Shipping perfume abroad explained

Perfume is the perfect gift when you want to show someone that you love them. However, when you want to ship perfume by courier you need to be aware of how to do this. Whenever you are shipping perfume abroad, always make sure that you check the local and international rules and regulations regarding shipping perfume. In the article below you can find all the information on shipping perfume internationally, the proper packaging of perfume and much more. By using a courier delivery of perfume with Eurosender, you can be confident that your shipment is in good hands. Start your order below or watch our instructional video.

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How to send perfume abroad

When you want to know how to send perfume abroad, it crucial that you use the right packaging materials. Let’s look at the things you need for the proper packaging of perfume. In most cases, the perfume bottle comes in a box from the produce. In the instructions below we will assume that this is the case. If not, then make sure that you place the bottle of perfume in a box that matches its size. Then wrap it in foil and thoroughly tape it so that the liquid cannot escape.

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Why shipping perfume internationally with Eurosender

There are numerous reasons for courier delivery of perfume with Eurosender. Let’s take a brief look at a few of them.

  • Whether you are an individual or a business user, at Eurosender you will experience seamless payment methods without any additional charges.
  • No more looking for a drop-off point, at Eurosender all deliveries are door-to-door. You can wait in the comfort of your own home for the courier to come and pick up the shipment.
  • International Customer service which is ready to answer all your questions in no less than 15 languages. Contact them now by email or telephone.
  • On our respected blog, you can find loads of useful information about the courier world.
  • Easy tracking of your shipment wherever you are with our handy online tracker.

Packaging materials required for shipping perfume without damage

When you are getting ready for courier delivery of perfume you prepare well. With the required materials you can go on to the proper packaging of perfume.

  • 2 Cardboard boxes: They must be whole, without damage and of consecutive size.
  • Bubble wrap: The thinner kind is most suitable for shipping perfume internationally
  • Cushioning materials: For example, packaging peanuts or shredded paper.
  • Adhesive tape: Feel free to use any kind of tape that is strong enough to close the box.
  • Scissors: A Stanley knife is a good alternative.

Proper packaging of a perfume

The question of how to send perfume abroad is easily answered with these packing instructions, composed by our most experienced logistics specialists. You can also watch our short packing video and learn how to pack like a pro.

  • The first thing you need to do for the proper packaging of perfume is to wrap the bottles of perfume in towels, which can soak up all the liquid in case the bottle breaks.
  • The next step is to wrap the towels in bubble wrap. If you don’t have bubble wrap you could use paper or any other packaging material. Take your tape and wrap it around the package so that everything is firmly taped.
  • Next, put it in the box and fill it up with packaging peanuts, shredded paper or any other suitable cushioning material.
  • Close the box, take the tape again and seal it. Pick up the box and shake it a bit to see if you hear anything. If not proceed to the next step which is placing the box in the bigger box, which you then again fill up with cushioning material.
  • For the last time, you seal the box with tape and check one more time that you don’t hear anything move when you shake the box. When you live in Spain Sweden or Poland, don’t forget to print the label by yourself and stick it on top of the box.
  • Now you are ready for your courier delivery of perfume!
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At this point, we should clarify that, although perfume shipping is not recommended, many people ship bottles of perfume on a daily basis. Being informed about each country’s import rules and learn how to pack parcels containing liquids is essential before sending perfume in Europe.


Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping perfume in Europe. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship perfume, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.