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Eurosender is collaborating with some of the most reliable shipping service providers in Europe. One of them is SEUR. The world-renowned company is part of the DPDgroup, along with the brands Chronopost and DPD. SEUR is basically the brand that represents DPDgroup in Spain and Portugal. At the same time, it operates internationally by offering shipping services from Spain and Portugal to different parts of the world.

The company’s goal is to always provide the best parcel shipment experience for its customers. Their efforts are being paid off since they deliver more than 300.000 parcels every day while having more than 1.2 million customers worldwide. Eurosender can help you to book shipping services with a reputable logistics company, such as SEUR. We enable you to book the services quickly, efficiently, and at a very low price as our system compares multiple options of different courier service providers and selects the most affordable one. Our customer support team will assist you at any step of the entire process. Also, you can find very useful packing information in our website.

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SEUR parcel tracking

Thanks to the current technology, shippers can now track their shipments easily online. This process is called parcel tracking and is possible through the use of tracking tools.

Eurosender’s shipping services come with the ability of online parcel tracking. SEUR is one of the companies that enable the use of international parcel tracking tools for tracking one’s shipment. If you are one of our customers, then you can be updated about your shipment’s whereabouts from the collection until the delivery time. There are 2 ways to track the package when shipping with Eurosender:

  1. Open your order’s confirmation e-mail, copy the tracking number and paste it into our tracking engine;
  2. Use the same tracking number at SEUR parcel tracking engine (or any other company that might transport your shipment).

SEUR pickup shop | SEUR PRO for professionals

  • There are many SEUR pickup shops for individuals to collect a shipment. You can find them all by using SEUR’s store locator.
  • SEUR is also offering SEUR PRO for its business customers. SEUR PRO is a tool that helps business users manage their deliveries from any device with internet access and check their progress. They can download an invoice or get a shipment receipt for an international order. It also offers burofax and telegram services.
SEUR parcel weight

SEUR offers the possibility of sending 3 types of parcels:

  • a mini box up to 3 kg;
  • a box up to 10 kg;
  • a maxi box up to 20 kg.
SEUR surcharges

SEUR’s fuel surcharge is not applicable to all the chargeable concepts of a consignment. The surcharge only applies to the shipping charge, pickups and deliveries that occur out of urban areas. It is worth mentioning that the supplement applied to sea or land deliveries is based on the average monthly prices of diesel fuel. For air deliveries, the surcharge is based on average monthly prices per barrel of Brent petrol.

About DPDgroup | DPDgroup shipping

SEUR is part of the leading DPDgroup that has other reputable brands, such as Chronopost. The Group itself is part of GeoPost, the holding company owned by Le Groupe La Post. It is worth mentioning that DPDgroup delivers more than 4.8 million parcels across Europe and internationally. They reach 230 countries and they have more than 68.000 delivery experts around the world!

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