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Eurosender has been in existence for 5 years now. While at 5 years old, I was still a carefree boy still playing in the sandbox, but Eurosender has already reached adulthood. Here are 10 surprising facts you did not know about Eurosender.

1) We speak 16 different languages

This is ideal to provide you with personalized assistance. For example, you can receive support in English, Polish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Danish, Italian, Croatian, etc… All these options would not be possible without a multicultural team. From Portugal to Latvia, from England to Turkey, Eurosender’s team comes from all over Europe. Are you looking for personalized help in your language? By clicking on the button below, you will be able to ask your question in the language you want. To do this, simply change the language in the upper right corner.

2) The shortest distance for a shipment: 200 meters

Delivery was made from one end of the street to the other. We’re not judging. It must have made the shipper’s life easier.

3) How many customers do we talk daily on the phone and through email?

Altogether, our customer support team receives ~500 calls per day (more than 40 hours accumulated per day over the phone) and responds to more than 1000 emails.

Here is a piece of information that is not very useful. However, something more useful is the email address you can use if you need any information: help@eurosender.com

4) The funniest shipping request we received

It’s impossible to say what was THE most incredible request we had. That is the reason why we decided to make a top 3:

  • The sperm of a bull — nothing to add
  • Live people — Because nowadays, aeroplane tickets are too expensive.
  • “Flour from Colombia” —Maybe he thought that we would reply “Of course Sir, your request is confirmed”.

For the most curious among you, be aware that there is an article entirely dedicated to this subject.

5) How many students do we help since the establishment of Eurosender?

To keep things simple, we have helped more than 200 000 students.

A significant part of the Eurosender’s team is composed of expatriates and students. As a result, we are in a better position to help you. We understand the problems of accommodation, the challenge of discovering a new culture, as well as the excitement of new landscapes. For all the students and expatriates who read this blog, we prepare a complete guide for your adventure abroad.

Stay tuned.

6) The most classy shipment our team received

A Formula One car.

It is recently possible to send vehicles with Eurosender. We can fantasize about the idea that the car belongs to Lewis Hamilton.

7) The section “Pack and Ship” is our most comprehensive guidebook for shipping

More than 105 articles have been created to guide our customers in the packaging of their packages.

Do you want to send fragile items, alcohol, or more unusual objects like a piano or a motorcycle? In every case, Eurosender can advise you.

8) Every Friday at 10 am we eat around 100 croissants together

We have to admit that we didn’t exactly calculate the number of croissants. They are gone before we can count them all.

9) The Washington Post mentioned us in one of their articles

I think we all agree to say that it is a pride to know that someone important is positively talking about us. It could be your teacher, your supervisor or simply someone you admire. This is why Eurosender is proud that The Washington Post talked about us in an article entitled: “They’re building some of Britain’s most promising young companies.”

We’re not going to be arrogant, but we’re still proud of it. It motivates us to keep going.

10) Our new office, created in 2018, in Ljubljana, received a special guest

When our new office was created in Slovenia, we had the chance to receive a prestigious guest, the president of Slovenia. We were honored for the visit, Mr.President!

Last modified: August 26, 2019

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