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SEUR international shipping services

SEUR is an international shipping company that is part of the DPD Group, along with Chronopost in Portugal and BRT in Italy. Discover everything about SEUR courier services: pick-up and drop-off points, delivery times and more.

And, if you want to get the best shipping service for your needs, get a quote in our booking tool. We partner with a vast network of vetted couriers, including SEUR, to make sure every shipper is matched with the ideal provider.

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SEUR is an international shipping company that is part of the DPD Group, along with Chronopost in Portugal and BRT in Italy. Discover everything about SEUR courier services: pick-up and drop-off points, delivery times and more.

And, if you want to get the best shipping service for your needs, get a quote in our booking tool. We partner with a vast network of vetted couriers, including SEUR, to make sure every shipper is matched with the ideal provider.


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SEUR Delivery times: how long does SEUR take to deliver?

SEUR delivery times depend on the route and service selected for your shipment. For example, for shipments within Spain, SEUR has the shortest delivery time of 24-48 hours if you use the SEUR 24 service. However, the time may be different if you will be shipping to different destinations.

See below the estimated delivery time for different SEUR courier services within Spain:

RouteDelivery timeSEUR service
Madrid – Barcelona1 working daySEUR 24
Madrid – Ibiza2 working daysSEUR 24
Barcelona – Sevilla1 working daySEUR 24

SEUR Track and trace. How does SEUR tracking work?

Every parcel shipped with SEUR receives a unique tracking number. This SEUR tracking number allows you to find the location and state of your delivery and will be updated every time the parcel reaches a SEUR depot or parcel shop. If you booked the service with Eurosender, there are two ways to track the package when shipping with SEUR:

1. Open your confirmation email, copy the SEUR tracking number, and paste it into our tracking engine below.

Input tracking or order number

2. Use the same SEUR tracking number and insert it in the SEUR parcel tracking engine directly on their website.

SEUR tracking is available for parcels sent within Spain and abroad. For international deliveries booked with SEUR, another courier from the DPD Group may be the designated carrier.


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FAQs when booking SEUR shipping services

How does SEUR transport insurance work?
SEUR does not offer insurance included in the price of their shipments. However, they give customers the option of adding insurance at the cost of € 4.20 per delivery, which confers protection of up to € 200. Please note that the SEUR insurance is valid per shipment, which means that if your shipment consists of more than one package, the coverage will be proportionally calculated. They also offer the possibility of insurance based on the declared value, which works in different ways depending on the service selected.
Do you need an insured delivery? Booking through Eurosender, you will get basic shipping insurance included in the price, even if the service is later performed by SEUR as the selected courier company.
Does SEUR offer pallet and cargo transport services?
Yes, SEUR shipping services include cargo transport and bulk shipping. SEUR offers transport services focused on mainland Spain, but they also cover destinations in the rest of the world. However, you cannot book pallet transport services with SEUR online, you will have to contact them directly to get a quote.
Instead, you can get an instant freight quote with Eurosender. If you need to ship pallets or cargo, all you have to do is place your order using the pricing tool at the top of the page.
What are the SEUR pick-up and drop-off points?
SEUR offers customers the chance of shipping to a SEUR pick-up point or a SEUR parcel shop. SEUR pick-up and drop-off points are shops or other locations where customers can bring or take their SEUR parcels for delivery. There are many SEUR pick-up points for individuals to collect their shipments. You can find them all by using SEUR’s store locator on their webpage.
What are SEUR delivery times and hours?
When you use the Eurosender platform, all shipments performed by SEUR are collected at your doorstep by the courier driver between 9 am and 6 pm on working days. Please make sure that someone is available at the delivery address to receive the parcel. If you cannot be at the delivery address during SEUR delivery hours, you can designate someone you trust to receive the parcel on your behalf.
Does SEUR deliver on Saturdays and weekends?
Yes, SEUR offers deliveries on Saturdays in Spain. However, SEUR international shipping will be conducted only during weekdays.
If you need to organise a weekend delivery when booking your shipment via Eurosender, please contact us beforehand so we can discuss the options available. You can send us a message using the chatbox on the bottom right corner of the screen.
Do I need to print a shipping label when SEUR is the selected courier provider?
It depends on which SEUR shipping service you will be using. During the booking process, you will be informed whether you need to print the shipping label or not, so you can be prepared for the collection.
What happens if I missed the SEUR delivery?
If you missed your SEUR delivery, you have several options:
  • The driver will leave a note at the delivery address with information on how to reschedule a delivery or simply to inform that a new delivery will be made on the next working day.
  • You can arrange another delivery attempt.
  • You can change the address or decide to retrieve your parcel from a SEUR pick-up point.
See the most common reasons why deliveries fail and what to do in such cases.
Does SEUR ship to islands?
Yes, SEUR offers courier services for delivering parcels to the Spanish Islands since they are considered part of the national territory. When it comes to international deliveries with SEUR, remote islands may not be available or may have longer delivery times, depending on the specific destination. In this case, we recommend checking with the courier directly.
At Eurosender, delivering to remote locations is not a problem! We always find a solution, no matter how far your shipment needs to go.
What is SEUR PRO and how does it work?
SEUR PRO is a tool offered to business customers that aims to help them manage their deliveries from any device with internet access and check their progress. With SEUR PRO, they can download an invoice or get a shipment receipt for an international SEUR shipment. It also offers bureau fax and telegram services.
How does the SEUR parcel shipping work after Brexit?
SEUR, as part of the DPD group, still ships to the UK after Brexit. However, since the end of the Brexit period in 2021, SEUR parcel shipping services to the UK are a bit more complicated than before: EU parcels to the UK now have to go through customs and may be subject to VAT and other customs charges. If you want to know more about shipping after Brexit, please check our useful guide on Brexit and logistics.
How can I get SEUR contact number in Spain and other countries?
If you have booked your delivery through our platform, you do not have to worry about contacting SEUR directly, as we will do it for you. Simply write us a message if you have any issues placing or during your delivery, and we will act on your behalf and get in touch with the courier company, whether that is SEUR or another provider, to get status updates or solve any potential issues.
Alternatively, you can contact SEUR customer service by using the chat available on their website.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in October 2022. For more information about SEUR tracking number, SEUR international shipping prices, SEUR delivery times or SEUR pick-up or drop-off points, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.