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Send your 70kg parcel using our door-to-door shipping service! We offer heavy parcel shipping services worldwide for safe and fast delivery. Book your international 70kg parcel delivery in just a few minutes with the calculator below.

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How to send a 70kg parcel with Eurosender


Select the pick-up and delivery countries


Provide all the required shipment details


Pay for the service and pack the parcel


Wait for the courier at the chosen address


The best option to send a 70kg parcel

Our Express Service is the perfect solution to send a parcel up to 70kg of weight to any destination in a short time.

Maximum length:
120 cm

Delivery times:
24/72 hours

Max total dimensions:
300 cm


Why book a 70kg parcel delivery with Eurosender

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Find the best courier for a 70kg parcel delivery

On our platform, you can book shipping services performed by the most reliable global couriers. Our booking engine compares for you hundreds of quotes to find the best courier to send a 70kg parcel.

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What are the costs of sending a 70kg parcel via courier?

Booking a courier service to send a 70kg parcel can be expensive with most of the companies sincethe weight limit for standard packages is 30 kg.

If you are looking for a heavy parcel delivery service, Eurosender got you covered. With our shipping services, you can send heavy boxes or large parcels without any problems or hidden costs.

Try our calculator below to know the costs for your 70kg parcel delivery. We compare hundreds of quotes to find the best solution for you.

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Frequently asked questions about 70kg parcel delivery services

How to prepare the 70kg parcel for safe transport?
To send a 70kg parcel, choosing suitable packaging materials and safely packing the items is essential . Make sure to wrap every item separately with bubble wrap and fill empty spaces in the box with cushioning material. Follow our detailed guides to pack your parcel and choose the best box for your shipment.
When will the courier deliver my 70kg parcel?
Our courier services to send a 70kg parcel have short transit times, with deliveries in 24 hours within the EU and 48/72 hours for global routes. Our booking tool will show you the estimated delivery time for your specific route before you confirm the order.
How can I track my 70kg parcel sent via courier?
After booking a 70kg parcel delivery service on our platform, you will receive an email with all your shipment details, including the tracking number. Use the number in our online tracking tool to follow the parcel from the moment of collection to the delivery.
What do I do if my 70kg parcel exceeds the dimensions limit?
If you need to send oddly shaped items or 70kg parcels that exceed the total dimensions of 300 cm, our pallet delivery service is the ideal solution. If you choose to send your items using this service, check our dedicated page on how to prepare the pallet.