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pallet shipping

All you need to know about pallet shipping

We receive questions about the process and details of shipping pallets on a daily basis. To help you out, we have created an extensive library of articles covering everything about pallet and freight shipping. Get more information below.

Different materials used for freight shipping

One of the most important steps when shipping freight is deciding which packaging material is most suitable for your load. See below the comparison between some of the most common shipping materials:

Moving pallets via truck transport

When organising a truck or van transport, you will also have to consider the most appropriate way to move the goods and their loading/unloading into the vehicle. Below are some articles that will give you more information about these steps.

Logistics terminology that is useful to know

To help you get more familiar with the world of freight transportation, we have gathered below some important terminology.

Are you curious to understand more about other logistics terminology?

How to optimise your freight transport operations

In most cases, logistics management is not a one-size solution. Every company or user has specific requirements. Even though there are known strategies and processes that will help you optimise your operations, you will often need to tailor those solutions to your specific needs.

In the articles below, you will find some optimisation tips.

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