How to Ship a Compound Bow and Arrows

How to pack and ship archery equipment by courier

Whether you do archery as a hobby or professionally or you own a business and need to send bows and arrows to your customers, Eurosender offers fast and affordable solutions for shipping archery equipment abroad. With the Eurosender platform, you get the lowest cost for booking an archery set delivery. Once you decide to send a recurve bow or a compound bow together with arrows, remember that you should pack the archery equipment properly for shipping. Explore useful packaging tips for safely shipping bows and arrows abroad or domestically.

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Are you an online reseller or a specialised archery shop owner looking for the best way to ship archery supplies like bows, arrows, targets, strings and archery sets internationally? With Eurosender platform you get access to multiple shipping options and most affordable quotes. Create a business account and keep all your orders and invoices in one place.


How to ship archery equipment, bows and arrows by a courier

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment, Eurosender offers several options for shipping sports equipment internationally.

Express shipping

Are you in a rush? Archery supplies delivery within 24-72h globally
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Standard shipping

The best way to ship archery sets and equipment in a box
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Pallet delivery

The most cost-effective option for shipping archery equipment in bulk
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Individual offer

A tailored-made offer for shipping non-standard items by a courier
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What to know before shipping archery supplies internationally by a courier

  • Measure the package with the compound or recurved bows, archery arrows, target or any other equipment and check the most suitable shipping option for your needs.
  • Check whether you need to print and attach the label yourself. This information will be sent to you via email once the transport service of your mattress is confirmed.
  • Calculate the estimated time of delivery with our online tool and ship your archery equipment on time.

Tips for packing archery equipment properly

Before the transportation of bows and arrows, you need to pack them properly. Follow these tips on how to pack archery bows, arrows, targets and strings for shipping.

  1. Prepare and pack a bow. Cover the edges of a bow with bubble wrap and fix with adhesive tape. Nest your bow inside the tube and secure both sides. Before you send a recurve bow, a compound bow, or a crossbow, you will have to place them inside its original case.
  2. Prepare and pack arrows. Place archery arrows into a special case or a bag to avoid damages during transportation.
  3. Place archery supplies in the case, bag, or backpack. Archery kit is usually comprised of different elements, so you can ship them all together in the archery case or backpack.
  4. Put your case, bag, or backpack in the box. Place the bag with archery equipment and accessories inside a cardboard box. Add extra cushioning materials.
  5. Close and seal the box with adhesive tape.


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FAQs on shipping arrows, bows, targets and archery kits internationally

Is it legal to send archery arrows in the mail?

Yes, you can ship archery arrows internationally if you pack them properly. Wrap each arrowhead with bubble wrap and secure with rubber band or tape. Extra sharp heads must be covered in cardboard or paper first.

Can I ship a crossbow with a courier?

With Eurosender you can choose between multiple shipping options to deliver archery sets and accessories with a courier. Pack the items properly and choose the right shipping method. If your package is bulky or heavy, request an individual offer and our experts will provide quotes to you via email.

How much does it cost to ship archery equipment, bows and arrows abroad?
With the Eurosender platform, you get the lowest cost on shipping archery supplies domestically or overseas. With our online booking tool, you get instant quotes for shipping archery arrows, bows and other accessories by a courier. Send a request if you want to ship a non-standard item to your customers or partners.