Amazon Italy Warehouse Addresses
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Amazon Italy warehouse addresses and locations

Find out how to ship your inventory to Amazon FBA warehouses and fulfilment centres in Italy. To help you organise your operations, we have collected the addresses of different warehouses located in Italy used for Amazon FBA logistics.

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How to send inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres in Italy

Through Eurosender, you get access to a wide range of shipping solutions for sending your inventory to an Amazon Italy warehouse.
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The list of Amazon FBA warehouse locations in Italy

To make it easier for you, we have gathered the full list of Amazon Italy warehouse locations. Find the most suitable Amazon Italy warehouse address for your needs and start shipping!

Warehouse in Alessandria
Code: DPI5
Location: Via Piave, 121/125, 15121 Alessandria (AL), Italy

Warehouse in Ardea
Code: FC05
Location: MHRW+38, 00040 Ardea (RM), Italy

Warehouse in Arquà Polesine
Code: XITD
Location: Viale Maestri del Lavoro, 990, 45031 Arquà Polesine (RO), Italy

Warehouse in Avigliana
Code: DPI1
Location: Viale M. Gandhi, 25, 10051 Avigliana (TO), Italy

Warehouse in Bitonto
Code: DPU1
Location: SP231, Km2, 5, Bitonto (BA), Italy

Warehouse in Casei Gerola
Code: XMP4
Location: Casei Gerola Logistics Park, 27050, Casei Gerola (PV), Italy

Warehouse in Casirate d’Adda
Code: LIN8
Location: Via Gioacchino Rossini, 24040 Casirate D’Adda (BG), Italy

Warehouse 1 in Castel San Giovanni
Code: MXP5
Location: Strada Dogana Po, 2, 29015 Castel San Giovanni (PC), Italy

Warehouse 2 in Castel San Giovanni
Code: MXP8
Location: Strada Dogana Po, 2U/bis, 29015 San Giovanni (PC), Italy

Warehouse in Cividate al Piano
Code: BGY1
Location: SP98, 24050 Cividate al Piano (BG), Italy

Warehouse in Colleferro
Code: FC02
Location: Via Palianese Traversa, 1, 00034 Colleferro (RM), Italy

Warehouse in Formello
Code: EDA Warehouse
Location: Via di Santa Cornelia, 5, 00060 Formello (RM), Italy

Warehouse in Francolino di Carpiano
Code: XITC, XMP2
Location: Via Aldo Moro, 4, 20080 Carpiano (MI), Italy

Warehouse 1 in Milan
Code: DLO1
Location: Via Vincenzo Toffetti, 108, 20139 Milano (MI), Italy

Warehouse 2 in Milan
Code: DLO4
Location: Via dell’Artigianato, 2, 20090 Rovido Industriale (MI), Italy

Warehouse in Novara
Code: MXP6
Location: Via Luigi Einaudi, 8, 28100 Agognate (NO), Italy

Warehouse in Origgio
Code: DLO2
Location: Via Bruno Buozzi, 21040 Origgio (VA), Italy

Warehouse in Parma
Code: DER3
Location: Via Rudolf Diesel, 10/a, 43122 Quartiere Spip (PR), Italy

Warehouse in Passo Corese
Code: FCO1
Location: Via della Meccanica, 32, 02032 Fara in Sabina (RI), Italy

Warehouse in Piacenza
Code: HLO2
Location: Via Francesco M. Bazzani, 25, 29122 Piacenza (PC), Italy

Warehouse in San Bellino/Castelguglielmo
Code: BLQ1
Location: Via Ipazia D’Alessandria, 482, 45020 Castelguglielmo (RO), Italy

Warehouse in San Salvo
Code: PSR2
Location: Viale Germania, 114, 66050 San Salvo (CH), Italy

Warehouse in Soresina
Code: XITN1
Location: Via Pezzini Carlo, 176, 26015 Soresina (CR), Italy

