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When shipping, not all items are meant to be transported the same way and with the same type of shipping service. Some require just a small standard package, and others are rather bulky and need to be properly handled on a pallet. But what is the difference between shipping on a pallet and shipping as a package?

What is the difference between a package, and pallet shipping?

What is standard shipping – shipping with packages?

The most common method for shipping is the standard shipping, i.e. when the items are being placed in a package or a suitcase. A package is considered a single shipment, or a parcel, shipped in a cardboard box or other sturdy container. The items you are planning to ship can be also placed in a suitcase, wrapped in a plastic film covering the handles and the wheels. Keep in mind that some courier companies may refuse to collect the suitcase unless it is placed in an outer container for shipping.

Standard shipping with Eurosender

Depending on the courier company you have the shipment organized with, but in general, the standard shipping service with Eurosender is for packages up to 40kg, the maximum length of 175 cm, and not more than 300 cm for the length + 2x width and 2x height.

What is a pallet shipping?

Imagine you want to ship not one, but many boxes to another location. You can send each one of them individually, however, you will save on costs if you stack the boxes on a pallet and send them as one shipment. This way, the packages will travel as one shipment and will not be separated anywhere during their transit.

Shipping a pallet with Eurosender

Individuals, as well as businesses, can book a pallet shipping for the most affordable prices through our platform. Keep in mind that pallets are different in size and weight, therefore it is important to specify your shipment in detail when ordering. Through the ‘pallet booking tool’ you can see on this page, you get the prices when shipping as an individual, however, businesses benefit most because of the bulky and frequent shipment.

Pallet packaging guideline

More attention with its organizing and stacking is required when preparing the pallet for shipping, as this is a rather different shipping method than the standard shipping. When placing the boxes on the pallet is important to remember that you should first place the heavier items on the bottom and start building from there. Do not stack the goods too high, as they might fall over during transport.

Pallet shipping is not necessarily only for stacking boxes together, but also for other larger shipments that can be securely placed on the pallet. We recommend before shipping you read and follow our guide on how to prepare a pallet for shipping.

Pallets are handled either with a forklift or a pallet jack. If you do not own one, you can also ask the courier company taking care of your shipment to provide you with one on the collection date. Keep in mind that, additional charges may apply for renting a forklift from the courier company.

What option should I choose for my shipment? Standard shipping or pallet delivery?

This is something that depends solely on the content and the volume of your shipment.

  • If you need to ship one or two lighter packages, then we recommend you book standard shipping. You can still book a pallet shipping, but, for such packages, it is cheaper if you choose the standard shipping option.
  • If you need to ship heavier items or more packages at once, then it is best if you choose pallet transport.

If you are still uncertain whether should you choose package or pallet shipping for your next order, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will make sure that you choose the right option for you and help you in the packing process if needed.

This article was written in collaboration with Srishty Grover.

Last modified: February 20, 2020

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