What you need to know about transportation of bows and arrows

Archery emerged long ago and was previously common in hunting and fighting. Currently, archery is known as a form of art, a kind of Olympic sport, and a recreational activity attracting many people. Those who participate in competitions or do archery as a hobby are most likely interested in shipping a bow and arrows abroad. Once you decide to send a recurve bow or a compound bow together with archery arrows, remember that you should pack archery equipment properly. You can also send a crossbow with courier services easily. In any case, Eurosender platform will craft an affordable cost to ship a recurve bow, a compound bow, or even a crossbow. This article contains many useful packaging tips and information on shipping a bow and arrows abroad or domestically.

What is the cost to ship a recurve bow, a compound bow, or a crossbow?

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  • When you place an order on our platform, you can immediately check the cost to ship a recurve bow, a compound bow, or a crossbow.
  • It takes only a few minutes to book shipping services.
  • Eurosender works only with renown logistics companies operating all over Europe and many world countries.
  • Eurosender provides basic insurance included in the price of each shipment. However, you can additionally purchase an insurance package for valuable items during the ordering process.

Things to consider before you place an order:

  • The first thing concerns preparing archery equipment properly before the transportation of bow and arrows. When it is packed, you need to measure its dimensions and insert them into the Shipment Size Checker.

  • Fill in the order form to send a recurve bow or other types of bow. It will take you only several minutes to provide all the necessary details.

When you send a crossbow with courier services, check the regulations in the pick-up and delivery countries. In some countries, a crossbow is considered as a weapon, thus, its owner has to provide a copy of the license obligatorily inside the package. We also encourage you to check the list of prohibited and restricted items.

  • Check whether you need to print and attach a shipping label. In case you are shipping from Poland, Sweden, or Spain, print a label beforehand. In other cases, a courier will take care of that.

Ask any questions related to ordering, packaging, or shipping processes by contacting our team of logistics experts. They are always glad to assist you.

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Packaging materials to prepare your bow and arrows for shipping

Before the transportation of bows and arrows, you need to pack them properly using such materials:

  1. Tubes – if you have a traditional or Olympic bow, you will need to pack it in a tube.
  2. Soft or hard cases – if you have a case, you need to use it for shipping a bow and arrows abroad or inland.
  3. Archery bag or backpack – it is extremely helpful because you can pack all the items and accessories safely in it. Thus, it will be easy to send a recurve bow, a compound bow, or a crossbow to a chosen destination.
  4. Cardboard box – you need to take the box that fits the size of your shipment. You can find some used ones in the local supermarket or at the hardware store.
  5. Cardboard scrap – they are necessary for additional protection of the bow edges.
  6. Bubble wrap – it is essential for wrapping arrows and the edges of a bow.
  7. Cushioning materials – you can take foam wrap, used bubble wrap, crumpled paper, or packing peanuts for the internal cushioning of the box. Using such materials prevents the items from shifting around the box during transportation.
  8. Adhesive tape – it is used to fix wrapping materials and to seal the box.

Tips for packing archery equipment properly

You should take seriously the transportation of bows and arrows because these items are rather delicate and dangerous at the same time. Thus, we have prepared some tips for packing archery equipment properly.

  1. Prepare and pack a bow. Depending on the type of your bow, you need to pack it properly. If it is a traditional or Olympic model, you need to cover its edges with bubble wrap and fix them with adhesive tape. Then, nest your bow inside the tube and secure both sides. Before you send a recurve bow, a compound bow, or a crossbow, you will have to place them inside its original case.
  2. Prepare and pack arrows. It is advisable to take a special case or an archery bag to place the arrows inside. Otherwise, unprotected arrows can cause damages to other items during transportation.
  3. Put all the items in the case, bag, or backpack. Archery kit is usually comprised of different elements, so you can ship them all together in the archery case or backpack.
  4. Put your case, bag, or backpack in the box. As it is not allowed to send the items that are not properly protected, you need to nest your bag for archery equipment and accessories inside a sturdy cardboard box.
  5. Close the box. Before you do that, make sure that the items are not moving around the box. Put extra cushioning materials to fill any voids.
  6. Seal the box with adhesive tape. Carefully secure all the seams and edges of the box.

We would be happy to assist you in case you have questions regarding packaging and shipping archery equipment.

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