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Move your goods with leading freight forwarders in Canada. At Eurosender, we provide the right match between shippers and freight forwarding companies in Canada, pairing each order with the best solution and price. We organise freight forwarding services within Canada or abroad, using any mode of transport – road, sea, air, rail, or a combination of them. Request your quote below and benefit from the dedicated support of our team of logistics advisers.
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Freight forwarding solutions in Canada

We combine the capabilities of multiple logistics providers to offer the best solutions for freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance procedures or cargo distribution in Canada.

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Cargo shipping with the top freight forwarders in Canada

We offer solutions for loads of every size and shape! Book your cargo transport to Canada through
Eurosender and access the best international and Canadian freight forwarders.
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Multimodal freight forwarding solutions to Canada

We will take care of your freight forwarding service to Canada, regardless of its complexity. We are experts in simplifying complicated shipping processes, working together with road, sea, air, and rail freight forwarders in Canada to make sure we can fulfil all your shipping needs. Since we collaborate with multiple Canadian and international cargo shipping companies, we are able to combine their strengths and provide customised freight quotes fully tailored to your requirements.


How to ship with the top freight forwarding companies in Canada?

  • Send your request with details about your load
  • We will find the best possible solution for your requirements
  • Once you accept our offer, we will arrange all the details with the provider
  • Your goods will be collected on the established date and address


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In one single place, you get services to match any shipping need

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Warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment solutions in Canada

Eurosender is more than a shipping platform – we are a one-stop logistics hub where you can fulfil all your logistics needs, including warehousing and distributing goods in Canada. Here are some of the options available:

Warehousing in Canada or abroad
  • No limit of time or size of the stored goods
  • Storage provided by the same logistics provider responsible for transport
  • Bonded warehouse in Canada on the freight carrier’s facility when importing goods
Distribution and fulfilment
  • Cargo distribution services in Canada connecting production site-warehouse-retailer
  • End-delivery from the store/warehouse to your client’s door
  • Fulfilment solutions provided by vetted companies

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Air freight forwarding in Canada

For urgent shipments, we offer fast worldwide deliveries. Through a combination of instant pricing and tailored quotes, we offer air freight forwarding solutions in Canada for envelopes, parcels, and cargo. If your load can be packed into 70 kg packages, schedule the delivery directly through our booking engine, with immediate price calculation and the possibility of same-day collection. For shipping air cargo and pallets from Canada, send us your requirements, and our experts will organise the transport service with the best available freight rates in Canada.

Ship your cargo with the best freight forwarding companies in Canada

We work with 100+ logistics providers worldwide, including several renowned cargo companies and freight forwarders operating in Canada, such as:


Become our logistics partner in Canada

Are you a 3PL agent or a freight forwarder in Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, or any other location in Canada? At Eurosender, we continue to grow our network of trusted logistics providers and look forward to welcoming new partners to our team.

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Routes for freight forwarding services in Canada

These are some of the main routes requested by our clients when organising freight forwarding services to Canada:

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FAQs – Cargo transport and freight forwarding solutions in Canada

When to ship with a freight forwarder in Canada?
Whether in Canada or abroad, shipping with a freight forwarder is a good option when your company does not have the expertise or high shipping volume to negotiate competitive freight quotes. By booking with a Canadian or international freight forwarder, you will be using this company as an intermediary who will deal with all your shipping requirements and arrange the delivery details directly with the carrier on your behalf.
The biggest advantage of booking freight forwarding services in Canada through Eurosender is that you will not have any binding contract with the shipping company or with us. We match each shipping request to the best provider for the job, evaluating the best solution based on the price-performance ratio.
Which is the best freight forwarding company in Canada?
It is hard to give a universal answer to this question since there are hundreds of freight forwarding companies operating in Canada, each with a different set of expertise and capabilities. Many small businesses prefer to ship with companies they know and can easily relate to, such as DHL or UPS, who act as global freight forwarders operating in Canada and several other destinations worldwide. However, in many cases, your shipping requirements will be better fulfilled by smaller Canadian trucking companies or freight carriers, who are better equipped to serve you in the local market. Shippers can choose from a vast selection of freight forwarders in Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, and other Canadian cities when organising their delivery.
At Eurosender, we collaborate with both, having a vast logistics network comprised of renowned logistics providers and small local cargo companies in Canada and abroad.
Is there a minimum shipping volume required for booking freight forwarding solutions in Canada?
No. We organise freight forwarding services in Canada and worldwide for all types of shippers: one-time transport, moving services, recurrent deliveries, etc. All you need to do is send us your requirements, and we will organise all the details of your delivery with the best road, sea, air, or rail freight forwarding company in Canada.
How does the customs brokerage procedure work when transporting freight to Canada?
When booking a freight forwarding solution in Canada with Eurosender, your load will be taken through customs clearance by the carrier assigned for your delivery. All freight forwarding companies from our network have in-house customs brokers who deal with importing or exporting goods to Canada. However, it is important to point out that any fee or duty incurred during the customs brokerage procedures in Canada will be forwarded to the shipper or receiver of the goods and must be paid for the load to be released. The carrier is not empowered to pay the duties on your behalf, and the shipment may be sent back to the shipper if the costs are not covered.
Who needs to provide all freight forwarding documents when importing goods to Canada?
It is the shipper’s responsibility to provide all the necessary documents for the freight forwarding process to Canada. The types of documents needed to import and export goods to Canada may vary depending on the origin of the shipment, the type of goods being transported, and the shipping mode used. As a general reference, here is a short list of some of the essential documents for organising freight transport, import or export of goods to Canada:
  • Shipping Label or Waybill, also containing the tracking barcode
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (not obligatory for domestic freight shipping)
  • Packing List
  • Material Safety Datasheet
We strongly recommend checking this information closely with the authorities since it may vary for your specific load. To ensure the forwarding service goes smoothly, it is best to organise all documents needed for the cargo transport service to Canada in advance.
How can Eurosender find the best freight rates in Canada for international cargo transport?
Due to the high volume of shipments organised through our platform on a daily basis, we have strong negotiation power with the carriers and are able to get better deals than a small company would if arranging everything on their own. In exchange, we offer our clients the most competitive freight rates for transporting cargo in Canada.
In the several years we have been working in the logistics industry, we have built a solid network of road, sea, air, and rail freight forwarders in Canada and abroad, so the process of arranging a transport service is highly streamlined. We still rely on human touch when our specialists have to arrange the details of a complex freight quote in Canada, but the process is highly optimised by our proprietary algorithm that identifies the transporter with the best match in a matter of seconds.