How to Ship a Sewing Machine by Courier

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Eurosender offers international shipping solutions for both businesses and individuals who are looking for a safe and easy way to send sewing machines and equipment abroad. Through our logistics platform, you get access to the most convenient and affordable shipping options and instant shipping costs for sending knitting and sewing machines internationally. Check also our guidelines on how to pack a sewing machine for shipping across Europe and overseas.

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Whether you are a producer or a distributor looking for the best way to send sewing or knitting machines abroad by courier, Eurosender always finds the safest and cheapest solutions. Enrol in Eurosender platform and create your own free logistics department where you can access all your current and past orders, access your delivery statistics and book multiple shipping services in one single place.


How to ship sewing machine broad?

When sending a sewing machine within Europe or abroad, you can choose between different shipping services to better match your needs.

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective way to ship a sewing machine by courier
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Express shipping

The fastest way to deliver sewing machines and equipment
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Pallet delivery

Ship multiple sewing machines to your cutomers or resellers safely
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Van Service

Ship your goods across Europe in a dedicated van
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What to know before sending sewing machine abroad?

  • Pack your sewing machine, measure the dimensions of the box and find out what is the right shipping service for it. The cheapest way to ship a sewing machine is by dismounting it to fit the standard dimensions.
  • Verify if you need to print and attach the shipping label to your parcel. Such information will be provided to you via email.
  • Book your shipment in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Use our online tool to estimate the time of delivery and make sure someone is present at the delivery and pick-up locations.

How to pack a sewing machine or a knitting machine for shipping

Follow these steps to package a sewing machine for sending abroad:

  • In case the sewing machine is attached to a table, unfasten it.
  • Remove the detachable parts from the sewing machine and cover each of them with bubble wrap.
  • Bubble wrap the sewing machine and secure it with adhesive tape.
  • Place your sewing machine into its original case or bag. Cover it with bubble wrap.
  • Place the sewing machine into a cardboard box. Add plenty of packing peanuts to fill the box and seal it.

Insurance options when sending sewing machine with Eurosender

We got you covered! We never compromise on safety. Every shipment sent via Eurosender is covered by insurance which value will depend on the type of shipping service used. For additional protection of your goods, we offer extra insurance during the order process at a very low fee.


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FAQs when shipping a sewing machine internationally

Can I lay a sewing machine on its side for shipping?

Yes, it is possible if the sewing machine is packed properly. Put the presser foot down and remove spools and bobbins. Remove the needle as well before storing the sewing machine. Follow the guideline on how to pack a sewing machine for shipping we prepared for you.

Can I transport a sewing machine by plane?

Yes, you can transport a sewing machine by plane, as long as you remove any sharp objects and prepare it carefully by having it in a travel bag that can fit as hand luggage. However, the most convenient way to move a sewing machine is to send it by courier and avoid any concerns and heavy luggage.

How much does it cost to send one single sewing machine? And to ship sewing machines in bulk?

To calculate the shipping cost of sending sewing machine abroad, you can use our booking tool and get instant quotes. If you are going to ship a bulky knitting machine that is heavier than 30 kg, you can opt for our instant pallet delivery service or request an individual offer.

How to move a vintage sewing machine?

The most important part of the sewing machine shipping process is preparation. Take the right packaging materials and making sure your items are safely packed. Eurosender offers fast and reliable solutions to ship vintage sewing machines when moving with our van service. If you move house or office to another place, book a van dedicated solely for your needs.

How to transport an industrial sewing or knitting machine?

The best way to ship an industrial sewing or knitting machine is by booking a van service or ship it on a pallet. Through the Eurosender platform, you can request shipping quotes for booking the van service and our experts will offer you the best price. If you want to ship an industrial or knitting machine on a pallet, you can get an instant quote by checking our booking tool.