Wine delivery with courier service

How to pack bottles for wine delivery

When traveling around Europe, you will most likely want to visit one of the many wine regions of Europe, be it France, Italy, Spain or Slovenia. You might also want to buy some bottles as gifts for your friends and family or simply to enjoy it yourself back home. In this case, you might find yourself asking how to properly pack and send wine to ensure safe transit?

Well, there are certainly some things you have to take into consideration when deciding on wine delivery across Europe. Before shipping, make sure you understand certain legal limitations and restrictions that should be taken into account when sending wine or any other alcohol in Europe. Besides this, shipping food products can be a rather complicated task as such items often require temperature-controlled transport and warehousing. This, however, is something that standard courier services do not include.

Of course, you will also have to adequately pack wine bottles in order to ensure maximum security during transport. But do not worry, we have compiled these packing guidelines to ease the process of packing in order for you to send wine gift to your friends and family.

How to place an order for wine delivery?

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Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

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Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to package wine for shipping.

Your only task is to pack your shipment correctly and book the service on our website. We will take care of everything else and organize the delivery with the selected courier service provider. Your parcel will be collected from your chosen address and delivered to the destination of your choice.

If you are not exactly sure how to send a bottle of wine or what are the exact rules and guidelines on wine shipping, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service specialists. They will provide you with the necessary information.

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Here are some tips before booking shipping services with Eurosender:

  • First, check that the dimensions and weight of your parcel as the final price will depend on these two parameters. At Eurosender, we have provided a convenient Shipment Size Checker to help you choose the right type of shipping service.
  • If the pick-up country of your choice is Poland, Sweden or Spain or if you have opted for Flexi service when reserving the service, you will have to print the label and affix it to your parcel yourself. In other cases, the courier will do this for you.
  • If you cannot be present at the pick-up address or if you plan to leave the delivery location in the near future, make sure you place the order at least 2 days before your departure to avoid any complications.

Check if your package is suitable to ship

How to send wine bottles with a courier company

Shipping wine requires some care and planning as the shipping process can have an effect on its quality. Especially when exposed to changes in temperature.

Many food products are unsuitable for standard courier services due to the fact that they need special transport conditions. A suspicious smell coming from a package should be enough for the courier staff to check the parcel thoroughly and return it to the shipper. This is why it is crucial that you choose proper packaging as well as the best courier service to carry out the delivery.

We prepared these simple guidelines to help you properly pack and send a bottle of wine safely.

Also keep in mind, that alcohol is listed among items non-recommended for shipping, as broken bottles can cause damage to your parcel as well as to the ones surrounding it. This might also add additional costs to your shipment, which for sure you do not want. However, shipping alcoholic beverages is still possible, but you will be doing it at your own responsibility. That’s why you have to really take care of how to properly package wine for shipping to ensure maximum security during transit.

Shipping alcohol in EU

When shipping alcohol, make sure you understand certain legal limitations and restrictions.

General restrictions for shipping alcohol from one EU country to another are the following:

  • 10 litres for spirit drinks
  • 20 litres for intermediate products (such as fortified wine)
  • 90 litres for wines (including a maximum of 60 litres of sparkling wines) and
  • 110 litres for beers

When shipping parcels including alcoholic beverages from a non-EU country to an EU-country, bare in mind these restrictions:

  • 4 litres of still wine and 16 litres of beer

You can also pack:

  • 1 litre of spirits over 22% vol. or 1 litre of undenatured alcohol (ethyl alcohol) of 80% vol. (or over) or 2 litres of fortified or sparkling wine

You should also check the laws and regulations on shipping alcohol of the pick-up as well as the delivery country. Double check them all before moving on with placing an order. If unsure, contact our logistics specialists and they will do their best to help you find the answers.

For even more info on the topic of shipping food, check our pages on how to ship food and how to ship olive oil.

