Top 10 Largest Warehouse Complexes in Europe in Numbers

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10 Largest Warehouse Complexes in Europe

Remember those “interesting facts” sections in the articles about celebrities, movies and such that often catch your eye? Well, we collected some too about the largest warehouse complexes in Europe to assure you that logistics can be exciting also. Have a nice read!

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1. Inex Sipoo

  • Location: Sipoo, Finland

  • Size: 195,000 sq m (2.1 million sq ft)

The Finnish logistics service provider INEX Partners certainly looked to the future by introducing this grocery distribution centre in 2018. It can store over 300,000 goods, receive about 1,000 delivery vehicles as well as supply more than 1,500 stores daily. Most importantly, advanced automated systems handle 80% of containers with dry goods; there’s just one manual phase.

2. Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant

  • Location: Toulouse, France

  • Size: 120,000 sq m (1.32 million sq ft)

Over 32,000 tons of steel were required to build this enormous assembly hall, which is four times more than the Eiffel Tower contains! No wonder that the Airbus A380, the world’s largest airliner, is constructed here. If you were to take a walk along its longest wall, the route would be one-third of a mile. The plant also boasts a 470-meter-long assembly line and 49 acres of runways.

3. Amazon Fulfilment Centre

  • Location: Dunfermline, Scotland

  • Size: 93,000 sq m (1 million sq ft)

This warehouse’s area is the equivalent of 14 football fields. It’s the largest distribution centre of Amazon so far and the biggest in the UK in general. Fitting for e-commerce giant with 232 billion USD sales in 2018, such as Amazon, don’t you agree?

4. Shaw National Distribution Centre

  • Location: Lancashire, England

  • Size: 93,000 sq m (1 million sq ft)

Its owner is another retail biggie – the Shop Direct Group and delivery service Yodel. Such shops as ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’ store their clothes and accessories here.

5. Morrisons Distribution Centre

  • Location: Sittingbourne, England

  • Size: 85,500 sq m (920,000 sq ft)

This warehousing titan is renowned for its eco-friendliness. An impressive number of conservation projects took place during the facility’s construction and then some ever since. Such efforts have made the preservation of more than 12,000 different kinds of insects and wildlife in the area possible. Someone give them a medal!

6. Tesco Distribution Centre

  • Location: Dublin, Ireland

  • Size: 80,000 sq m (860,000 sq ft)

UK’s leading supermarket isn’t the type to lag behind the others. As if over 3,000 stores across the UK and Ireland is not enough, Tesco features this €70 million-worth warehouse. The facility has employed around 600 people and is fit to handle 1.5 million cases weekly.

7. Constellation Europe

  • Location: Bristol, England

  • Size: 80,000 sq m (858,000 sq ft)

Aside from being one of the largest warehouse complexes in Europe, it’s the largest European booze heaven! Its space equals 14,000 double-decker buses. Its on-site wine bottling factory handles 800 bottles a minute. You’ll find approximately 57 million bottles of beer, ale, cider, and wine in here, which is 15% of the Britains alcoholic beverages. Should you care to lay those bottles in line, you could cover the whole route from the UK to Australia, which is mind-boggling 9,000 miles. It took €50 million to build the warehouse and 300 employees to make it work.

8. Aerium

  • Location: Halbe, Brandenburg, Germany

  • Size: 70,000 sq m (750,000 sq ft)

Aerium is all about metamorphoses. It was developed in times of WW2, with the initial goal to construct airships and later turned into a storage facility for fighter planes. Then the company called CargoLifter tried to build aircraft there again but went bankrupt in 2002. Next, in 2004, the Malaysian Corporation Tanjong spent around €78 million on the building and converted it into a theme park named Tropical Islands Resort. It has the world’s biggest indoor rainforest, a 27-metre high water slide tower and much more attractions to offer.

9. Meyer Werft

  • Location: Papenburg, Germany

  • Size: 63,000 sq m (678,000 sq ft)

Since its foundation in 1795, this facility has come a long way from a family-owned business manufacturing small wooden vessels to one of the most famous shipyards, constructing the largest luxury cruisers in the world. Passenger & livestock ferries, container & research ships, tankers – you name it, they have it. Meyer Werft boasts near 700 ships already, 2500 employees and world’s largest roofed dry docks.

10. Altitude

  • Location: Milton Keynes, England

  • Size: 53,350 sq m (574,000 sq ft)

This cutting-edge warehouse by Gazeley company has a surprising height of 21 metres, as the name implies. Its construction started in August 2017 and took 26 weeks to finish. Aside from excellent logistics positioning, Altitude’s has up-to-date technology, near-perfect working conditions and top-notch equipment at its command.

After reading this, you probably got to know the largest warehouse complexes in Europe a bit better. Are you interested in finding out the list of the largest warehouses in the world?

Last modified:May 15, 2020

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