More about shipping body lotion internationally and domestically

It is not that difficult to make handmade creams, lotions, and other body care products by using only natural and organic components. If you want to create body moisturizers not only for yourself and transform your hobby in a small business, you might be interested in shipping body lotion internationally and domestically to your consumers. In this article, we will share information concerning conditions for transporting lotions, creams, and butter for body care. Furthermore, we will provide some essential tips on how to pack body moisturizer for transportation. We at Eurosender will make our best to offer cost-effective solutions to send lotions and creams overseas.

The cost of shipping body cream abroad

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When you need to send lotions and creams overseas or regionally, the cost of shipping services will depend on the shipment details and the selected route. When shipping body cream abroad or sending other body care products, you can easily choose either standard courier services or request an individual offer.

  • Standard delivery is easily booked through our online platform. This type of shipping services is suitable for parcels that are not heavier than 30 kg and with the lengths of less than 175cm. Standard delivery is the right choice for shipping body lotion internationally and domestically in case you want to send it as a gift to your nearest and dearest. The same applies in the case when you are manufacturing your own body care products and want to dispatch some samples to media influencers or/and consumers. When booking standard delivery services, the price will instantly appear on your screen and you will be able to place an order right away.
  • Individual offer is suitable for medium-sized and large businesses that have established production of body care products and want to distribute them across countries. This type of service applies to shipments that are too heavy or big. Once you make a request, our sales team will come back to you with a competitive customized offer.

To get more benefits while shipping body lotion internationally and domestically, we recommend setting up an account on our website. That way, you will be able to get exclusive offers, discounts, and extra payment methods. There is no need to make any contracts and maintain an account as you can place orders to send lotions and creams overseas whenever you have a need to.

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Before you book shipping services on the Eurosender platform, you should also consider some basic requirements.

  • Pack your shipment properly. Pack body moisturizer for transportation following the guidelines in the next section.
  • Check the regulations. Before you dispatch a package with body care products, it is recommended to explore the conditions for transporting lotions, creams, body butter, and other moisturizers.

If you want to know more about shipping body cream abroad, feel free to contact our team of logistics experts via phone, chat, or email.

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Packaging for body care products

To wrap lotions and creams properly, you should take the following packaging materials for body care products.

  • Thermal bubble wrap – take it to protect your products from temperature changes as most body care products are temperature sensitive.
  • Plastic bags – you can put body lotions and creams in plastic bags which grant protection in case any leakages occur.
  • Decorative paper and materials – if you send body lotion or cream as a present, it is a good idea to take some decorative supplies to make your gift look nice.
  • Cushioning materials – you can take packing peanuts, bubble wrap, crumpled paper as cushioning materials. They are used to protect the items against bumps and shocks of parcel handling.
  • A cardboard box – find a sturdy box without dents, holes or tears. Use a box that is just a little bit bigger than the items you are shipping. Using an old cardboard box is allowed as long as it is in good condition.
  • Packing tape – it is used to secure packaging materials and other elements.

How to pack body moisturizer for transportation

Even though all body moisturizers are already provided in primary packaging, you have to wrap them additionally and prepare them for transit.

  • Wrap lotions and creams. Before shipping body lotion internationally or domestically, you have to cover the bottle with lotion additionally with bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape. You have to go through the same procedure before shipping body cream abroad or sending body butter via courier.
  • Prepare the box. Take a cardboard box that suits the size of your shipment and put some cushioning materials on the bottom.
  • Place the items in the box. Put your body care products in the box and check whether they do not shift around. If any movement is detected, add extra cushioning materials in the box.
  • Close the box. Use adhesive tape to secure all seams of the cardboard box and cover its surface to prevent any breaches.

Benefits you obtain when you send lotions and creams overseas

Once you place an order on the Eurosender platform, you automatically get access to a range of services and benefits.

  • You enjoy the variety of shipping services. Depending on your chosen route and shipment details, we accommodate delivery services according to your needs. As we partner with trusted logistics companies operating worldwide and regionally, you also get affordable shipping rates. Furthermore, you can check out how to ship other types of care products and presents such as cosmetics, perfumes, wine, and many others.
  • You get instructions. To ensure the safety of your packages during transit, you have to prepare them accordingly. Fortunately, Eurosender provides detailed instructions on how to pack body moisturizer for transportation.
  • You are informed. Before you send lotions and creams overseas, you need to be aware of conditions for transporting lotions, creams, and other body care products.

Courier companies qualify such beauty care products as liquids which are not recommended for shipping. If your lotion or cream does contain flammable substances, its transportation is not allowed. Furthermore, such products are not subject to the insurance claim in case of leakage or damage during transit.

  • You get assistance. Our customer support agents speak 15 different languages, so you can address them whenever you have any issues or questions.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping lotions, creams, and other body care products. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship lotions, creams, and other body care products, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.