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Art pieces are delicate items that require dedicated transport with high safety standards. That is exactly what we provide with our Van Delivery Service. Move large paintings and artwork safely, having a vehicle entirely reserved for you. Get a quote in the tool above or contact us if you need a tailored solution.


Hire a van for moving artwork

Our dedicated delivery service is the best solution for moving delicate items such as artwork and paintings. The entire space of the vehicle will be reserved for your shipment, and you can accommodate the items as you wish. If you require help with loading and unloading the goods, you can also request assistance or additional tools.
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How to pack large artwork and canvas paintings for moving

We do not impose packaging requirements for moving artwork with our Van Service. However, since they are very delicate items, we strongly recommend you pack the artwork or canvas paintings appropriately before moving. See below the general guidelines on how to do it.

Packing unframed large artwork pieces for moving

  • Wrap the art piece with tissue or glassine.
  • After this, wrap the piece in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Be careful not to place any tape on the artwork itself.
  • If shipping unframed flat items, create a rigid structure by placing two pieces of cardboard and putting the item between them. Then, cover the whole structure with bubble wrap.
  • Place the wrapped item in a larger cardboard box and fill it with cushioning material such as packing peanuts.
  • Close and seal the box after you ensure the item is not loose inside it.

Tip: We do not recommend rolling the art piece unless it has already been stored this way for some time. If shipping rolled art, pack it in a cardboard tube instead.

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Packing framed canvas paintings for moving

  • Use tape to make an X across the glass. It will help protect it from shattering during transport.
  • Protect the artwork with glassine or tissue first, and then with bubble wrap secured with tape.
  • You can also put corner protectors, which can be easily found at craft shops and hardware stores.
  • Place the wrapped item in a larger cardboard box and fill it with cushioning materials.
  • If transporting several canvas paintings at once, the ideal approach is to pack them separately. Alternatively, you can also put them in the same box with enough cushioning between them to ensure they will not be touching each other.
  • Close and seal the box.

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Scheduling artwork transport services with Eurosender

The entire process of booking a moving service for transporting artwork or paintings is done online. Follow these easy steps to arrange your collection:


Select the pick-up and delivery countries in our booking tool


Provide the pick-up and delivery address details


Choose a van type and any additional services you may need


Provide the details of your cargo, such as measurements and value


Select your preferred pick-up date and add contact information


Proceed to payment and prepare for pick-up!


Door-to-door transport for large paintings and artwork

When booking a moving service with Eurosender, the courier will pick up and deliver the items at the locations of your choice. Our artwork transport services are entirely door-to-door to make your move as convenient as possible.
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Packing and transporting canvas paintings when moving

We offer local and international relocation services to help transport your belongings to a new house. With our moving services, you can transport not only artwork and paintings but also other house appliances and personal items.
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Professional artwork transport services

At Eurosender, we serve private and business needs through a vast network of +3,500 van carriers. If you need dedicated assistance in booking a van for moving artwork or large paintings, send us a message through the chatbox.

Transporting paintings and artwork for businesses

We have a team of dedicated logistics specialists who take care of the details of each van shipment. When you book an artwork moving service with us, we will handle all the communication with the carriers on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

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FAQ – How to move large paintings and artwork

Will the movers pack the canvas art or artwork before moving?
No, it is the shipper’s responsibility to pack the canvas painting or other artwork for moving.
We do not impose any packaging requirement for clients booking the van for moving artwork. You will be able to accommodate the shipment in the vehicle the way you see fit. However, considering the fragility of such items, we recommend you pack them properly before loading them into the vehicle.
Where to get the right materials for packing large artwork for moving?
The materials recommended in our packing guide above are very easy to find at hardware stores or online packaging shops.
To guarantee the safety of your goods, make sure the cardboard boxes you use are sturdy and in good shape before packing large artwork and paintings for the move. You can use new boxes or reuse old ones if they are still in perfect condition, without any tears or dents.
How to load the item into the vehicle when moving large paintings or artwork?
The shipper is the one responsible for loading and unloading the shipment into the van. If you are moving large and heavy artwork pieces such as sculptures, make sure you use the right equipment to carry and load them into the vehicle.
If you need assistance or additional equipment during loading, such as a tail-lift, please let us know while placing your order. We will make the arrangements with the carrier in advance to make sure everything runs smoothly on the collection day.
What sizes of van can I book for moving artwork?
We offer two types of vans for moving artwork and large paintings across Europe:
  • Box van: 465 x 165 x 180 cm or 13 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity
  • Curtain-side van: 410 x 210 x 230 cm or 19 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity (with tail-lift only 700 kg)
Measure the dimensions carefully so we can arrange the right van for your particular needs.
Will the van make stops when moving my artwork pieces?
The Van Delivery is a direct shipping service, which means the vehicle will not make stopovers or detours along the way. However, please remember that the driver is entitled to make rest stops per governmental transport regulations.
When transporting large paintings and artwork with the Van Service, you can rest assured that the delivery will be performed in the shortest time possible. National deliveries are usually completed within the same day, and international ones, in 24-48h.
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Is It safe to transport a large painting on a flight when moving?
Carrying a large painting on a flight when moving is not the safest option if you have to send it as checked baggage. Even if you mark the package as fragile, there is no guarantee your parcel will be treated as such, and even the most minor damage can be detrimental to the art piece.
If you want to be on the safe side, the best alternative is to transport large paintings and artwork with a dedicated vehicle, so you can be sure that it is not being wrongly handled along the way.