How to ship kite surfing equipment

Although the first attempts to kite surfing were made as long ago as the 19th century, the sport only really started to catch on in the 1990s. Kite surfing became a mainstream sport in 1999 and now there are many people who practice it or like to visit kitesurf events. But what if you think about buying used kite surfing equipment online? Or you want to send it to your holiday destination? Then you should be aware of all the information about how to pack and ship kite surfing equipment. Don’t worry, Eurosender will do most of the work for you. The only thing you have to focus on is packing your kite surfing equipment. With our guide on how to ship kite surfing equipment, you will exactly know which materials you need and how to use them the right way.

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How to pack and ship kite surfing equipment

Successful delivery of kite surfing equipment depends for the biggest part on one thing: the packing of the shipment. To provide you with all the knowledge you need, we have compiled a handy guide on how to pack and ship kite surfing equipment. In this guide you can find the packing materials and how to use them, how to measure your package and so much more. This can also come in handy when you are thinking about shipping used kite surfing equipment. Still having doubts or questions about your shipment? Contact our Customer Service which is supported in 15 languages.

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General Tips

Before we start with the packing materials, be sure to check the tips below. They are useful for any package you send with Eurosender.

  • When the pick-up address is in Poland, Sweden or Spain, you must print and attach the label to the shipment by yourself. The courier will do it for you in all other countries.
  • When you are planning to go on holiday or you won’t be at home for any other reason, then be sure that you order the delivery 2 working days before you leave. If this is not possible, then have someone else be present at the address to receive the package.
  • Before you can ship with Eurosender, you need to determine the dimensions of the shipment. With our free Online Dimension Tracker, you will straight away know the correct dimensions and weight. Check the dimensions and weight of your parcel in the shipment size checker below:


Are you shipping several items and the standard service doesn’t suit your shipment? Ask for an Individual Offer and our experts will create a tailor-made offer just for you.

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Since kitesurfing equipment can normally fit in a box eligible for standard shipping, by booking a shipment on our platform, you will have a basic insurance with coverage up to 200€ applied directly to your shipment. Additional insurances with higher coverage are also available during the ordering process.


Materials for kite surfing equipment transport

With the materials below, you will be able to pack your gear and with the instructions later on you will know how to ship kite surfing equipment internationally. All these materials are available at most hardware stores or stationery shops. When selling or buying used kite surfing equipment, always make clear pictures before shipping your package.

  1. Carboard box: This should be big enough for the board and all other parts. You have to cover the bottom, sides and top with cushioning materials. Keep that in mind when choosing your box. If you can’t find the right size at your local store, you can also order a box online.
  2. Bubble wrap: Take the thicker kind and buy enough to wrap the board multiple times.
  3. Cushioning material: to fill up the bottom, sides and top of the box.
  4. Adhesive tape: To seal the box
  5. Bag: for spare parts and small details


How to pack and ship kite surfing equipment

With the instructions below you can be confident that your kite surfing equipment will have a safe journey. Make sure that you have all the packing materials described above at hand. There are also special kite surf bags on the market for shipping used kite surfing equipment. If you have one of those, it is enough to wrap that in bubble wrap and place it in the box, which you then fill up with cushioning material.

  1. Disassemble: It’s best to disassemble all parts that can be disassembled before you start packing your kite surfing equipment. For example, you disassemble the fins of the board and don’t forget to put the screws in a separate bag to avoid losing them.
  2. Fold the kite: Make sure that you fold the kite as compact as possible. For that, you can check the instructions that came with your kite or contact the manufacturer.
  3. Bubble wrap the board: Wrap the board several times in bubble wrap and check that you have covered all corners evenly. Some people choose to first wrap their wetsuit around the board before bubble wrapping it, this is no problem.
  4. Fill the box: Cover the bottom of the box with cushioning material and place the bubble wrapped board inside. Then place the kite and the bag with details on top of the board. Fill the remaining free space with cushioning material.
  5. Seal the box: Close and seal the box with adhesive tape. Double check if there are no open corners or slabs of cardboard hanging loose.


Reasons for shipping kite surfing equipment transport

As Kite surfing is becoming increasingly popular, at Eurosender we hear multiple reasons for kite surfing equipment transport.

  • Buying/Selling and shipping of used kite surfing equipment: With the prices for equipment in this young sport still fairly high, it might be a low-cost solution to opt for buying used kite surfing equipment from a fellow kitesurfer. Eurosender is ready to help you with shipping used kite surfing equipment
  • Travel: If you are a kitesurfer you want to do this as often as possible. So, what is a better time than your vacation? At Eurosender we can help you with your kite surfing equipment transport so that you can focus on choosing new destinations!
  • Relocation: With the number of digital nomads and other expatriates increasing year on year, many people need to have their belongings shipped. When you start your new life abroad, you want everything to be familiar as soon as possible. So, contact Eurosender, we know how to ship kite surfing equipment.
  • Tournaments: For the more advanced kite surfers, competing in tournaments is what makes it all more interesting. Airlines often charge high fees for excess luggage or sometimes don’t allow to take large items at all. When you ship with Eurosender, you don’t have to worry about this.


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Do you still have any questions on how to ship your kitesurfing equipment by courier or need assistance while booking a shipment on our platform? Contact us and our Customer Support will help you with the ordering process or give you some packing tips in case you need them.

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