How to ship barrels to the Caribbean, Africa and other parts of the world?

Eurosender finds the right service for shipping barrels overseas either to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Haiti, Gambia, Nigeria or any other destination. We will arrange all the shipping services for you at the lowest cost and provide you with professional logistics assistance along the way. Book the shipping service and learn how to pack barrels for shipping them to the Caribbean and other regions.

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International or intercontinental shipping services

Curb your shipping expenses: with Eurosender you can save up on every shipment you make! All you need to do is to set up your logistics account with us in just a few clicks. Easily organise any type of shipping service, from freight deliveries to multiple shipments, in just one place! Grow your client base and benefit from using reliable and affordable door-to-door shipping services wherever your clients are, whether in the Caribbean or any other part of the globe.


Options for shipping barrels to the Caribbean, Africa or anywhere else globally

At Eurosender, we offer different solutions to meet your needs for shipping barrels, whether domestically or overseas to destinations like Jamaica, Guyana, Belize, Trinidad, Grenada, etc.:

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective solution for shipping smaller barrels that meet the size and weight limits
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Freight service

Ideal solution for shipping bigger loads of barrels domestically or overseas to resellers or customers
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Individual offer

A personalised barrel shipping solution made to meet your specific needs
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Things to consider before shipping barrels to Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados or to any other destination

Before shipping barrels to the Caribbean, Africa or any other destination, you should consider the following list of recommendations to arrange shipping services correspondingly:

  • Prepare your shipment. Follow the guidelines on how to pack a barrel for shipping overseas in order to protect your shipment and prevent any damages during transit.
  • Select the type of shipping services that suits you best. You can determine what type of shipping service you need by using our size checker tool.
  • Inspect the content of barrels. Before sending barrels to the Caribbean region or any other shipping destination, you need to double-check whether the items shipped in a barrel are not on the list of prohibited and restricted items. If you decide to dispatch fragile items or any other kind of restricted goods, insurance coverage would not apply in this case.
  • Check the customs regulations of the import and export countries. Taking care of such nuances beforehand helps to avoid any misunderstanding and inconveniences at the customs controls when shipping barrels overseas.
  • Check whether you need to print and attach the label to your package. You will receive this information by e-mail.

Learn how to pack a barrel for shipping overseas

To get your barrel ready for transportation, consider the following rules and recommendations.

  • Sort out all goods. Carefully check each item and group them in categories on the floor. Prepare the heaviest items to be put first on the bottom of the drum.
  • Wrap all items. You have to protect fragile and delicate items before nesting them inside the barrel. That way, rice, sugar, flour, cereals, and similar products should be packed in plastic bags. Glass bottles and jars should be bubble wrapped and additionally covered with cushioning materials.
  • Place the items in the barrel. Pack your shipping barrel in layers which means that you need to put heavy and bulky items on the bottom to create a solid foundation. Put some cushioning materials to fill any voids on the bottom of the barrel. Afterwards, nest clothes and similar soft items above the first layer.
  • Delicate items should be placed in the upper part of the barrel. Consider separating scented goods from the rest of the barrel content with plenty of cushioning materials.
  • Secure the barrel. Make sure that the items do not shift around the barrel. Fill any voids or empty spaces with extra cushioning materials (polystyrene chips, etc.) and secure the barrel cover in the end.


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The most popular destinations for shipping barrels overseas

  • Shipping barrels to Jamaica from Toronto. Eurosender offers affordable options for shipping barrels to Jamaica from Toronto, London, Birmingham, and other cities worldwide.
  • Shipping barrels to Trinidad from New York. We will help you with shipping barrels to Trinidad from New York, Toronto, Miami, and other destinations.
  • Shipping barrels to Barbados from New York. Get advantage of reliable logistics companies providing air freight services when shipping barrels to Barbados from all corners of the globe.
  • Sending barrels to Guyana from New Jersey. When you are going to dispatch barrels to Guyana, check how sea freight transportation functions when sending barrels to a different country.


FAQ on shipping barrels to Jamaica, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Belize, Nigeria and other destinations

What is the cost of sending a barrel to Jamaica?

It depends on the weight of your shipment and on the shipping distance. With Eurosender you will benefit from some of the lowest shipping rates on the market. Get a free quote using our booking tool above.

How long does it take to ship a barrel to the Caribbean region?

Depends on the country of origin and destination. Shipping a barrel from Europe or the UK to the Caribbean, for example, may take between two to three weeks with standard shipping services. If you require express transport solutions, consider booking our air freight service to have your barrels transported by plane in the shortest time possible.

When arranging the transport service with us, we will always give you an estimation of how much time it will take to ship your barrel, be it to the Caribbean or any other destination, during the booking process.

Do I have to use a new shipping barrel if I want to send some items in it to Jamaica or to another country?

No, you can pack your items using a used or second-hand barrel. However, we recommend that you use a new one because it is possible that the used barrel that you chose may have been used to transport some hazardous substances. That is why if you opt for the used barrel, make sure that its interior is clean and that it does not have any unusual odour inside.

Can I ship food inside a barrel?

Yes, you can send food to the Caribbean or another chosen destination in a shipping barrel, but please note that all food items have to be shipped in their original packaging. We advise you not to ship home-made or perishable food.

What are the types of barrels for international shipping?

There are different types of barrels that can be used for overseas shipments. According to your needs, you can, for example, choose barrels made of durable plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, wood, cardboard and even fibre (fibre drums being eco-friendly).

How much can I normally pack inside a shipping barrel?

It depends, of course, on the size and type of barrel that you choose. The barrels that are most often used for overseas shipments are 44-gallon drums (in line with the UK metrics; according to the US metrics they are referred to as 55-gallon drums). As their name says, they can contain 44 (55) gallons of liquid, which makes 200 L if measured in litres. Of course, if you ship items that are not liquids, the weight of your barrel’s content may vary, but the above information can in general help you to figure out how much you can put inside your shipping barrel.

Can Eurosender organise international and intercontinental barrel shipping services?

Yes, at Eurosender we collaborate with global logistics providers to offer transport solutions across the globe. It does not matter if you want to ship a single barrel or have a shipment containing several barrels, we can find a solution that is just right for you. Send us a message or request an Individual Offer and our experts will prepare a shipping service tailored to your needs, at the shortest time possible.