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SEUR international shipping services

SEUR is an international shipping company that is part of the DPD Group, along with Chronopost in Portugal and BRT in Italy. Discover how SEUR tracking numbers work, their pick-up and drop-off points and delivery times. And, if you want to get the best shipping service for your needs, get a quote on our platform. We partner with a vast network of vetted couriers, including SEUR, to make sure every shipper is matched with the ideal provider.

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Transport pallets and cargo with SEUR

The SEUR shipping services include cargo transport and bulk shipping. SEUR offers transport services, focused on mainland Spain, but also covering the rest of the world. However, you cannot book pallet transport services with SEUR online and you will have to contact them directly. If you need to ship pallets or cargo you can use our platform to find the best available offer for your need; it is possible the SEUR transport services are the selected solution.


SEUR Track and trace. How does SEUR tracking work?

Every parcel shipped with SEUR receives a unique tracking number. This SEUR tracking number allows you to find the location and state of your delivery and will be updated every time the parcel reaches a SEUR depot or parcel shop. If you booked the service with Eurosender, there are two ways to track the package when shipping with SEUR:

1. Open your confirmation e-mail, copy SEUR tracking number, and paste it into our tracking engine below.

Input tracking or order number

2. Use the same SEUR tracking number and insert it in the SEUR parcel tracking engine directly on their website.

If you have sent a parcel abroad, the SEUR international tracking works the same way. Please note that some other courier from the DPD group may be the designated carrier when you book SEUR international shipping services.


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FAQs when booking SEUR shipping services

How does SEUR transport insurance work?
SEUR does not offer insurance included in the price of their shipments. However, they give customers the option of adding insurance at 1% of the parcel’s price for coverage up to 800 euro for their standard shipments. If you book a service through our platform you will get automated insurance included in the shipping price, even if the service is made through SEUR logistics.
What are the SEUR pick-up and drop-off points?
SEUR offers customers the chance of shipping to a SEUR pick-up point or a SEUR parcel shop. SEUR pick-up and drop-off points are shops or other locations where customers can bring or take their SEUR deliveries. To become a SEUR pick-up or drop-off point, shops with addresses in Spain can register on the SEUR webpage. There are many SEUR pick-up points for individuals to collect their shipment. You can find them all by using SEUR’s store locator on their webpage.
What are SEUR delivery times?
When you use Eurosender platform, all shipments with SEUR are collected at your doorstep by the courier driver between 9 am and 6 pm on working days. If you want to get more information about the SEUR delivery times for a particular route we recommend you contact our transport experts for more information.
Does SEUR deliver on Saturdays and weekends?
SEUR offers deliveries on Saturdays in Spain. However, SEUR international shipping will be conducted only during weekdays. For more information regarding SEUR deliveries during weekends, you can contact us to see what we can do to arrange a weekend delivery.
How can I get SEUR contact number in Spain and other countries?
When booking your shipment with us, Eurosender will act on your behalf in any communication with SEUR, so you just need to send us a message whenever you need anything. You can also check our dedicated section on the website, where we provide the phone number of all our partners. You can contact the SEUR customer service by filling in the “Contact us” form on their website.
Do I need to print a shipping label when SEUR is the selected courier provider?
It depends on the country of collection. When you ship with SEUR internationally and the pick-up address is in Spain, you will have to print out the shipping label. It will be sent to you by e-mail when your service is confirmed. Check the detailed instructions on how to print and properly attach a shipping label to your parcel.
What happens if I missed the SEUR delivery?
If you missed your SEUR delivery you have several options. The driver will leave a note at the delivery address with information on how to reschedule a delivery or simply informing that a new delivery will be made on the next working day. You can arrange another delivery attempt, change the address or decide to retrieve your parcel from a SEUR pick-up point.
Does SEUR ship to islands?
Both Spain and Portugal have overseas territories and islands. If you need to dispatch a parcel to an island, Eurosender offers shipping services from Portugal to the Balearic Islands, for instance, along with many other shipping routes. To check whether you can order such types of shipping services, contact our team to get more information on the matter or simply chose on our booking tool the route of your shipment to get immediate quotes.
What is SEUR PRO and how does it work?
SEUR is also offering SEUR PRO for its business customers. SEUR PRO is a tool that helps business users manage their deliveries from any device with internet access and check their progress. They can download an invoice or get a shipment receipt for an international order. It also offers bureau fax and telegram services.
How does the SEUR parcel shipping work after Brexit?
SEUR, as part of the DPD group, will still ship to the UK after Brexit. The SEUR parcel shipping services after Brexit are a bit more complicates: EU parcels to the UK will have to go through customs and may be subject to VAT and other customs charges. IF you want to know more about shipping after Brexit please check our useful guide on Brexit and logistics.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in October 2020. For more information about SEUR tracking number, SEUR international shipping prices, SEUR delivery times or SEUR pick-up or drop-off points, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.