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USPS International courier services in Europe and abroad

Being one of the major shipping providers worldwide, the US Postal Service – or USPS in short – offers national and international parcel delivery services to millions of users every year. Get the answer to some of the most popular questions about USPS international courier deliveries, such as who carries USPS packages in Europe, how to avoid USPS customs delays and the scanning of USPS packages.Before you book your international parcel delivery with USPS, don’t forget to use Eurosender to compare the prices with some of the best couriers around the world.


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Being one of the major shipping providers worldwide, the US Postal Service – or USPS in short – offers national and international parcel delivery services to millions of users every year. Get the answer to some of the most popular questions about USPS international courier deliveries, such as who carries USPS packages in Europe, how to avoid USPS customs delays and the scanning of USPS packages.Before you book your international parcel delivery with USPS, don’t forget to use Eurosender to compare the prices with some of the best couriers around the world.


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USPS International delivery times

USPS offers international courier services with different delivery time options so users can choose the solution that serves them best. Some of the options provided include a money-back guarantee if the package does not arrive by the defined date. However, it is important to notice that the USPS international delivery times have a direct dependency on the type of shipping service chosen. Premium services such as expedited or guaranteed deliveries always come at a cost.

Note: Some of the urgent USPS courier delivery services that have international availability are offered in partnership with FedEx Express.

USPS International delivery times in Europe – USA to the UK

Below you will find the average delivery time of some of the USPS international courier services available for shipping a package from the USA to the UK.

USPS International serviceUSPS Delivery time
Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)1-3 business days
USPS GXG Envelopes1-3 business days
Priority Mail Express International3-5 business days
Priority Mail International6-10 business days

Are USPS packages scanned or X-rayed?

Although USPS packages are not routinely scanned or x-rayed, the company is entitled to scan parcels and may do so in certain circumstances. In practical terms, most packages shipped to large cities are scanned. USPS international parcels sent across borders are always scanned since they have to go through customs procedures. If your USPS package is scanned or x-rayed and there seems to be a problematic item inside, USPS or the customs officers may open it to revise its contents.

USPS Media Mail and scanning

Media Mail is a specific USPS service to ship books, films, DVDs, videotapes, recorded media, CDs, music sheets and other media. These USPS packages will be scanned and x-rayed, and the workers will likely open and inspect them.


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FAQ: USPS international courier services

