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You may have already heard that Eurosender is a digital platform that companies can delegate their logistics operations with. However, what you did not know is that now you can do that globally! We wanted to give the benefit of cheap shipping worldwide through our platform to everyone.

Now and then, what changed?

You might not have known where to turn to if you have several things to ship at once. Starting from the simplest and smallest packages to relocations to big bulks. You have a friend in Australia and wanted to send him/her a surprise package, but worried how can you do it when sending it from Europe? We had the idea of making this very easy for you. And we are constantly getting better with your help!

Starting from 2014 until now, our goal has been to get the best prices for our customers. As you put more trust in us, we can provide better solutions by better negotiating with the couriers.

But our vision has not been to only serve the European market. Even though that indeed that was our starting point and meeting the demands on this market, we aimed further. With this idea, we had expanded our services and our network globally.

Now you can ship globally with Eurosender!

How will the prices change?

The price changes depending on the route and type of shipment. By constant dedication and work, we have gotten up to this point to offer cheap solutions on the European market. We will continue doing this to do the same globally. Thus, the harder to access and further the location (continent) the bigger the price. Customs should also be taken into consideration when booking this service globally. The package could be a matter of taxation outside the European Union market.

How can you book a global shipping service with Eurosender?

When using our standard shipping (packages and suitcases) you can order a shipment directly on our booking platform and get an instant price. If there is a need for more, however, you can always make an individual order with us and our agents will work to get you the best quote for your global route.

We know that as a student, expat or an intern you get to meet a lot of people around the world! Keeping the contact by shipping some souvenirs from your newest destination will remind your friends that you still have them close to your heart. Therefore, we have some special offers made specifically for you!

On the other side, when sending in bulk for road transportation you can choose the FTL (Full truckload), and your items will take the entire space inside a truck by themselves. When booking this service, you get to benefit lower prices as they are also more profitable for the carriers.

Need an urgent shipment to be sent at a specific date and time? Then, we suggest booking an ad-hoc shipment. There are several services we offer so you can book this with us. If you have fewer pallets (or any other packages), but still want to have the vehicle just for you, you can use our Dedicated Van Delivery service. This way you still have the whole space dedicated just for your needs, direct with no stopovers.

In some countries, you can also get the benefit of the goods being collected the same day and this is currently limited to several countries in Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania (also business users).

With DHL express orders, when shipping outside the European Union, you need to leave the package open at the time of collection as the courier driver needs to check the inside content.

Whether you want to ship as an individual person, or as a business we will do our best to get you the best deal for affordable prices. If you have any other shipment requirement that we had not mentioned, please do contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Last modified:November 15, 2019

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