How to Track a Package Without a Tracking Number?6 min read
como rastrear un envío sin número de seguimiento

If you are awaiting your package and want to track it but cannot find the assigned tracking number, continue reading, as, in this article, you will get the solution on how to track a package without a tracking number!

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Is there a way to find a package without a tracking number?

Even though most tracking tools will not allow you to track a package without a tracking number, there may still be some alternatives. So, you will be happy to hear that there are ways of finding your package without the tracking number! Here are some solutions you can try to track your package:

Contact the recipient

Maybe the package has already arrived at its destination and you, as the sender, still do not have any updates on it. It sounds obvious, but it the easiest way to know whether your shipment is now in the hands of the recipient if you cannot find the tracking number.

Contact the courier company

If it has been over a week and the package is nowhere to be found, you can always contact the courier company. By providing them with details that can be found on the receipt or the confirmation e-mail, they will be able to inform you about where your shipment is currently located. Also, if you previously had a tracking number but lost it, you will be able to recover it. Always make sure that you provide the company with the right information about the shipment.

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Check the receipt

Sometimes, the tracking number can be found on the receipt you receive for the purchase of the service, instead of the confirmation e-mail. Even if you cannot find the tracking number, you can contact the company itself and provide them with other information listed on the receipt. The company will know in which transit location your shipment was recently scanned.

Can I locate a shipment with a name if I cannot find the tracking number?

It could be that you lost your tracking number (or, did not receive one yet) and you wonder if you can track a parcel with your name. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of courier companies that would have you locate your shipment with a name. You may also have all the additional details regarding the shipment but unfortunately, you cannot track a parcel without your tracking number if you only have the name.

We assume many people know your full name but not your address. If the courier companies were to allow locating a parcel by name then there is a high possibility that other personal information might be disclosed, too.

The tracking number is not necessarily very confidential information, but it is a unique number that is meant only for you and you should not share it on online platforms, forums and similar. There might be some consequences of sharing the tracking number and you might not want to find yourself in such situations.

Can I locate a parcel by name with Eurosender?

You can check the status of your shipment through our tracking tool only with the tracking number or the order number we have provided you with. Other than that, without the tracking number, you cannot locate the shipment with a name directly on our tracking tool.

However, our customer support specialists are always here for your assistance! Even though you cannot locate the shipment with a name on your own, our agents can take the matter into their hands. We will track the parcel with the help of the details that you have placed during the ordering process.

Eurosender tracking

How can I know what format the tracking number has?

This is how the system works: your parcel, like every other parcel, has a unique barcode. The tracking number consists of letters and numbers, usually from 8-40 characters. After finding the tracking number, you can copy-paste it to the tracking tool of the courier company you have shipment booked with. If you have selected the correct tracking number, your shipment will be located within seconds. If you see in the tracking status that the shipment has not moved for some time now, it could be because it is either stuck in transit or stuck in customs.

Why is the tracking number for my shipment missing?

The tracking number serves the purpose of showing the status of the parcel, meaning, to see if the parcel is on its way, in transit, or maybe even stuck in customs. Therefore, if you do not have the tracking number, you will not be able to check the status of the parcel.

It happens that the courier company does not provide with one, or it does provide one, but you cannot access it.

  • The tracking number may be missing because the courier company did not provide you with one. Contact the courier company for more details.
  • The logistics provider assigned a different tracking number for the shipment than the one that was initially sent – Check with the courier company.
  • Changes in the order details may also lead to a change in the tracking number – another reason that you cannot track your parcel online could be because you are checking with the wrong tracking number, due to these changes. Contact the courier company if you cannot find the changed tracking number.

The tracking number is known but I cannot check the status of my parcel

  • The tracking number exists but does not work – Check if you mistakenly added an extra character, as this can sometimes be the reason for the unknown tracking number. If you have it correct, but you still cannot track the shipment, contact the courier company you have booked the shipping with.
  • You lost access to your email account and had forgotten to write the tracking number down beforehand – Try recovering back the email or contact the courier company explaining the situation.
  • You have deleted the email containing the tracking number – Check the trash folder in the email. The email is most likely still there.

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This article was written in collaboration with Gabriela Buzoianu.