How does USPS international tracking work?
The USPS international tracking system is a bit tricky and one of the main downsides of shipping abroad with USPS. USPS international tracking is only available for specific routes, and the tracking number depends on the type of service.
You will find the tracking number on the shipping label. When you ship abroad and need to fill out a customs form, this will act as your shipping label, where the tracking number will be.
USPS serviceCountries with tracking
Priority Mail InternationalLimited tracking
Priority Mail Express InternationalLimited tracking
First Class International Package ServiceTracking available only for selected destinations, including most European countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and others.
Global Express GuaranteedTracking to all destinations
Can I use my USPS tracking number for an international package?
It depends on the type of package you have selected. If the USPS international shipping service you have chosen does not offer international tracking, you will have to get the tracking number of the company that will carry your package to its final destination:
  • Who carries USPS packages in Canada? After crossing the border, USPS hands the packages and parcel to Canada Post, which will handle the delivery.
  • Who carries USPS packages in the UK and Europe? USPS announced that after Brexit, Royal Mail would be carrying USPS parcels in Europe. The US Postal Service will collaborate with a subsidiary of Royal Mail to deliver parcels and letters in the EU and other European countries.
At Eurosender, every shipping service already has international tracking included in the price. Book a shipment through our platform and always stay on top of your deliveries.
Are all USPS courier services available in Europe?
No, USPS offers different courier services in Europe and in domestic routes within the USA.
To understand which USPS services are available in Europe, we recommend getting a quote, as there may be additional limitations for each individual shipment.
Do USPS use partners for deliveries in Europe?
It depends on the location. USPS offers courier services in over 180 countries around the world, but that does not mean they have physical offices in all of them.
In Europe specifically, USPS has agreements with other mail and courier companies abroad that are responsible for the last-mile delivery of envelopes and packages in the destination country.
In most cases, USPS will handle the shipment until the goods are cleared for import and shipped, and the partner will take over at the final destination.
Will USPS help me with customs clearance?
Although USPS does not offer customs clearance services, they provide information about forms and duties.
Choosing the correct form is the key to avoiding USPS customs delays, especially when shipping time-sensitive parcels from the US to Europe.
Read our page about customs clearance procedures if you need more information on the topic.
Does USPS offer international shipping insurance?
Although their standard shipping prices do not include shipping insurance, USPS does offer insurance coverage at an extra cost.
Some of their priority shipping options may include basic shipping insurance.
The total coverage depends on the declared value of the sent items. You can add coverage up to 5.000 USD for standard and priority packages.
How do I schedule a USPS redelivery?
Clients are able to book redelivery if they miss their USPS international parcel’s first attempt.
To get a USPS redelivery, introduce your parcel's tracking or barcode number and your contact details on the online form provided on their web page.
Please note USPS redeliveries are not available for every address.
How long does a USPS redelivery take?
Usually, USPS will try to redeliver your parcel within two working days of the first delivery attempt.
Will USPS forward packages?
USPS will only forward packages if the customer has requested a temporal or permanent change of address that you have to notify beforehand. Additionally, the USPS couriers will forward packages for these specific services:
  • First-Class™ mail and subscription periodicals: free
  • Premium shipping services (Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, First-Class Package®): free
  • Media Mail® and USPS Retail Ground®: pay the forwarding to a new address or Postal Office
Will the USPS courier print my label?
No, USPS will not print your label, and you cannot print a shipping label at a post office. See here how to send your parcels if you don't have a printer.
Will the USPS courier tape my package?
Normally, USPS will not tape your package unless you have reserved a USPS Priority Mail Service. If you bring an unpacked box to a postal office, you will be responsible for packaging it properly yourself.
You will have to follow the packing guidelines established by the USPS courier company, such as avoiding duct tape. Otherwise, you can book a shipment with us and follow our detailed packing instructions.
Can I buy tape at the USPS office?
Yes, you are able to buy packing tape at most USPS postal offices.
Will the USPS courier park on my driveway?
Depending on the size and position of your mailbox, the USPS parcel courier may have to park on your driveway to access it.
USPS recommends that your mailbox be easily accessible for the carrier to avoid any complications.
Do USPS postal carriers sell stamps?
No, USPS postal carriers do not sell stamps. If you want to get postal stamps, you must ask the carrier for a form through which you can buy them or get them directly at the post office.
Alternatively, you can send letters and documents everywhere with Eurosender, without leaving the comfort of your home.
Does USPS deliver pallets?
No, USPS does not offer pallet delivery services. Customers can only ship packages of up to 70 lbs (approx 31 kg).
If you need to send larger or heavier items, you can always count on Eurosender. You can ship packages of up to 70 kg worldwide with our Express Service and book pallet deliveries for larger loads.
Do USPS courier workers work on Sunday?
Yes, USPS couriers and workers do work on Sundays, as many sorting and shipping hubs process packages and letters every day of the week. However, most US Postal Offices will be closed, and carriers will not deliver mail on Sundays.
So, although USPS workers do work on Sundays, it is not possible to receive letters or parcels on a Sunday when shipped with regular services. Packages sent through USPS priority courier service may get delivered on a Sunday, depending on the location.
What is a USPS rural carrier?
USPS rural carriers are carriers who deliver the mail to rural and remote areas in the US and Canada. These carriers wear civilian clothing and drive their own vehicles.
USPS Rural Carriers work delivering letters and parcels to private addresses, so people in suburban areas do not have to get their parcels and letters from the Post Office.
Can I give a present to the USPS carrier?
Many customers want to thank their drivers. Unfortunately, you cannot give presents to USPS couriers because they are federal workers (they work for the US government).
Carriers are allowed to accept presents under 20 USD and are not allowed to receive cash or cheques of more than 50 USD in gifts during the year. If you want to thank your carrier or USPS rural carrier, you can offer them postcards or baked goods.
How do I contact USPS from the UK?
You can contact USPS from the UK using any of the options available on their official website.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in November 2023. To know more about USPS international courier services, the USPS international delivery times, customs delays and procedures, or other topics, always check the official website of USPS.