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SEUR is part of the DPDgroup, along with Chronopost and DPD.DPDgroup in Spain and Portugal. At the same time, it operates internationally by offering shipping services from Spain and Portugal to different parts of the world. The company transports more than 300,000 parcels daily and has more than 1.2 million customers worldwide who ship with SEUR. If you also want to send a parcel, you can book shipping services through our platform and get the lowest price as our system compares multiple options of different courier service providers, including SEUR, and selects the most affordable one.

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If you are not sure which type of shipping service to choose, especially when you need to dispatch several parcels or send heavy packages abroad, take dimensions of your shipment and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker below. In case your shipment does not correspond to standard shipping service criteria, our experts will prepare a customized offer for you. In addition, you will find detailed packaging instructions on our website so that you can properly pack a parcel and get it ready for shipping with SEUR.

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Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

On Eurosender platform, you can make a free simulation and check the price for shipping services anywhere in Europe and beyond. Why should you choose Eurosender?

Award-winning blog with some of the piece of advice about international shipping services;

Possibility of creating a free account and have stored all your shipping data in one place;

Shipping services available to many destinations worldwide;

Dedicated shipping services to answer any needs;

Accessible information delivered in over 12 international languages.


Alternatives to SEUR shipping services

Through Eurosender, you can get access to SEUR shipping services. However, since our algorithm automatically selects the courier company that can accommodate your shipping requirements, we cannot guarantee that SEUR will be your dedicated company. Below, you find an overview of Eurosender main shipping services:

Standard shipping: : the right service if you need to send only a couple of parcels or pieces of luggage;

Freight Shipping: dedicated to bigger shipments and overweight or oversized items. At the same time, you can choose between FTL, LTL and PTL services.

Dedicated Van Delivery: as the name goes, the space in the van is dedicated to one single customer, increasing, in this way the safety of the items that are being transported.

Individual offer: for anything else, that cannot be fit into one of the above-mentioned services, our team of experts will prepare a personalized offer to perfectly fit your needs.


Frequently asked questions when booking SEUR shipping services

  • How can I track the transit of a package shipped with SEUR? If my shipment is delivered by SEUR, will I receive a tracking number?

All shippers whose packages are delivered by SEUR can track their individual parcels with the available tracking tools. If you booked the service with Eurosender, there are 2 ways to track the package when shipping with Eurosender:

  1. Open your confirmation e-mail, copy SEUR tracking number, and paste it into our tracking engine below.
  1. Use the same SEUR tracking number and insert it in the SEUR parcel tracking engine (or any other company that might transport your shipment

You will receive the SEUR tracking number in the confirmation email we will send to you.


  • What are SEUR delivery times? Does SEUR deliver on Saturday and weekends?

When you use Eurosender platform, all shipments with SEUR are collected at your doorstep by a courier between 9 am and 6 pm. For more information regarding SEUR deliveries during weekends, we recommend contacting the company directly.


  • How can I get SEUR contact number in Spain and other countries?

Eurosender will act on your behalf in any communication with SEUR. However, if you want to get a direct hold of SEUR, you can reach out by filling in the form “Contact us” on their website or call Customer Service (902101010 – SEUR contact number for Spain, 707 50 10 10 – SEUR contact number for Portugal).

You can also check our dedicated section on the website, where we provide the phone number of all our partners.


  • Do I need to print a shipping label when SEUR is the selected courier provider?

Yes. When you ship with SEUR internationally and the pick-up address is in Spain, you will have to print out the shipping label. It will be sent to you in the confirmation e-mail from Eurosender. Check the detailed instructions on how to print and properly attach a shipping label to your parcel.


  • What items are forbidden for shipping with SEUR?

As any logistics service provider, SEUR has a set of regulations which impose restrictions on transportation of certain kinds of goods. Here is the list of items that are not allowed for shipping with SEUR:

  • Radioactive products;
  • Flammable products;
  • Liquids in glass containers;
  • Live animals;
  • Unpacked carpentry or metal.

Some conditions that exempt SEUR and insurance companies from liability:

Once you decide to ship with SEUR, you need to make sure that there no prohibited or restricted items in your package. Consider that you can easily ship a package to a student dormitory or university, urban area, or even hotel.


  • Does SEUR ship to islands?

Both Spain and Portugal have overseas territories and islands. If you need to dispatch a parcel to an island, Eurosender offers shipping services from Portugal to the Balearic Islands, for instance, along with many other shipping destinations. You can read more about island shipping and deliveries here. To check whether you can order such types of shipping services, contact our team to get more information on that matter.


  • SEUR pickup shop | SEUR PRO for professionals
    • There are many SEUR pickup shops for individuals to collect a shipment. You can find them all by using SEUR’s store locator.
    • SEUR is also offering SEUR PRO for its business customers. SEUR PRO is a tool that helps business users manage their deliveries from any device with internet access and check their progress. They can download an invoice or get a shipment receipt for an international order. It also offers bureaufax and telegram services.

For additional information regarding Eurosender shipping services and our logistics partners, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Some of the courier services providers in our network:

Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as SEUR courier services, SEUR shipping insurance, the cost to ship with SEUR, always check the official website of SEUR.