How to cheaply ship hiking gear by courier

When you head off into the wilderness for a hiking trip, you have to be ready for the unknown. So, you better be prepared well. One of the main attributes for hiking is your backpack, which contains all the things you need during your trip. With the dropping prices of airfares all around the globe, it is easy to find affordable tickets to some of the best hiking locations. But the most common problem is the luggage, as excess luggage at cheap airlines is pricey and the same can be said when travelling by bus. You may forget about all these sky-high costs, as you can now make a hiking gear delivery by courier with Eurosender and save lots of money. With our network of the cheapest and most reliable courier companies, we ship hiking gear by courier wherever you want. So, let’s take a look at how you can safely ship hiking gear with Eurosender.

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Packaging Materials for international hiking gear delivery

All the supplies for international hiking gear delivery can be bought at any hardware store or stationery shop . When you are on a budget, you can also use second-hand material to ship hiking gear by courier. However, please pay close attention that the materials are flawless, i.e. no holes, tears or any other imperfections. For more information, you can always check our page on packaging materials and supplies.

  • Backpack: It has to be big enough for everything that you have to take with you.
  • Cardboard box: To protect your backpack when shipping it abroad
  • Wrapping Material: Bubble wrap is most frequently used.
  • Cushioning material: Packing peanuts, or any other cushioning material such as old newspapers or shredded paper, help you fill the empty spaces inside the box
  • Duct tape: To seal the box. You can also use any other tape, as long as it is strong enough.

How to ship hiking gear by courier

We often get the question: How to cheaply ship hiking gear? With the instructions below you can be sure that you ship your hiking gear cheap and safe.

  1. At first, you have to choose the right backpack. Depending on the length of the trip, as well as the activities planned, you will probably need to pack a variety of equipment. Look for a backpack which is big enough to fit all your belongings, but not too heavy to carry it around all day.
  2. After choosing the backpack, you make a list and organize your equipment. Before packing, try to sort your gear and place heavier items in the centre of your backpack – this will make it easier to carry. Remember that everything you need the most frequent should be easily accessible. So, place it on top and not on the bottom when you prepare for hiking gear delivery with courier.
  3. Avoid empty spaces in the backpack and use outer pockets, for example for your first-aid kit or for energy bars.
  4. Some backpacks have additional space for a rope, but you can also attach some equipment, for example, your helmet, to the outside of your backpack. Make sure that you also pack these items when you ship hiking gear by courier.
  5. When you plan to travel with your backpack, be sure to measure the dimensions. When you know the dimensions, you also know the price. Measuring your international hiking gear delivery is easy with our free Shipment Size Checker below.

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  6. When you are shipping hiking equipment for a group of people it might be more convenient to opt for pallet delivery. This is also a great option when you want to ship a tent or other big camping items. Another thing that could work for you in this case is shipping multiple parcels in one order.
  7. When you ship goods in the holiday season is useful to read more about it

How to pack for hiking gear delivery by courier

  1. Wrap the packed backpack in bubble wrap. Make sure that you cover the entire backpack several times. Also, seal the wrap with tape so that it can’t fall off.
  2. Take the box and fill the bottom with cushioning material to make for a safe hiking gear delivery with courier.
  3. Place the backpack inside and cover the sides and top with more cushioning material.
  4. Close the box and seal with tape. Now you can measure the dimensions.
  5. In most countries, the courier company will print and attach the label to your package. However, when the pick-up address is in Poland, Spain or Sweden, you will have to do this by yourself.
Additional tips for shipping hiking equipment

When you want to know how to cheaply ship hiking gear, then take a look at the tips below that we prepared especially for you. When travelling you might also be interested in shipping camping equipment, fishing gear or horse riding equipment.

  • Travel in your hiking clothes – this will save you space in your backpack. Also, if possible, buy everything you need on the spot, instead of carrying it with you all the time.
  • Insurance: Every shipment with Eurosender is covered up to €200 but be sure to check outour additional insurance at low rates.
  • Do not ship prohibited items (such as knives or multi-tools) in your hiking equipment.
  • When you ship valuable items with your hiking equipment, make sure that you take clear pictures of it before you ship. Also make sure that you have the original invoice in case of issues with the delivery.
  • Measure the dimensions of the cardboard box accurately before placing the order for shipping, as this determines the price of your shipment.
  • Make sure that the actual weight and dimensions of the package do not exceed what you stated in your order for international hiking gear delivery.
  • Place the order for shipping at least 2 working days before your departure. Try to do this even earlier when sending shipments during the festive periods.

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