Shipping barrels to the Caribbean region with logistics companies

Barrels are cylindrical tanks that can accommodate a variety of items ranging from liquids to dry goods. When there is a necessity for sending barrels to the Caribbean region, people want to choose a reliable logistics company that provides an affordable cost to ship a barrel to Jamaica, Gambia, Grenada, Barbados, or any other country. The Eurosender platform facilitates this process by selecting the appropriate shipping solution provided by trusted companies based on the type of your shipment and route. In addition, we provide a guide on how to pack a barrel for shipping overseas to prevent any damages during transit. You will also be able to check the most popular destinations for shipping barrels internationally.

Cost to ship a barrel to Jamaica, Gambia, Grenada, Barbados and other countries

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Those who are interested in sending barrels to the Caribbean region should consider Eurosender as a convenient and reliable service platform. We offer an affordable way of shipping barrels to the Caribbean region by providing a cost-effective solution for your particular case. Eurosender collaborates with trusted courier companies and carriers that grant efficient logistics solutions for our consumers. DHL, DB Schenker, and Kuehne + Nagel are among our trusted partners that offer road, rail, sea, and air freight transportation services suitable for shipping barrels overseas and inland.

Before shipping barrels to the Caribbean region or any other destination, you should consider the following list of recommendations to arrange shipping services correspondingly.

  • Prepare your shipment. Follow the guidelines on how to pack a barrel for shipping overseas in order to protect your shipment and prevent any damages during transit.
  • Select the type of shipping services. In case you need to send empty barrels, most likely they will fall under the category of standard shipping services. As filled barrels are rather heavy and may exceed even 200 kilograms in weight, freight shipping would be the right choice. In such cases, we advise requesting a customized offer and our experts will elaborate on a suitable solution for shipping barrels overseas or domestically.

    Determine which type of shipping services you need

  • Inspect the content of barrels. Before sending barrels to the Caribbean region or any other destination with logistics service providers, you need to double-check whether the items shipped in a barrel are not on the list of prohibited and restricted items. If you decide to dispatch fragile items or any other kind of restricted goods, insurance coverage would not apply in this case. Furthermore, you need to discover the customs regulations of the import and export countries. Taking care of such nuances beforehand helps to avoid any misunderstanding and inconveniences at the customs controls when shipping barrels overseas.
  • Take advantage of holistic support provided by Eurosender. Once you book shipping services on our platform, our logistics experts would be glad to assist you at any stage of cooperation. They will also take over the communication with the courier service provider or carrier for your convenience.

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Materials needed to pack barrels for shipping

It is necessary to ensure that your barrels are safe and well-protected before dispatching them to a courier driver. This is necessary to prevent any damages even if you choose the most reliable and trustworthy logistics service provider. Here is a list of packaging materials necessary for packing a barrel properly.

  • Cushioning materials. This group of packaging materials includes but is not limited to packing peanuts, crumpled newspapers, shredded paper, and many others. Those are used for internal cushioning and extra protection of items inside the barrel.
  • Bubble wrap. This type of packaging material is particularly used to cover fragile and delicate items. You can find and buy those at any stationery or hardware store.
  • Plastic bags. Dry and grained products should be packed in plastic bags or pouches.
  • Adhesive tape. You can use it for securing packaging materials and other items.

Learn how to pack a barrel for shipping overseas

To get your barrel ready for transportation, consider the following rules and recommendations.

  1. Sort out all goods. In case the content of your barrels is liquid, you should obviously keep single liquid type in each drum unless it is not packed in bottles. If the content of barrel is heterogenous, you need to sort the items based on their type.
  2. Wrap all items. You have to protect fragile and delicate items before nesting them inside the barrel. That way, rice, sugar, flour, cereals, and similar products should be packed in plastic bags. Glass bottles and jars should be wrapped in bubble wrap and additionally covered with cushioning materials.
  3. Place the items in the barrel. Pack your barrel in layers which means that you need to put heavy and bulky items on the bottom to create a solid foundation. Put some cushioning materials to fill any voids on the bottom of the barrel. Afterwards, nest clothes and similar soft items above the first layer. Delicate and dry items should be placed in the upper part of the barrel. Consider separating scented goods from the rest of the barrel content with plenty of cushioning materials.
  4. Secure a barrel. Make sure that the items do not shift around the barrel. Fill any voids or empty spaces with extra cushioning materials and secure a barrel cover in the end.

The most popular destinations for shipping barrels overseas
  • Shipping barrels to Jamaica from Toronto. If you need to send barrels long distances, you can choose the pick-up and delivery countries and instantly see the cost to ship a barrel to Jamaica. Eurosender offers affordable options for shipping barrels to Jamaica from Toronto, London, Birmingham, and other cities worldwide.
  • Shipping barrels to Trinidad from Toronto. In case you are interested in international transportation of barrels, we will help you with shipping barrels to Trinidad from Toronto, New York, Miami, and other destinations.
  • Shipping barrels to Barbados. Get advantage of reliable logistics companies providing air freight services when shipping barrels to Barbados.
  • Sending barrels to Guyana. When you are going to dispatch barrels to a different country, check how sea freight transportation functions when sending barrels to Guyana.

Do you have any questions about shipping barrels internationally? Feel free to contact our team of logistics professionals for additional information.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping barrels. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship barrels, Eurosender will not be responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.