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How to ship merchandise and promotional items internationally

Whether you are a trending Instagram influencer or Youtuber looking for the cheapest way to ship merchandise to your followers, Eurosender offers the solution. You can find here the cheapest, fastest and safest way to send merchandise internationally. Organise multiple deliveries to the different addresses within Europe or internationally easier than ever before. Get packaging tips from our experts and find out all the logistics options for shipping merchandise globally.

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Shipping solutions for merch sellers

Send custom merch to followers or buyers and promotional materials to multiple addresses though the Eurosender platform at the lowest cost. Join our platform as a business and get immediate access to your personal logistics department, which allows you to access all your orders and invoices at all times.


What services can you use for shipping merchandise by courier

Eurosender offers a range of solutions for sending promotional or custom merchandise internationally,
depending on the volume and urgency of your shipment:

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective way to send small packages by courier
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Express service

The fastest option for international deliveries in 24-72 hours
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Pallet shipping

Send more significant loads to warehouses or partners on pallets
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Van Service

Ship your goods across Europe in a dedicated van
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How to pack merchandise for shipping

To prepare the custom merch or any other type of promotional materials for shipping, you need to pack it properly. Packing instructions may differ accordingly to the item you are going to send. Follow these general packing tips for shipping merch such as T-Shirts, hats, stickers, CD records, bags and plastic cups internationally:

  1. Fold the garments, bags, or hats and place the items in a Ziplock or plastic bag.
  2. Place the merch such as cups, CD records or bottles into their original box.
  3. Bubble wrap the items carefully.
  4. Put your merch item into a shipping box and add cushioning materials.
  5. Seal the box.

Send different types of merchandise abroad with Eurosender

Check our dedicated pages on how to pack and ship different items:


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FAQs on shipping merchandise internationally

Can I organise multiple shipments to different addresses?
Influencers and e-commerces can easily organise multiple deliveries to different addresses through the Eurosender platform. Create a business account and send custom merch and promotional materials within a city, country or abroad. Access all your orders, check shipments’ statuses and invoices any time in once place.
How long does merch take to ship?
The shipping time depends on many things like pickup and delivery locations, weather conditions and type of service chosen. When you ship merchandise domestically or abroad with Eurosender, you can always estimate the delivery time with our calculator. Usually, it takes 3-5 business days for standard service and 24-48 hours for shipping with the express option.
What service should I choose for shipping small items?
The service you choose for shipping merchandise to your buyers and followers depends on the time-sensitivity of the package. For shipping within Europe, you can book the standard service as it is the most cost-effective way of sending custom merch to followers or promotional materials to customers. However, for international or urgent deliveries choose the Express service as it’s the best way to ship merchandise globally.
Can I send posters or stickers with the Document Service?
Yes, using Eurosender’s Document Service, you can send posters, cards, stickers, or photos with your signature. This is the fastest and most convenient way to send paper promotion materials weighing up to 2 kg.
How can I organise merch deliveries from the manufacturer in China to the warehouse in Europe?
Through the Eurosender platform, it is easier than ever to arrange regular merchandise deliveries from and to China. To export or import goods from China or any other country, please contact our logistics experts who will be delighted to prepare a customised offer for organising delivery of merchandise or promotional materials.
How do I make my own merch?
If you are an influencer, Instagram and YouTube blogger, who wants to create custom merch for the followers, you need to decide what type of merch you want to sell. Whether you will create posters, stickers, cards, T-Shirts and hoodies, or bags with your logo, you need to partner with the company which creates these things. Then you can cooperate with Eurosender to ship merchandise daily at the lowest quotes.