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International Bike Shipping Service

For those passionate about cycling, Eurosender can help get your bikes to other destinations for cycling events or just your enjoyment. Airline fares are usually very expensive, so you will be happy to learn that Eurosender offers the best and cheapest methods for international bike shipping. If you’re wondering how to ship a bike within the EU, the only thing you need to do is pack your bike in a cardboard box and check the box measurements. If it stays within the dimensions of a standard package, the costs of shipping a bike can be given instantly on our website. If the box is outside of the dimensions, we can always provide a solution and we’ll prepare you a competitive individual offer for your shipment. Booking courier services through Eurosender means that you will have the bike picked up from your door by one of our trusted international courier companies. You’ll find that shipping a bike is actually a lot more affordable than flying with a bike, much more secure and more convenient than taking it by bus or by car. With Eurosender, you’ll be able to ride your bike anywhere in Europe. More on the best way to pack and ship a bike on our blog.

Cost of Shipping a Bike

Get an instant quote online

Dismantle or place your bike directly in a cardboard box, check its dimensions and the price on our website. For awkward and bulkier boxes, we make a personalized price offer in the shortest possible time.

Ship Your Bike in the EU

Shipping in more than 25 European countries

Have your bike properly packed and book your shipping on our platform. We organize your bike shipping with one of our trusted courier services providers. You can always be on top of the things too by following the transit of your package with our transit and tracking.

Ship a Bike Without the hassle

Additional insurance at low rates

Carrying you bike anywhere you go can be a real burden. Shipping it ahead of you is the best alternative. We offer great pricing and extra protection through our additional insurance packages.

How Does it Work?

Simply have it packed and let us find the cheapest way to ship your bike within the EU. We will hire a reliable courier service provider to perform the service. Moreover, our shipping specialists will always be reachable to answer any questions about packing and transit. You can read more about the process here.

Eurosender offers access to door-to-door international courier services for various items.