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In today’s face-paced world, many people are opting for White Glove Delivery Services because of their speed and convenience. Whether they need help with moving house or are worried about heavy lifting, assembly or installation when buying bulky items instore or online, these premium services are becoming more and more popular as consumers expect a higher standard of customer service.

So, what is White Glove Delivery? Let’s explore what White Glove delivery services mean, and why people are choosing this option over regular delivery options.

What does White Glove Delivery mean?

When we think of this term, ‘White Glove Delivery’, most of us would think exactly that. Your delivery driver wears white gloves when handling your goods, to ensure the utmost care, minimising the risk of your items being damaged during transport and your items should arrive in pristine condition.

White Glove delivery is quite a broad industry term used to describe a range of additional services offered by logistics companies which go over-and-above their normal curbside pick-up and delivery options.

What do White Glove services include?

White Glove delivery most commonly includes pick-up from inside and delivery to the particular room of your choice. This means less heavy lifting for the client, and you don’t have to move the bulky item themselves (especially up and down staircases) after the delivery driver has gone.

Some companies can also offer disassembly and assembly of furniture and installation, including installation of electronics and syncing of smart devices, so that your shipment is ready to use right away.

Other White Glove delivery services might also include professional packing and protection of goods for safe transport, as well as unpacking once they have arrived at the destination. They can provide packing materials such as boxes, packing crates, packing peanuts, bubble-wrap and styrofoam. They also dispose of the materials afterwards, instead of leaving you with the mess.

Lastly, companies who offer this might also take your old items away as part of their service, so you don’t have to worry about how to dispose of your old furniture, electronics, etc.

Who offers White Glove Delivery Service?

As the e-commerce market has put more pressure on retailers to ramp-up their level of customer service, more consumers are choosing to buy from furniture stores with White Glove delivery.

Furniture, big-ticket and white-goods companies – both retail and online – quite often give you the option of adding white glove delivery after booking, for an additional fee. The White Glove option saves the customer the hassle of transporting their purchase from the store, and most importantly, the headache of assembling flat-pack furniture themselves!

Online retailers can also offer a white glove option to install or assemble your purchase, again for an additional fee. Often, they attract more customers by offering free delivery, however, this usually doesn’t offer much more than inside delivery and depends on your location. You might have noticed this if you’ve ever bought big-ticket items during promotions like Cyber-Monday.

Moving companies can also offer the White Glove option, again for an additional fee. Going over and above their standard service, whereby they might simply assist you with lifting heavy items from the vehicle to inside the location, you are often left to move it again to exactly where you want. With White Glove service, you simply direct the carrier and they do the rest.

One advantage of this type of premium service is the extra care taken when transporting your goods to ensure it arrives in one piece. At Eurosender, we work with the most reputable carriers in the industry, and we also offer a great range of low-cost shipping insurance, giving you peace of mind and minimising the risk of damage during transport.

On the other hand, White Glove Delivery services are usually quite expensive as they are additional services, usually offered for an additional fee. Higher-end moving companies who offer this option for removals and relocations, usually charge by the hour and the price also depends on distance and the extra options the client has selected.

If you are moving house or business, Eurosender offers professional and affordable removal and relocation services, both locally and internationally.

What is the difference between White Glove and inside pick up and delivery?

The difference between White Glove and inside delivery is the extra services offered, especially once the shipment arrives. When we think of inside pick up and delivery, a common assumption is that the parcel will be collected from inside the residence or business and also delivered inside the property. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

In reality, most LTL carriers will go as far as onto the property, for example, to the storefront (for commercial deliveries) or front door or garage (for residential deliveries), rather than the typical curbside collection. However, many online furniture retailers offer free inside delivery with your purchase. If you are unsure what is included with your furniture delivery, it is always a good idea to check their delivery terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

How can Eurosender help you?

Packing and unpacking might seem like a hassle to some, but for many, the white glove option can add unnecessary expense to the high cost of moving. Eurosender gives you handy packing guides to explain step-by-step how to pack and protect almost anything. A bonus is that you know exactly what has been packed and where, so you don’t have to go searching after your helpers are gone!

We offer you fast, low-cost alternatives to White Glove delivery to suit any budget:

Moving house? Dedicated Van Delivery services are a great way to ensure your items are loaded correctly and safely into the vehicle, without the risk of being damaged by other people’s goods during transport and delivery.

Online retailers and furniture companies take their customer service to the next level, by arranging secure and reliable transport of larger goods by booking an LTL service with Eurosender! Simply go to our booking page or Contact Us to arrange a Dedicated Van Delivery service.

Book an Inside Delivery with Eurosender – we work with the most well-known logistics companies in the industry offering door-to-door delivery, please contact us directly so we can tailor you the best logistics solution for your needs!

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