Amazon FBA Warehouse Addresses in Spain

Shipping to Amazon FBA fulfilment centres in Spain

Cost-effective solutions to ship your products to Amazon FBA distribution centres in Spain! Organise inventory shipments to Amazon warehouses in Spain via Eurosender. Find out the addresses of Amazon’s various warehouses and fulfilment centres located in Spain and book your shipment in just a few clicks.

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How to send inventory to Amazon FBA in Spain

Depending on your needs, our platform offers different shipping options to replenish your inventory at Amazon fulfilment centres in Spain.
If you have special requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts via chat or email.

The list of Amazon FBA warehouse locations in Spain

Need to ship inventory to an Amazon warehouse in Spain? We have gathered a complete list of Spain’s Amazon warehouse and fulfilment centre addresses.

Warehouse in Alcalá de Henares
Code: MAD9
Location: Camino de los Afligidos, s/n, 28804 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Warehouse in Alcobendas
Code: DMA2
Location: Calle de Siete Picos, 11, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain

Warehouse in Alovera
Location: Avenida Río Henares, 16, 19208 Alovera, Spain

Warehouse in Bobes
Code: OVD1
Location: Aldea Bobes, 54, 33429, Asturias, Spain

Warehouse in Cabanillas del Campo
Code: BESA
Location: Avenida del Río Henares, 16D, 19171 Cabanillas del Campo, Spain

Warehouse in Castellbisbal
Code: BCN3
Location: Carrer Ferro, 12-2, 08755 Castellbisbal, Barcelona, Spain

Warehouse in Constantí (Tarragona)
Code: XESC
Location: Avinguda de les Puntes, 10, 43120 Constantí, Spain

Warehouse in El Prat de Llobregat
Code: BCN1
Location: Avinguda de les Garrigues, 6-8, 08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Warehouse in Getafe
Code: MAD8
Location: Calle Rachel Carson, 1, 28906 Madrid, Spain

Warehouse in Guadalajara
Code: XIBA
Location: Travesia Gran Europa, 6, 19190 Torija, Guadalajara, Spain

Warehouse 1 in Illescas
Code: MAD6
Location: Avenida Logística, 13, 45200 Illescas, Toledo, Spain

Warehouse 2 in Illescas
Code: MAD7
Location: Calle Ancora, 35, 45200 Illescas, Toledo, Spain

Warehouse 1 in Madrid
Code: MAD5
Location: Polígono de Los Gavilanes, 28096 Madrid, Spain

Warehouse 2 in Madrid
Code: MAD12
Location: Calle de Ramírez de Prado, 5, 28045 Madrid, Spain

Warehouse 3 in Madrid
Code: DMA3
Location: Calle Pirotecnia, 36, 28052 Madrid, Spain

Warehouse in Martorelles
Code: BCN2
Location: Carrer de la Verneda, 22, 08107 Martorelles, Barcelona, Spain

Warehouse in Murcia
Code: RMU1
Location: Calle Isidro Vivancos Muñoz Parque Logístico del Sureste, 30156 Murcia, Spain

Warehouse in Onda
Code: VLC1
Location: Calle Panamá, 31, 12220 Onda, Castellón, Spain

Warehouse in Reus (Tarragona)
Code: DCZ3
Location: Carrer d’Àustria, 43120 Tarragona, Spain

Warehouse in Sabadell
Code: BCN8
Location: Carrer de Ca n’Alzina, 161, 08210 Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain

Warehouse in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid)
Code: MAD4
Location: Avenida Astronomía, 24, 28830 San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Warehouse 1 in Seville
Code: SVQ1
Location: Polígono Sen, 23, 41703 Dos Hermanas, Sevilla, Spain

Warehouse 2 in Seville
Code: DQA4
Location: Calle Esclusa, 15, 41011 Sevilla, Spain


How to ship to Amazon fulfilment centres in Spain

Amazon fulfilment centres in Spain and other countries allow businesses to better manage their logistics operations by handling inventory storage and distribution. Using Amazon FBA logistics in Spain is simple; check below how their process works:

  1. Register as a Seller on Amazon and create your online shop.
  2. Manage your inventory and prepare a shipping plan for your goods.
  3. Arrange product shipping to the designated Amazon fulfilment centre in Spain.
  4. Book a loading ramp at the designated warehouse via Carrier Central at least 24 hours before the truck is scheduled to deliver.
  5. For shipments of several parcels or small packages, you will not need to book a loading ramp except during peak shipping periods.
  6. Once the goods have been delivered to the chosen Amazon FBA warehouse in Spain, you can use Amazon Logistics tracking.
  7. Amazon will pick, pack, and ship products from the Amazon fulfilment centre in Spain to your customers.

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How to prepare items for shipping to Amazon warehouses in Spain

Follow Amazon’s logistics requirements when shipping your products to Amazon FBA warehouses and fulfilment centres in Spain, such as:

  • Each product must have its own SKU identification code.
  • Each unit must have a barcode or scannable label.
  • Products containing small, removable parts must be packed in the same packaging.
  • For sets of products sold together, mark the package as a set and label it accordingly.
  • Use 4-way access wooden pallets conforming to EPAL, CHEP, UIC 435-2 or EN13698-1 standards with a maximum height of 1.8 metres.

More detailed information about Amazon’s packaging requirements can be found on their official website. Find out more about how to pack a pallet for shipping.


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Ship to an Amazon Spain fulfilment centre


FAQ about shipping and storing goods in Amazon warehouses in Spain

How do I start selling on Amazon from Spain?
To start selling your products on Amazon, you need to register your account on the official Amazon website as a seller, enter all the required information, including payment details and shipping plan, and check the Amazon returns policy.
How many warehouse and fulfilment centre locations do Amazon have in Spain?
There are more than 20 Amazon FBA warehouses located in Spain. See the section above for the address of the different Amazon fulfilment centres in Spain.
How much does it cost to use Amazon FBA logistics services in Spain?
The costs for using Amazon FBA warehouses in Spain vary depending on the weight and size of the products as well as the sales channel used.
  • Charges for using Amazon Logistics in Spain range from 7% to 20% of the final sales price, depending on the items.
  • The monthly costs for storing inventory at Amazon warehouses in Spain vary from €16.69 to €41 depending on the type of goods and period.
For detailed information on rates, please contact Amazon Spain directly.
If I book with Eurosender, which courier will ship my inventory to the Amazon Spain warehouse?
When you book a service on our platform, we compare thousands of quotes to find the most suitable courier service for your specific needs. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the details regarding the logistics provider responsible for shipping your inventory to the Amazon warehouse in Spain.
When should I use Amazon FBA or FBM logistics services in Spain?
Depending on your needs and the type of goods, you can choose between Amazon FBM (Fulfilment by Merchant) or Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon).
FBM is for Amazon shops and sellers who personally ship items to customers without using Amazon Logistics. The Amazon FBM option in Spain is recommended for companies that sell bulky or infrequently sold products. Organising shipments to customers saves storage costs at Amazon warehouses and fulfilment centres in Spain.
For frequently sold or smaller items, on the other hand, Amazon FBA Logistics in Spain is the ideal choice.

Do you have more questions about Amazon FBA storing and shipping?

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Disclaimer: The information above on Amazon FBA warehouse addresses in Spain is the result of online research conducted in November 2022. For more information, please check the official website of Amazon.