging materials for international hiking gear delivery?
You can buy packaging materials for hiking gear at hardware and stationery stores. If you wish to save on the cost to ship hiking gear, you can also reuse old materials you may have at home, such as bubble wrap, newspaper, packing tape, and any type of cushioning material.