Shipping Donated Goods to Orphanages – Worldwide

How to send a care package to an orphan abroad

At Eurosender, we believe that nothing is better than putting a smile on the faces of children in need, so why not consider shipping donated goods to orphanages with us? We offer expert advice on shipping parcels to orphanages, as well as special offers and partnerships for NGOs helping those in need. If you are thinking of shipping toy donations or delivering a parcel of clothing donations to an orphanage, you can find care package ideas and book low-cost parcel international parcel delivery right here.


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Shipping toy donations, clothing and donated goods to orphanages

Whether you want to deliver a parcel of clothing donations or ship a larger donation of toys and other goods to an orphanage, Eurosender has a solution to suit any sized care package delivery to children in orphanages – worldwide.
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Things to consider before booking parcel delivery to children in orphanages

Before you book low-cost parcel delivery to children in orphanages, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure there are no hassles when it comes to collection, transit and delivery:
Before collection, your care package must be packed properly to avoid refusal by the courier and ensure your shipment of toy donations and other goods for the orphanage arrives in one piece. For advice on packing specific items, check our packing guidelines.
Prohibited and restricted items
Always be certain your shipment doesn’t contain any items which are considered prohibited or restricted by couriers, to avoid failed delivery or legal issues.
All standard shipments booked with Eurosender are covered by basic insurance, included in the price. Additional insurance is available to purchase at low prices.

Important information when sending a care package to an orphan abroad

Delivery to children in orphanages in rural or remote locations
Is the destination considered remote? Check this carefully with the courier company in case there may be additional surcharges, longer transit times or limited delivery days.
Access to the Children’s’ home
Children’s’ home and orphanages usually have separate service entrances for deliveries and mail. It is important to check this with authorities to ensure all details are provided, including permission to enter.
Restrictions on children receiving mail and parcels
It is important to check the regulations and rules regarding orphans receiving mail and parcels, as some items may not be allowed. Be sure to check these carefully to ensure you are not breaking any laws when shipping a parcel to an orphanage.
Correct address and information
Correctly addressing a care package to an orphanage might seem simple, but incorrect addresses are the most common cause of failed deliveries. See our instructions below.

How to correctly address a care package to an orphanage

Providing the correct address is crucial when sending a package to anywhere – so when sending a care package to an orphan abroad, you should contact the orphanage first to find out any additional information required to ensure a successful delivery:

  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery.
    Ex.: Japan
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the name of the orphanage followed by the full name of the consignee.
    Ex.: Nihonjidoikusei Orphanage, Kenji Mamoto
  3. Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number.
    Ex.: 1-chōme-11 Nagaramorimachi
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Here you can add additional information.
    Keep in mind that the courier doesn’t always take this info into consideration.
  5. Zip code
    Add the zip code, please double check if it’s the right one.
    Ex.: 502-0065
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city.
    Ex.: Gifu
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    Ex.: +81 58-231-1387

Popular gift ideas for orphans in Childrens’ homes

Although every child is different, any gift you send to an orphanage will no doubt put a smile on their face. Here are some nice gift ideas when sending a care package to an orphan:
Clothes and pyjamas
Why not deliver a parcel of new clothing donations to the orphanage? Orphanages often receive donations from charities and rarely something comfortable and brand new. For instructions on how to pack clothes, see our dedicated page.
Toys and games
Sending toys to children in need, or shipping new or used toys as donations to the orphanage will surely brighten their day and keep them busy. See our dedicated pages on packing and shipping toys and gifts.
Books and school supplies
Pens, pencils and books are something many of us take for granted, but orphans and children in need will very much appreciate them! Find out how to pack and ship books and school supplies in your care package.

What not to send in a care package to an orphanage

There are a number of items which are prohibited to send, both by courier companies and childrens’ homes. These include:
Illegal drugs
Dangerous items
Some electronics, mobile phones, video games
Certain foods, particularly common allergens
Before you decide to ship a parcel to an orphanage, contact the orphanage to find out exactly what is forbidden to send, and be sure to check our prohibited and restricted items page to make sure the courier can deliver your parcel.


Shipping a parcel to an orphanage as an NGO

Eurosender values the involvement of NGOs and individuals in humanitarian aid. We strive to help and support humanitarian cases in any way to bring relief (like shipping donated goods, toy donations and delivering parcels of clothing to orphanages) and enable faster recovery (like shipping furniture to hurricane-affected areas). We can help organise shipping for customers who want to send care packages to different humanitarian organizations all around the world, or directly to people in need.

Shipping a parcel to an orphanage as an NGO will save you both time and money. Eurosender takes care of everything and offers you discounts! For more information on how Eurosender can help you ship as an NGO, contact our experts or see our dedicated page.


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