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Frequently, we see that you come on our website (or any other parcel booking engine/courier company) & get confused simply because of the terms used. Is pallet shipping better for me? How is it actually different from sending a regular package? We know what goes through your mind while planning of sending a package because we receive questions like these all the time. Some of our customers have a hard time distinguishing package and pallet shipping. We will break down for you the difference between package and pallet shipping. Soon, you will agree that it is not confusing at all!

First of all, let’s take a moment to understand the difference between package and pallet shipping.

A package is just a cardboard box or a suitcase with your items to be shipped in it. If it is a suitcase, it is wrapped in plastic film. This protective film makes it compact, easily shippable and it is also easier for a label to stick on it. So, a package is nothing but a parcel in the form of a compact unit (that unit can be a suitcase in plastic film or a cardboard box). Sounds simple, right?

Now, the question is: what is a pallet? Imagining you have to send not one, but many boxes or packages to your destination. One option that you would have is placing different orders for shipping all packages separately. Another option is to put everything together on a large ‘tray’ and the shipping company would send your tray with all your boxes or packages placed on it to your new destination. This tray that you use is called a ‘pallet’. A standard pallet commonly used in Europe is 120 cms long, 80 cms wide, 100 cms high. It can accommodate the weight of up to 240 kgs.

Package and Pallet Shipping
You must be thinking: ‘Okay, so if I have one box to ship, it is a package, and if I have many boxes, I can send them on a pallet. But how does that affect shipping?’

It does not affect shipping that much but, in certain ways, it does. First of all, pallet shipping is relatively more expensive than package shipping, even if the weight of a single package is comparable to the combined weight of the multiple packages placed on a pallet. However, the important difference from a customer’s point of view is that a pallet is basically a strong base in the form of a tray for you to put multiple packages on it.

If you put them haphazardly or not securely, they might get damaged during the transport. Therefore, when shipping a pallet it is extremely important to wrap up all your packages on the pallet in a protective plastic film. This will make the entire shipment safer and more compact. Since it is handled with forklifts, the risk of damage is lower than for the regular packages.

Package and Pallet Shipping
Other than these, there are not many differences between package shipping and pallet shipping. However, if you feel any challenges while planning to ship either a package or a pallet, you can always get in touch with us. Eurosender‘s packing experts will ensure that all your packing and shipping queries are sorted!

Last modified: September 18, 2019

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