All You Need to Know About Amazon FBA in Europe

If, due to the spread of COVID-19, you are facing delays in the delivery of your goods from Amazon FBA in Europe, we, at Eurosender can arrange the shipping from Amazon fulfilment centers to any destination. We have an extensive network of logistics providers who maintain their operation and can perform the shipping without significant delays. Contact us for more information.

Amazon Fulfilment centres in Europe. How does it work?

Amazon has a wide network of warehouses and fulfilment centres across Europe and around the world which allows sellers to store and ship their goods to customers easier. If you are looking to start storing your inventory in Amazon FBA in Europe or want to optimise your logistics, Eurosender offers the best solutions. Explore the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Amazon FBA and get immediate quotes for shipping your goods.

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How can you send your products to Amazon FBA in Europe?

Depending on the time-sensitivity and volume, you can choose the preferred shipping method for your route:
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FAQs about shipping and storing goods in Amazon FBA in Europe

Does Amazon have warehouses in Europe?

Yes, there are more than 40 Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe. Amazon warehouses are located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland. You can check the full list of Amazon warehouses locations and addresses by visiting our dedicated pages.

How can I ship my products to Amazon FBA in Europe?

After setting up your account and selecting the option of Fulfilment by Amazon, you will have to have your inventory delivered to Amazon’s address. Eurosender platform offers multiple shipping solutions for both businesses and individuals. Ship your inventory in boxes or pallets to Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe at affordable prices. Register your business account and get your own logistics dashboard to have full control of your shipments and dispatches.

How do I ship pallets to Amazon FBA?

Through Eurosender, you can instantly book shipping of pallets to Amazon FBA or warehouse. Our algorithm will offer you the best shipping quotes for pallet delivery in Europe, in only a few clicks. Just book the service, pack your goods safely on a pallet and make sure to add the shipping label visible (if needed). Additional options to book a van, full truck or shared truck are also available at low prices and instant booking.

How much does it cost to ship inventory to Amazon FBA?

When you book shipping with our platform, you can instantly see the price once the details of your shipment are entered. Choose the countries of pickup and delivery, enter the details about your shipment and quantity of goods and the final price will be displayed instantly. With our advanced booking tool, you can get an immediate price for shipping a package, pallet, reserving a full or shared truck, as well as a van delivery for European routes. Business customers enjoy preferential shipping rates so register your business account for free to ship with benefits.

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Who pays for Amazon FBA shipping?

As an Amazon FBA seller, you do not have to pay for handling, packaging, or shipping your goods to buyers. Instead, Amazon’s fulfilment employees select, pack, and ship your products for you. However, it is the seller’s responsibility to organise the transport of the inventory to Amazon warehouses. You can choose an Amazon-partnered carrier or book delivery services through Eurosender.

If I transport my goods to Amazon FBA through Eurosender, how long it takes for them to be delivered?

When you book shipping with Eurosender, you can check the estimated delivery time with our calculator.

If you need urgent shipping to Amazon FBA in Europe, you can order the express shipping service. When booking express delivery, the shipping time will vary between 24-72h worldwide.

Can I choose to which Amazon FBA centre to ship my inventory, in a given country?

When you create your Shipping Plan to send items to Amazon, the system determines the right Amazon distribution centre where you can ship your products. Please, keep in mind that your shipments will be, by default, split between multiple fulfilment centres. In this way, the delivery times are cut-off, which is of paramount importance for Amazon Prime deliveries. That is why the sellers can’t choose a preferred Amazon fulfilment centre location to store their goods.

Can I ship to multiple Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe?

When storing items in Amazon FBA in Europe, shipping to different addresses is possible. You can organise the transportation of goods from the supplier location to the Amazon FBA centres through Eurosender.

Can I drop off my items at one of the Amazon fulfilment centres?

Amazon does not allow sellers to drop off their products at the fulfilment centres. Even though you may work close to a fulfilment centre, sellers cannot choose which FBA location they want their goods to be stored in. Only approved shipping companies can make appointments to deliver to Amazon fulfilment centres. Eurosender cooperates with different logistics providers who are authorised to ship to Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe.

Why should I and how can I use the Amazon FBA Prep service?

Proper packaging and preparing units help to avoid delivery delays, protect your products while stored in Amazon fulfilment centres, and create a better customer experience. If you decide to use the FBA Prep Service, Amazon will prepare your eligible products for a per-unit fee. After you enable the service, you will be able to choose whether you or Amazon will prepare the products you send to fulfilment centres. When you build your shipping plan, Amazon will provide an estimate of the prep fees based on the expected services for the selected products.

Are there any special requirements for packaging the goods that are stored in Amazon fulfilment centres?

Amazon has a detailed list of requirements for packaging shipments. You can read them all here. You may also check the packaging guide prepared by Eurosender team to make sure your goods will be secured during the shipping.

Is there any time limitation for storing the products in an Amazon FBA?

To better manage the storage space in the Amazon fulfilment centre, for the products to be received and shipped to buyers faster, some limits can be applied to your inventory. Storage limits are based on volume (measured in cubic feet) and are set for each storage type. Your current and potential storage limits and usage are shown on the Storage Monitor display, which you can view in your Inventory performance dashboard and Shipping Queue.

What are the Amazon FBA product restrictions?

Some goods are prohibited from being stored in Amazon FBA despite the fact that they are eligible for sale on Amazon. Dangerous products which contain flammable, pressurised, corrosive or otherwise harmful substances are considered forbidden for keeping at Amazon FBA. Please, read the full list of Amazon products restrictions for storing in fulfilment centres.

Can I use the Amazon FBA without selling on Amazon?

Yes, you can use Amazon FBA for non-Amazon orders with the help of Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment or Amazon MCF. Amazon MCF is available in the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Japan. To start selling on non-Amazon marketplaces, you need to create a Pro Merchant account with Amazon. Read more about it here.

Can I ship directly from a Chinese manufacturer to Amazon FBA?

Shipping items to Amazon FBA directly from a manufacturer is possible, especially if you have been ordering the products from the same company for a long time and know that they can be trusted. It is recommended to check the quality of the inventory before sending it to Amazon FBA.

How much does Amazon charge for FBA?

Amazon monthly inventory storage costs start from £0.39 to £0.91 per cubic foot depending on season and size of the items. Inventory items that have been in Amazon fulfilment centres for more than 365 days will be charged a monthly long-term storage fee which is £4.30 per cubic foot.

Is Amazon putting barriers for trading with the EU after Brexit?

The Amazon cross-border shipping after Brexit is still possible, but the transportation costs will be higher. As it is not Amazon putting barriers for trading with the EU, but instead the UK and the European Union, shipments will now have to go through customs duties and pay the applicable import fees.

What is the Amazon customs clearance procedure after Brexit?

Many sellers will consider hiring a customs broker to undertake the Amazon customs clearance procedures after the Brexit transition is over. Many products travelling from and to the UK from Amazon will have additional charges after 1st of January 2021 due to the customs fees. You can check the UK tariffs here and what these tariffs apply to.

Can I buy from Amazon in Ireland after Brexit?

Buying from Amazon UK after Brexit for people from the Republic of Ireland may not be the most convenient in regards to customs. However, as an alternative, you can reach to any other European Amazon website, like Germany, for example, to avoid the extra charges.

On the other hand, Irish people from Northern Ireland can still buy goods from Amazon UK after Brexit with no issues.