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“I haven’t received a tracking number. How do I know where my parcel is located?”. This is a typical question from people who are new to shipping. You might not have a tracking number and you are clueless on whether your shipment is approaching its final destination. We know the feeling. That is why we have gathered some ideas on what you can do to learn where your items are located during transit.

What is a tracking number?

For some shippers, handing their package over to the courier driver can be quite stressful. They probably spent many hours preparing their items for shipping and providing the correct shipping details. Now they have to trust someone else to take care of it during the transit. Even if they ship through the most reliable shipping service provider, they are still eager to know if their package is reaching its final destination.

Many courier companies understand their customers’ need to be constantly updated on their shipment’s transit. That is why the majority has created a tracking system dedicated to them. Nowadays, shippers receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of the order. In this e-mail, they can usually find a tracking number, which will show them in which transit location the package has been recently scanned. They just type in the number in the track and trace page of the company’s website and get all the relevant information. Next, to the location, the customer can find the status of their shipment – you can check out Eurosender’s dedicated blog and learn what each of them means.

This is how the system works: your parcel, like every other parcel, has a unique barcode. Before it arrives at its final destination, your parcel will have to pass by many different transit locations. In each one of them, it will be scanned. In this way, the tracking system gets updated and informs you of the whereabouts of your parcel.

I do not have a tracking number. Is something wrong with my package?

Although having a tracking number at their disposal is quite common for shippers today, it is not always the case. Maybe the courier company does not provide one. Or the customer temporarily lost access to their e-mail account and had forgotten to write it down beforehand. Maybe the tracking number exists but does not work. Whatever the case might be, do not panic.

Tracking your shipment online is a “luxury” brought to us thanks to the recent technological advancements. Remember that it was not always available for the average customer. Not knowing where your package is located, does not mean that it is lost or damaged. You can contact our customer support and our trained agents will see the matter in details. However, if you still need to check the progress of the shipping process, there are different things you can do. No tracking number is required for that.

Check the receipt

Sometimes, the tracking number can be found on the receipt you receive for the purchase of the service, instead of the confirmation e-mail. Even if you cannot find the number itself, you can later contact the company itself and provide them with other information listed on the receipt. The company will know in which transit location your shipment was recently scanned.

Use the company’s app or create an online account

Many shipping companies offer the possibility to create your own profile on their website, in which you can track and trace all your shipments. That means that there is no need to check for a tracking number every time you ship a package through this company. In some cases, you can download the company’s app on your phone and get notified every time your items pass through a new transit location.

Contact the recipient

It sounds quite obvious but it is the easiest way to know whether your shipment is now in the hands of the recipient. Check the estimated delivery time (EDT) of your package and call or e-mail the recipient after this time. If the recipient hasn’t received it yet, there is no need to stress. The EDT is just estimated and does not guarantee that the package will be delivered after exactly these amount of days.

Contact the courier company

If it has been over a week and the package is nowhere to be found, you can always contact the courier company. By providing them with details that can be found on the receipt or the confirmation e-mail, they will be able to inform you about where your shipment is currently located. Also, if you previously had a tracking number but lost it, you will be able to recover it. Always make sure that you provide the company with the right information about the shipment.

Can I locate a shipment with a name?

It could be that you lost your tracking number (or, did not receive one yet) and you wonder if you can track a parcel with your name. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of courier companies that would have you locate your shipment with a name. You may also have all the additional details regarding the shipment but unfortunately, you cannot track a parcel with your name.

We assume many people know your full name but not your address. If the courier companies were to allow locating a parcel by name then there is a high possibility that other personal information might be disclosed, too.

The tracking number is not necessarily very confidential information but it is a unique number that is meant only for you and you should not share it on online platforms, forums and similar. There might be some consequences of sharing the tracking number and you might not want to find yourself in such situations.

Can I locate a parcel by name with Eurosender?

With Eurosender you cannot locate a shipment with a name, too. An alternative to the tracking number is (when booking via Eurosender) the order number. That order number serves only for us and our system. Therefore, by telling us that order number or tracking number we will be able to locate your shipment within minutes.

Are you in need of a reliable shipping service provider? Eurosender can help you find the best choice, according to your needs. We collaborate with the best companies on the market and always make sure to keep our customers stress-free and satisfied. By shipping your items through Eurosender, you can receive a tracking number and, therefore, there is no need to constantly calling the recipient to learn whether they received the items or not. We also offer you insurance and assistance along the way.


Last modified: November 15, 2019

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