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It is not uncommon that the customer asks what is the correct way to affix a label to a package. Therefore, we will tell you the steps of it, as well as the necessary information it should have.

First, when booking check if you need to print your own shipping label, or the courier company will do it for you. For business users using the “first possible pick-up day” service in Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Romania or Slovenia or your pick-up location is in Sweden or Spain (or if otherwise instructed by Eurosender) you MUST print out and affix the label to the package. Please make sure you double-check if the information is correct before attaching it. If you wondered how to correctly attach it, do not worry we have got your back! We made a step by step guide and you can download it here.

Once the order is complete and paid, and we have all the information about your shipment, a day before your pick-up, you will receive it in your e-mail you made the order with. Once you have it, you might wonder, how should you do it and could there be any issues when attaching a label?

Step 1

Take all the old labels off the box to avoid confusion while transportation. Keep in mind choosing the right shipping box is of great importance to have your items safely transported. Therefore, we do not recommend reusing old carton boxes that have already shown signs of damage.

Step 2

Make sure that the surface you will affix the label to the package is clean! If there is some dust on the box, it won’t be a surprise if it won’t stick to it, or even worse fall during transportation. So, make sure you take that cleaning cloth and wipe the dust away! It’s shipping time!

Step 3

You need to make sure you position it on a visible, flat surface. Avoid putting it on the bottom of the box. If you are using irregular shapes for your shipment, make sure that the code is well readable and on the flattest place possible while at the same time avoiding the seams. It could be that there are some issues when attaching a label when sending a smaller box. We recommend just positioning the name and address on the one side and the scanning code, on the other side. Also, do not put the label on the flaps of the box, as if the box will break open, then it would tear the label off.

We advise you to put a backup one inside the package.

Delivering to a private person in their private home

When delivering to a home, as a shipper you write your name under the shipper field, and as a consignee, you write the end delivery person. Make sure the address you are providing is easily reachable and has all the necessary information, as the courier might have trouble finding it. As what could happen is that the courier would bring back the package to the warehouse and lead to further delays in the delivery.

Delivering to a private person in their working office

You are worried that you cannot stay at home and wait for the delivery? Do not worry, just provide the information about your working address and the courier will bring the package at that location. However, first, make sure that the company does not have any rules that apply to this.

Step 4

You need to make sure that the label is well protected! Once you put it on a flatter surface, make sure you add a waterproof clear adhesive tape or put it in a pouch to protect it from bad weather conditions. When placing it on a suitcase, for example, make sure you cover the whole bag with plastic wrap (while at the same time protecting the suitcase as it is considered as a packing form itself) so you would avoid any issues when attaching the label.

Step 5

Hand it to the courier and wait for the package to be delivered!

Please bear in mind that it is very important to print and attach the label, as otherwise there is a risk that the courier would refuse to pick up the package and another pick-up would have to be scheduled. In most cases, Eurosender sends the labels via our system.

Last modified:August 29, 2019

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