Wine packaging materials

Proper wine packaging is of crucial importance in order for your parcel to safely arrive at the chosen destination. It ensures that the quality of wine does not get affected while also preventing the bottles from getting damaged. The packaging materials needed for pack bottles for wine delivery are the following:

1. Three cardboard boxes of various sizes – the boxes you are planning to use need to be sturdy and without any dents in order to handle heavy weight. If you cannot find a new box, you can also get used ones at your local supermarket. However, you need to check their quality and state before using them for your shipment.

2. Cardboard carton – which will act as a platform for the bottles of wine. You will use the carton to separate the wine bottles in order to prevent friction between bottles or even one bottle crashing into another during transit.

3. Wrapping material – bubble wrap is ideal for protecting the glass bottles. It can be bought at any stationery or hardware store. You can also use paper, carton or any other material instead.

4. Polystyrene – it should be thick enough to secure and keep bottles in place.

5. Adhesive tape – needed for sealing and thoroughly covering the shipment.

6. Scissors – for cutting the cardboard box and/or other materials into suitable sizes.

How to package wine for shipping

Shipping wine by using standard shipping services can be a little problematic, especially since the packages are not transported in a temperature-controlled environment. But despite this, carefully securing a few bottles in an ordinary package and sending them away is neither impossible nor uncommon. In case you are sending a small number of bottles of wine and plan to send them using standard courier services, you just need to make sure that you pack them properly.

Packing a bottle of wine is practically the same as packing any other bottle, like a bottle of olive oil or beer for example.

1. Wrap the bottles. To ensure maximum protection, wrap each bottle individually. For this, you can use bubble wrap, tissue paper, carton or any other material that will effectively protect your bottles against shocks that they might encounter during the transit and handling. You might also want to wrap each bottle in a plastic bag, which will protect your package as well as other shipments in case of spillage.

2. Put the bottles into a small carton box. When the bottles are wrapped and protected, put them into a smaller box. Make sure you separate the bottles from one another using cardboard dividers. You can make these at home. Then use additional cushioning material to fill any empty spaces left and seal the box.

3. Place the smaller box into a larger one. Put a sealed smaller box into a larger one. Again, fill any empty spaces using cushioning materials, then secure the boxes together and seal them with tape.

4. Protect the box containing the smaller one. Take some sheets of polystyrene and cut them so they fit all the sides of the bigger cardboard box. This structure will act as an additional layer of protection against any shocks your bottles of wine might encounter during transportation. Secure these sheets to each side of the box with tape.

5. Put everything into the third box. Fill any empty space left with cushioning material. Cover the smaller inner box with more layers of polystyrene before closing and sealing the third box.

6. Seal the biggest box and label it (if needed). Close the box and seal all the flaps and corners with tape. Be generous since wine bottles are heavy and you do not want them to fall out of the box. Moreover, you can also add a sign “Fragile” or “Handle with care” on the top of your wine packaging. Even though the courier is not required to take this warning into consideration when handling your shipment, the sign can still act as an indication of your parcel’s content.

The reasons to send wine internationally

There are many reasons why our customers decided to choose wine delivery with courier companies. These were their most frequent ones:

  • Buying wine abroad. When traveling to France, Italy, Spain or to another country famous for its wines, it is difficult to resist the temptation of buying a bottle of tasty wine. The customers traveling only with cabin baggage then had to find an appropriate solution for wine delivery and found the services offered at our website the perfect fit.
  • Selling wine. Some of our customers are also small wineries and use our platform to send wine bottles to their customers abroad. They agree that the shipping services offered through Eurosender come in very handy when they need the transportation.
  • Send wine as a gift. Expats or exchange students living abroad like to teach their friends and family back home about the culture or food in their new country of living. Therefore, they will frequently send samples to people they care about.

In case you have any additional concerns regarding wine delivery or if you are still not sure how to send wine gift safely, you can always turn to our customer support team and they will be more than happy to help you.

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Shipping liquids is not recommended by the majority of courier service providers. However, by choosing the right packaging materials and securing the bottles well, you will avoid any damages during the transportation and ensure a safe delivery.

Take into consideration these guidelines when deciding for wine delivery. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to send a bottle of wine, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.

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