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Ship a car seat abroad – low-cost alternatives to travelling overseas with a car seat

If you’re a parent who needs to travel abroad with an infant, why waste money and risk renting used a car seat when you arrive at your destination, or lugging heavy child car seats while travelling overseas. Ship your car seat abroad with Eurosender instead and have peace of mind knowing your own baby’s car seat will be safely delivered by courier to any destination worldwide.

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How to package a car seat for shipping

If you need to send single baby car seats by courier, follow these simple instructions to package your car seats for safe shipping while travelling:

  1. Disconnect the seat, take care to remove all necessary buckles and accessories and keep them with the seat;
  2. Wrap accessories such as mats, seat belt covers and security straps separately with bubble-wrap and secure with tape;
  3. For standard convertible car seats (0-4 year): Adjust car seat to the most upright, forward-facing position;
  4. For adjustable boosters (4-12 year): Lower the backrest to the lowest position;
  1. For infant capsules (0-6 month): Keep the infant capsule attached to its base;
  2. Wrap the car seat in plastic, or place inside a car-seat travel bag;
  3. Use the original car seat box, if possible, or an appropriately-sized cardboard box, free of damage and strong enough to hold the weight;
  4. Place the car seat inside the box, along with wrapped accessories;
  5. Fill any extra space with additional cushioning and seal the box.


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Frequently asked questions about shipping car seats abroad with Eurosender

How is sending car seats by courier cheaper than renting one overseas or travelling with a car seat?

Sending your baby car seats by courier instead of renting or travelling with them overseas is a far more cost-effective and hassle-free solution when you book with Eurosender. Car seat rentals can charge up to 20EUR per day for a used seat, and carrying one along with a stroller and baggage is often impractical. Save yourself the worry and expense – for the cheapest way to ship a baby car seat abroad, book low-cost courier delivery for baby car seats right here.

Is insurance included for courier delivery of baby car seats?

Yes, every standard courier delivery of baby car seats booked with Eurosender has basic insurance in the price.

When shipping car seats abroad on pallets, each shipment is covered by CMR convention.

For additional low-cost insurance, it can be purchased during the booking stage. To discuss any additional insurance requirements, reach out to our experts before booking.

What is the cheapest way to ship a baby car seat abroad or domestically with Eurosender?

The cheapest way to ship a baby car seat abroad or domestically with Eurosender is by booking our standard service and packaging your car seat for shipping according to our instructions above.

Take care to check the dimensions of your packaged car seat first to determine whether shipping your car seat abroad as a standard shipment is right for you.

Find out the cost to ship a car seat by courier by entering your pick-up and delivery destinations and dimensions of your shipment, and book right here in a few easy steps.

How to ship a car seat ahead to my vacation destination, fast?

Instead of travelling overseas with a car seat, the fastest way to ship a car seat abroad with Eurosender is by booking our express service, for fast delivery within 24-72 hours, worldwide.

Where can I find suitable packaging for shipping a car seat, such as car seat boxes?

You can find suitably-sized car seat boxes by asking your nearest baby goods store if they might have any discarded car seat boxes they don’t need. Alternatively, you can find new boxes of appropriate size at any stationery, hardware, storage or craft store.

Travel bags for car seats are a great idea to place them inside before packaging them in a cardboard box for shipping, and they can be found at most baby goods stores.

I’m a business who needs to send a bulk shipment of baby car seats by courier in Europe. How can Eurosender help?

Save on the cost to ship baby car seats in bulk by courier, by booking a van delivery with Eurosender. Reserve a dedicated van for the direct shipment of baby car seats and other baby goods to almost any destination in Europe, with no stop-overs for other deliveries.

How can manufacturers ship car seats in bulk on pallets to retailers?

If you’re a business selling or manufacturing baby goods, who needs to ship car seats abroad or locally in bulk, follow these instructions on how to ship car seats in their original boxes on pallets:

  1. Choose a pallet in good condition, free of any damage;
  2. Place pallet liner or cardboard on the top of the pallet for protection;
  3. Place each car seat box onto the pallet, stacking evenly;
  4. Take care not to exceed the pallet dimensions, and do not stack higher than 2 metres;
  5. Wrap the pallet with plastic wrap and secure at the base;
  6. Contact our experts if you will require any pallet jacks or additional assistance during collection or delivery.