Asendia: Parcel Delivery and International Shipping in 2022

Asendia international postal and shipping services

Asendia postal service is a joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, offering low-cost international shipping for e-commerce businesses through a vast global network. Find out how parcel deliveries with Asendia work and how long they take to ship.

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How long does Asendia take to ship internationally?

Asendia offers international shipping times of 3-15 business days, depending on the selected service and route distance.

Asendia shipping times with e-PAQ Plus

Asendia e-PAQ Plus is an economy postal service for e-commerce businesses shipping small items in bulk. Parcels shipped internationally with Asendia e-PAQ Plus are usually handled by the local postal services in the collection and delivery countries. You can check Asendia delivery times and other information about international shipping in the table below.

ServiceParcel sizeDelivery timeFeatures and options
e-PAQ StandardUp to 2 kgDepends on the route and options selected, 6-15 working daysSpecial format for parcels up to 3 cm in height, reducing costs to 27 destinations
e-PAQ PlusUp to 2 kgDepends on the route and options selected, 6-15 working daysPost office or personal delivery option
e-PAQ SelectUp to 30 kg for most destinationsRegional: 2-5 working days
Global: 4-9 working days
On request: Pick-up/drop-off points, proof of delivery, cash on delivery
e-PAQ EliteUp to 30 kgLocal: 1 working day
Regional: 2-3 working days
Global: 3-5 working days
Timed delivery available on request

How do international parcel returns work with Asendia?

1. You forward your customer the returns label, which they stick to their parcel to be collected or dropped off at any national post office.

2. Returns from different countries are sent to a returns centre that will process the items before forwarding on to you.

3. You and your customers can track the parcel return on Asendia’s website.

With Asendia international returns, there are two choices: a Prepaid solution to enable free returns or a Partly-paid option for cheaper postage rates. Read more about parcel returns.


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FAQ on Asendia international shipping services

Does Asendia deliver parcels on weekends?
Asendia parcel deliveries are generally made from Monday to Friday and not on weekends, although this may differ depending on the postal service in the delivery country.
How does Asendia international shipping work?
Asendia postal services operate in 17 countries in four continents, delivering parcels and documents throughout the world. They use two companies to deliver your parcel – one in the collection country and one in the delivery country. Depending on the services available in each country, you can choose parcel drop-off or courier collection from home – whichever is more convenient for you.
What carriers does Asendia use for parcel deliveries?
The primary focus of Asendia is processing business shipments and managing customs clearance before delegating the last-mile delivery to other carriers. Asendia normally uses local postal services as their carriers, for example, Royal Mail in the UK, USPS in the USA, Canada Post in Canada, and Australia Post in Australia.
In some cases, depending on the shipment and route, Asendia will use other in-country carriers instead of the national postal services. Carriers are chosen based on the best balance of price, reliability and features.
What kind of mail does Asendia deliver for businesses?
Asendia ships bulk mail internationally for e-commerce businesses, for example, poster and leaflet deliveries, catalogues, postcards, invoices, magazines and publications.
Does Hermes use Asendia postal services in the UK?
Yes, in some cases, Hermes (now operating in the UK as Evri) collects parcels and hands them over to Asendia to be forwarded to the delivery address. Parcels can be dropped off in any of the 4,500 Hermes ParcelShops across the UK.
Read more about shipping with Hermes.
Is there a minimum order for using Asendia postal services?
Asendia specialises in handling bulk mail and parcel deliveries. Business customers usually ship thousands of mail pieces internationally with Asendia in a single order, or at least 200 packages per month. If you are unsure whether Asendia is the right option for you, check the options for shipping multiple packages with Eurosender!
Does Asendia deliver large parcels?
Asendia imposes a maximum parcel weight of 30 kg and dimension limits of less than 900 mm (length + width + height) in most cases.
Precise dimension and weight limits will ultimately depend on Asendia's carriers for the selected route.
If you need to ship large parcels of up to 70 kg, you can get an immediate shipping price using our booking tool. With our Express Service, you can send large parcels worldwide in 24-72h!
What countries does Asendia ship to?
Asendia delivers mail and parcels to over 220 countries worldwide, except for embargoed territories. For a list of Asendia international shipping and delivery times to each country or to get a quote, you will need to contact Asendia directly.
Alternatively, if you're in a hurry, you can get an instant quote and estimated delivery time with Eurosender by inserting your shipping details in the booking tool above.
Why is my Asendia international parcel tracking not updated?
If the Asendia parcel tracking status is not updated for more than a couple of days or if it has passed its expected delivery date, you should contact Asendia postal services for further information. Tracking update delays may happen due to long transit distances, delays in the tracking system, or high volumes of items to be processed at sorting depots.
Read more about parcel tracking.
How can I contact Asendia postal services?
There are a number of ways you can contact Asendia postal services, depending on your type of enquiry:
Delivery information: If you need an update about a parcel in transit, you should check your tracking information or contact the retailer you purchased from. They will be able to access information about your Asendia international parcel tracking.
General enquiries: You can fill out a contact form on Asendia's website.
Urgent assistance: Asendia customer service is available at +44 (0) 845 873 8155 or
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in August 2022. For more information about Asendia parcel postal and delivery services, please check the official website of Asendia.