Warehouse in Spilamberto
Code: BLQ8
Location: Via S. Vito, 1369, 41057 Spilamberto (MO), Italy

Warehouse in Torrazza Piemonte
Code: TRN1
Location: Strada Provinciale per Rondissone 90, 10037 Torrazza Piemonte (TO), Italy

Warehouse in Vercelli
Code: MXP3
Location: Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 2, 13100 Vercelli (VC), Italy


How to ship to Amazon FBA logistics distribution centres in Italy

Amazon fulfilment centres in Italy allow businesses to manage their logistics processes by handling inventory storage and distribution. Using Amazon FBA logistics in Italy is easy:

  1. Register as a Seller on Amazon and create your shipping plan.
  2. Manage your inventory and select the products you want to ship.
  3. Arrange shipping to the designated Amazon Italy warehouse address.
  4. Book a loading ramp at the destination Amazon Italy warehouse via Carrier Central at least 24 hours before the truck is scheduled to deliver.
  5. For shipments of several parcels or small packages, you will not need to book a loading ramp except during peak shipping periods.
  6. Once the products have been delivered to the chosen Amazon warehouse location in Italy, you can monitor the status via Amazon Logistics tracking.
  7. Amazon will pick, pack, and ship products from the Amazon fulfilment centre in Italy to your customers.

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How to prepare items for shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses in Italy

It is important to follow Amazon’s logistics requirements when shipping your inventory to Amazon FBA warehouses and fulfilment centres in Italy. Here are general guidelines you should keep in mind:

  • Each product must have its own SKU identification code.
  • Each unit must have a barcode or scannable label.
  • Products containing small, removable parts must be packed in the same packaging.
  • When sending sets of products, mark the package as a set and label the item accordingly.
  • Use 4-way access wooden pallets conforming to EPAL, CHEP, UIC 435-2 or EN13698-1 standards, making sure not to exceed the maximum height of 1.8 metres.

More detailed information about Amazon’s packaging requirements can be found on their official website. Find out more about how to pack a pallet for shipping.


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Ship to Amazon fulfilment centres in Italy


FAQ about shipping and storing goods in Amazon FBA Italy warehouses

How do I start selling on Amazon from Italy?
To start selling your products on Amazon, you need to register your account on the official Amazon website as a seller, enter all the required information, including payment details and shipping plan, and check the Amazon returns policy.
How many Amazon warehouses and fulfilment centres are located in Italy?
There are more than 20 Amazon warehouses and fulfilment centres in Italy. See the section above to see all Amazon Italy warehouse addresses and locations.
How much does it cost to use Amazon FBA logistics services in Italy?
The cost of Amazon FBA Logistics and the use of the various warehouse locations in Italy depends on the weight and size of the products as well as the sales channel used.
  • Charges for using Amazon Logistics in Italy range from 7.21% to 20.60% of the final sales price, depending on the items.
  • Monthly storage fees at Amazon Italy warehouses vary depending on the type of goods and the time of year: from €16.69 to €30 per cubic metre from January to September and from €23.11 to €41 per cubic metre from October to December.
For detailed information on rates, please contact Amazon Italy directly.
If I book with Eurosender, which courier will ship my inventory to the Amazon Italy warehouse?
When you book a service on our platform, we compare thousands of quotes to find the most suitable courier service for your specific needs. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the details regarding the logistics provider responsible for shipping your inventory to the Amazon warehouse in Italy.
Do I need to contact the Amazon fulfilment centre in Italy before sending my inventory?
When you organise inventory shipping or storage in Amazon fulfilment centres in Italy, it is recommended that you arrange transport with both the carrier and Amazon. You will need to request access to one of the warehouse loading ramps by creating a Carrier Central account and booking at least 24 hours before the expected delivery.

Do you have more questions about Amazon FBA storing and shipping?

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Are you shipping products to an Amazon warehouse in another country?

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Disclaimer: The information above on Amazon FBA warehouse addresses in Italy is the result of online research conducted in December 2022. For more information, please check the official website of Amazon.