FlixBus Luggage Policy and Shipping Alternatives

Flixbus luggage rules | How much luggage can I take on FlixBus?

FlixBus is a German intercity bus company operating in Europe and the United States, known for its affordable travel alternatives. Learn more about FlixBus luggage policy, baggage fees, and how to avoid exceeding the weight limit of FlixBus by shipping your bags and other luggage door-to-door with Eurosender. Ship your overweight baggage with our affordable shipping services and travel hassle-free on FlixBus buses.

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FlixBus luggage policy: Can I bring luggage on FlixBus?

According to FlixBus baggage allowance, the ticket includes the free transport of:

  • One carry-on bag with maximum dimensions of 42 x 30 x 18 cm and a maximum weight of 7 kg. Your carry-on bag must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment above your seat.
  • One checked bag with maximum dimensions of 80 x 50 x 30 cm and a maximum weight of 20 kg. Your checked bag must be stowed in the luggage compartment.

Additional luggage: FlixBus allows passengers to bring one extra piece of luggage per person, which must not exceed the maximal baggage size stated for the checked bag. The FlixBus baggage fee depends on the booking method. If you book your additional luggage online, a 3.99 EUR fee will be added or 6 EUR if you book it by phone.


Can I take my bike in the FlixBus luggage compartment?

Yes, according to FlixBus luggage rules, you can take your bike on most FlixBuses. They should have a standard size and maximum weight of 20 kg. Standard bicycles are transported on bike racks at the back of the bus (during cycling season); folding bikes, on the other hand, can be transported in special transport cases in the FlixBus designated luggage area. According to the FlixBus luggage policy, E-bikes are not allowed on buses. You can add your bike as special luggage during the booking process on the FlixBus website.

Alternatively, you can ship your bike with Eurosender and enjoy the ride with FlixBus without carrying the bike and other overweight luggage or worrying about FlixBus luggage rules. We offer any kind of bike transport on international routes, including the United Kingdom, even outside of the high season. Since FlixBus only allows five bikes in the luggage compartment, you can safely ship a larger number of bikes with our van delivery.


Door-to-door shipping alternatives with Eurosender

If your luggage exceeds the FlixBus weight limit, you can quickly ship your additional luggage with Eurosender. We offer a wide variety of reliable and affordable door-to-door delivery services worldwide. Thanks to our luggage services, you can send baggage of all sizes, sports equipment (like snowboard, skis…), or musical instruments directly to your doorstep and travel light with FlixBus. We recommend you to book the pick-up of your additional luggage at least two days before your planned trip with FlixBus.

Important: While some courier companies accept suitcases for shipping, it is highly recommended to use cardboard boxes as the final packaging. Please bear in mind in certain countries, the courier company may refuse to take suitcases that are not properly packed in cardboard boxes. For specific information about your desired route, do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team via chat.


Innovative alternatives to avoid FlixBus baggage fees

Eurosender offers various shipping solutions anywhere in the world. Send your overweight luggage with us and travel hassle-free on FlixBus.
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Why do we recommend shipping additional luggage to travel light with FlixBus

Do you have trouble with the FlixBus baggage allowance? Discover all the benefits of shipping baggage of all sizes with Eurosender to your desired destination and avoid FlixBus baggage fees:

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Can I bring a stroller and wheelchair on Flixbus?

Baby strollers

Yes, you can bring one foldable baby stroller per passenger without paying any baggage fees to Flixbus, as it counts as a form of special luggage. The sum of width, length, and height of the stroller should not exceed 240 cm, and it should not weigh more than 30 kg. To book a baby stroller as your special luggage, you have to call the customer service of FlixBus.

Wheelchairs and walking aids

Passengers with disabilities or limited mobility are entitled to transport their folding wheelchairs without electric drive or walking aids in the Flixbus luggage compartment free of charge. On some FlixBuses, there is enough space to board with the wheelchair. To get more information about the FlixBus wheelchairs luggage policy, contact them via a contact form at least seven days before departure.


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FAQ about FlixBus luggage policy

Can I bring a suitcase on a FlixBus?
Yes, you can bring a suitcase on FlixBus as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximal dimensions and weight stated above.
What to do if my suitcase exceeds the Flixbus baggage allowance?
If your baggage exceeds the FlixBus luggage allowance, you can ship it with Eurosender. Top courier companies from our logistics network provide numerous shipping solutions to suit any sized shipment and any budget. Let them handle your oversized or overweight luggage with care and travel hassle-free with FlixBus. Find out the price to ship your luggage to avoid FlixBus weight limits in our booking tool.
How strict is FlixBus with luggage?
The drivers do not weigh every bag individually. However, according to the luggage policy, FlixBus cannot guarantee the ability to transport more than one carry-on bag, one checked bag, and one piece of additional luggage. All of these should not surpass the maximum dimensions and weight stated in the section above. If your baggage is too large or too heavy, FlixBus might refuse to accept the overweight luggage.
What is the FlixBus pet policy?
Animals are not allowed on FlixBus according to their pet policy, except for service animals for persons with disabilities.
How should I prepare my additional luggage for shipping before travelling with FlixBus?
You must pack your suitcases, musical instruments and sports equipment according to our packing guides when using our door-to-door delivery services. Couriers may refuse the collection of items that are not adequately packed. Consider using cardboard boxes as the final packaging for suitcases.
Can I expect financial compensation for damaged or lost luggage on FlixBus?
Yes, you can expect compensation for registered luggage lost or damaged during the trip with FlixBus unless it was insufficiently packed, unfit for transport, or had a special nature. You will receive up to 1300 EUR per piece of registered luggage if you can prove the value of its contents or 330 EUR per piece if you can’t prove the value.
Can I take my musical instrument on FlixBus?
You can bring one small instrument (max. 30 x 18 x 42 cm, 7 kg) per passenger instead of a carry-on bag for free or one large instrument (max. 48 x 35 x 135 cm, 30 kg) as special luggage, for which you will have to pay the FlixBus baggage fee. Bring your musical instrument in a hard case to avoid potential damages during the transport. If your instrument exceeds the maximal baggage size limit of FlixBus, you can book insured shipping with Eurosender!
Can I take my snowboard or skis on FlixBus?
Yes, during winter, FlixBus is offering special services to ski resorts with three pieces of luggage included, which means there will be enough room for your carry-on bag, checked bag, and snowboard or skis on FlixBus. If you want to transport your skiing or snowboarding equipment outside of the winter season or it exceeds the maximal dimensions, you can easily ship it with Eurosender!
The information above is the result of online research conducted in October 2021. For more information about FlixBus luggage policy, we strongly recommend checking the bus company’s official website.